Nestle Nido Instant Milk Powder Mexico 1600g

Nestle nido instant milk powder mexico 1600g (3.5-pound) – Case of 6, provides an excellent source of calcium for everyday needs. Nido is a nutritious milk, specially formulated for growing children.

Quick facts

  • Provides an excellent source of calcium.
  • Ships immediately!

Top reviews

I have reviewed this product before, BUT…

I ordered a case of 10 for $[…].00. I love this product- you cannot taste the difference in coffee, or oatmeal. I just spoon Nido in dry into anything with a lot of liquid. I don’t know WHY it’s so expensive from this seller.

Here is my original review:

This is NOT your Mother’s Powdered Milk

I just discovered this product a couple days ago, and I am not the least bit surprised at how well it has been received. I bought it to put in coffee, in case I ran out of fresh milk or soymilk.

I cannot tell the difference! It is enriched with vitamins and minerals, and the children’s version is even better enriched with significant amounts of 19 vitamins and minerals, with a little more sugar and less fat.

One caveat- this product is NOT fat-free, as states here. That would be too good to be true!

I keep my Nido in the cupboard right next to the K-cups(coffee)and honey in my cupboard. What could be simpler?

WallaceHolly Bluff, MS

Nestle Nido

After a number of attempts to locate this product locally, I finally found it on your website.

Thank you

GrayceJenks, OK