Nestle Toll House Cocoa, 8-Ounce

Why choose NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE? Beyond choosing real chocolate, why should you choose NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE chocolate? We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality and best tasting chocolate. This starts at the beginning of the chocolate making process, with a proprietary formulation based on the origin of the cocoa beans. This ensures consistency of our rich chocolate flavor.

Quick facts

  • Nestle Toll House Cocoa, 8-Ounce
  • Bake the very best with Nestle
  • 100% cocoa provides smooth, rich chocolate taste in home-baked desserts, frostings and beverages
  • The secret of the smooth, rich flavor lies in the special blending of cocoa beans.
  • Perfect for creating a variety of mouth-watering recipes

Top reviews

Great unsweetened cocoa powder that doesn’t make you break out

I’ve been using this cocoa powder very regularly for about 4 weeks now (I mix it with a denatured whey that I drink in the mornings), and I really, really like it.

First of all, it adds a great chocolate taste to my whey drink.

And secondly (and of equal import!), it doesn’t make me break out.

All other chocolate that I consume makes me break out, so, of course, I can’t eat/drink it very often.

Thanks heavens this isn’t true about this Nestle Toll House Cocoa.

I can only hypothesize as to why this is true, and have two possible reasons:

1. It isn’t Dutch-processed (hasn’t been alkalized); or
2. It’s a purer form of chocolate that doesn’t have some of the additives that
are often added to chocolate.

Regardless of whether either of the above hypotheses are true, it simply doesn’t make me break out (hooray!!!)!!

KiaraWellfleet, NE