Neuro Nutritional Supplement Bliss Drink,Tropical Lychee, 14.5-Ounce Bottles

NeuroBliss is a delicious drink designed to promote happiness and eliminate stress without affecting your energy levels. The combination of blissful ingredients in this product is distinctly unique from any other product on the market. L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea which has been clinically proven to help reduce stress, works by altering brain waves, shifting them from the beta spectrum to the alpha spectrum – where a person is focused and alert, but calm. NeuroBliss is perfect for anyone wishing to reduce anxiety caused by every day stressors. NeuroBliss can be consumed multiple times per day and works immediately.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 14.5-ounces per bottle (total of 174 ounces)
  • Formulated nutraceutical blends
  • Contains natural exotic tropical flavors
  • Nutritional supplement

Top reviews

Taste ok. No effect. A lot of fake reviewers on this product.

Got absolutely nothing from it. It did taste decent, not worth $2.50 for the bottle, but at least it didn’t taste like crap AND do nothing.

This comment will probably get pushed down quickly; It looks like whoever is selling this product does the thing where whenever a somewhat negative review appears, they quickly create some accounts and give this a 5 star rating and vote helpful for all of the other previous fake 5-star comments. The way you can usually tell is go threw and click the link that says “see all my reviews” by the 5 star comments; on many of them you will see this is the only product they have ever rated. That’s pretty fishy.

TamishaKents Hill, ME

Now you can purchase Bliss. In a bottle. For $2.79 or less!

NEURO Bliss – once again…tastes great, less-filling and I’ll be darned if I don’t feel better after drinking one!!!

This is the best-tasting NEURO drink as well, IMHO.

Also recommended and field-tested: Neuro Sonic & Neuro Sleep!

PS – Subscribe & Save (how can you beat $25.50/case delivered to your door?)!!!

MiquelBlue Hill, NE

This drink makes me happy!

I work swing shift at work- And have one of these around 10pm ( two hours before I get off ) They make me chipper and improve my mood!! And I love the taste, kinda like seven up … I call this my happy drink and will continue to drink 🙂
SherilynRocky Hill, KY

This is not my idea of “happiness”

After lunch, I drank about 1/3rd of the bottle (the flavor is pretty good) and stopped when I started feeling like my world was closing in on me. I started getting a headache and felt really drugged. Not a good thing when trying to work…typing was something I had to really concentrate on. I’m finally coming back to normal after about 45 minutes but the headache still lingers. Unless I’m sitting on the couch with nothing to do but eat, I won’t be drinking it again!
JuliusSpencer, MA

Natural anti-anxiety solution

I used to be on anti-anxiety medication but recently decided to get off of them. I started drinking Bliss after it was recommended to me by a friend. It works wonders with concentration and stress. I have Bliss every morning and can easily tackle a stressful day of work and work more efficiently as well. This is much safer than taking a prescription pill (or even an over the counter one) and tastes great too.
DelsieTeaneck, NJ

NOT Worth It.

Do not waste your money on this drink. It doesn’t taste very good and it doesn’t have any effect. I had previously tried neurosleep with success so I thought I would give this drink a try. It is definitely not worth it.
AnnalisaBardolph, IL


First they get me hooked on this stuff with the following ingredients:

Eleutherococcus senticosus
Rhodiola rosea
Gingko biloba
(plus B vitamins)

And they change it to this:

Choline Alphosecrate
(and B-vitamins)

And it tastes weirder now, too.

Can I get Neuro Bliss Classic, please?

DaniellaOkaton, SD

Magic in a bottle!

Ok, so not sure why the person is griping that there are fake reviews but I have to say this is true to claim. My dog passed away on May 13th,2011 (she was like my daughter) and I was severely depressed to say the least. I wasnt sleeping at all and was just miserable. The following weekend I decided to help my friend with a project she had undertaken….bad idea since I wasnt sleeping I was extra grumpy so my usual patient and calm demenor was non-existent. So I came across this Neuro Bliss in some far out store and it caught my eye. Can I say instant mood changer! It relaxed me and it was like I drank the stress away! I highly recommend it. Just even as a pickme up. and its yummy 🙂
AleneHudson, KY

No, Bliss Can’t Be Found in a Bottle, but Vitamin B Can.

To be honest, I committed a heinous act I originally swore I never would: I bought this product because the presentation (bottle shape, color, font) was visually appealing and I liked that it stated the drink contains only 35 calories (you’d have to drink five of these to equal the caloric content of a Dr. Pepper!).

It has a sort of grapefruit-like taste, although subtle, which I like. More important, however, is the fact that this drink, in the end, is a nutritional supplement. Being a petite, small-framed woman, I don’t take in 2000 calories a day–but if I did, one bottle of Neuro Bliss would provide me with 200% of my daily Vitamin B6 and 100% of my Vitamin B12. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Vitamin B is HUGE for mood regulation; many people with depression and anxiety have critically low levels of B in their systems. Again, compared to soda, this drink can and will give you a natural, healthy boost for the day.

I strongly recommend this product to anyone dissatisfied with watery or faux-chocolate-tasting nutritional supplements, or otherwise looking to replace soda in their daily diets. It’s a little more expensive, but your body will thank you.

PattiOrient, WA

This stuff works!!

I would have never thought!! This stuff really works. I would have never thought. I bought 1 bottle from the gas station and have been hooked since.

Im assuming it wont work on everyone, but for me it boosed my mood. I acually feel happier. Give it a try before you buy a whole case.

WernerHayneville, AL


This stuff is amazing. It actually works. I suffer from depression and two of these a day keeps my doctor happy. He actually recommended it. I think everyone should try it!
ArdenGraves Mill, VA

Works For Me!

The first neuro drink i had was neuro gasm, right before my sister and I went into our local state park for the trails. It was like everything was in ultra-color, happy, joyful, and it was the first time in awhile that I did not have to take one break while walking the trails. I drank neuro bliss while helping my friend with their course work and throughout the session I was calm, really happy, and considerate.
JanieNorth Stonington, CT

What A Bad Trip!

I downed a bottle of this in about two minutes, and man was I glad that I tried this at home. It gave me a feeling within minutes like I was in the Twilight Zone or some horrible nightmare. Like the walls were moving farther and farther away. This only lasted for about ten minutes then I actually started to feel stoned. It was like I smoked some illegal green herb and did a few shots of espresso on top of it. It was very nice for about an hour. Then the terrible part happened, the crash! It felt like I had a few glasses of wine and then took a short nap like a mild hangover. If you want to try it, try it at home! I am not messing with this stuff again.
CarrollHolly Ridge, MS

Delicious and Helpful

I bought the variety pack and this is the best out of the four. It makes me as calm as a Hindi cow for hours 🙂
It also tastes great, like grapefruit without being tart.
LorisHuntsville, OH

Surprisingly helpful

I was very skeptical of this product, but I purchased it since the Neuro representatives were so friendly. I was en route to my college graduation when I picked this up, and sipped it until I got to the site. I was surprised by how relaxed I was because I expected to be a ball of nerves through the ceremony. After my experience with the other drinks, I do believe that the Bliss helped me.
DottyKalispell, MT

Bliss can’t be sold in a bottle

The tag line on the back of the bottle sold me– it was something like, “what’s wrong with wanting to feel happy?” I was feeling blue, and thought maybe trying something new would make me feel better, even if the drink didn’t.

I drank about a 1/4 of the bottle. It tasted pretty good ! But then five minutes later got a BAD headache. I wound up going to bed early, woke up the next day and STILL had the headache…. and it stayed with me almost all day!! I NEVER get headaches!

I never use energy drinks, so maybe I’m sensitive to it, but it didn’t seem to me that this was even advertised as an energy drink– it’s just vitamins, right? But I’m definitely not trying Neuro drinks again– I’ll stick to my usual vitamin supplement. Time is too precious to risk being crippled by a headache!

AdrienPaynes Creek, CA

Not the best tasting Nuero. Maybe thats why I’m not blissful

It doesn’t taste as good as some of the others. Not sure why since it doesn’t have too many special additives. Still tastes better than those highly advertised brands with wings and claws, but still not my fave and I don’t really notice a mood lift myself.
MiloMetamora, OH

NeuroBliss works for me!

I’m sure that NeuroBliss won’t work for everyone because people have different body chemistries. I suffer with anxiety and depression, but I hate being on prescription medication. So I’m always on the hunt for healthier alternatives. I discovered the Neuro products through a friend and decided to try them. For me, NeuroBliss is a miracle. If I’m having a bad emotional day, even just a few sips of this product and I’m immediately calmer. Is it the placebo effect? Who knows. For the moment though, this product works for me. Yes, it’s a bit pricey which is why I only use it when I have a desperate need. My only complaint is that it contains sucralose, which I’m not a fan of. But the benefits I get from the product overrules the sucralose issue. Not being a fan of carbonated drinks, I like that it’s “lightly carbonated.” The taste is a light citrus flavor – very similar to Fresca. If you’re curious about this product, I would recommend purchasing 1 bottle as a test before buying a case of it.
CarieCreekside, PA

Good Stuff..worth it!

I indulge in a lot of caffeine and came across this one day in the store. Skeptical, the bottle was cool so I tried it really not looking for much. It taste suprisingly good and its smooth. It gives you a relaxed feeling as if nothing can get you down and it gives a low-mild euphoria feeling without feeling tired. I know what euphoris feels like from taking other things in life…but this being healthy is a good alternative and after trying one bottle I tried two 2day and Im relaxed and actually felt like posting on here because I feel really good and positive about things right now after consuming 2 bottles. Not a waste of money..probably will be very popular soon….this works..5hr power works and I am very picky abt what I take to relax and get or get goin…hope my review helps….
MillicentWauneta, NE

It’s the good stuff

I love this stuff! I first descovered it at a local QFC and bought it because the bottle was cool.

I know it works because I get comments on my performance at work when I drink Bliss.

The price on here is steep, since I can usually find it for around $1.50 or less elsewhere but to get this quantity I think it might be worth it.

I may even try the multi pack soon!

LanieCoyote, NM

Not worth the money.

Didn’t make me happier, and I didn’t like the taste either…Actually, none of their drinks worked (I bought all of them).

If you want bliss, try iboga, like 20-50mg per morning on your tongue.

JeanieTaylors Island, MD

Tastes Great.

I can’t say if the supplement part works or not, but according to my wife who is very into the supplement components it’s got the proper components that she thinks works. I personally like the taste. It’s a bit of a light pina colada flavor to me.
CristinaCarmen, ID

Didn’t know exactly what to expect, turned out better.

The first reason why I had even purchased this drink was because of a friend, of a friend, I saw their post on a blog telling people how this drink was “so good and refreshing,” that I, myself, wanted to give it a try. They say that you’ll never know if something is good or not, till you try for yourself.

Amazon took awhile to ship and it was delivered on a day I didn’t expect it to, so that worked out nicely. Packing of the drinks was questionable, but I’ve bought things from Amazon before so that was no real big deal to me. So that was 1 Star.

When I first took a sip, I noticed a difference it had from many other “energy” drinks I’ve had before. Lightly carbonated, is a big understatement to me. It felt more like a juice that would always be cold, because the way it has been carbonated made it feel that way. So I don’t really consider it to be an energy drink at all. 2 Stars there, tasted better than expected and for 12 bottles, it is a bit pricey but to me, not a big deal considering if this is what I’m paying for, then I’ll stop with those other cruddy drinks for these.

The last star, over the period of maybe 2 weeks I had finished all 12 bottles and gave some to my younger siblings to try. None of them told me of anything described on the label to have happened to them, but they loved the taste of it. In my opinion, Bliss has the best taste so far and I have tried Sonic as well, and I wouldn’t recommend that one. Maybe after the first few days or so, I did notice feeling calmer, energy-wise I did feel like I had more energy to do things that I wanted to around the house and at school. But not by a lot.

Reason for not giving that last star. The drink is good, better than I had expected to be, and the price of $2.50 per drink isn’t so bad at all. This is considering that most energy drinks now cost in the range of $1.25 to $2.25. So for a little extra, you get something better and isn’t hidden in a can where you can’t see what is actually in there, plus tastes great.

Recently I’ve just purchased Neuro Sun and Neuro Sleep, so I’ll probably end up writing reviews for both of those as well.

All in all, Neuro Bliss, in my opinion, definitely is worth the money. But don’t go into buying this drink expecting too much out of it, that way when you do try it, it’ll end up being better than you what you could have expected it to be. Maybe it’ll even surprise you.

AzaleeToquerville, UT

Good New Drink

I read the info and compared to similar drink & decided to try it. I like it although I can’t really tell if it
does what it says.
AlisaJamestown, ND

Hmmmm….it does work.

I was somewhat in the dumps today because I am on a diet and I was feeling deprived, so I JUST NOW decided to try this drink on a whim and I finished my whole bottle. I looked up on Amazon to see if there were reviews for this product and other folks were saying that it was ineffective. And initally I was going to say the same thing, but right before I was clicking on 1 star to review the product, this “warm & fuzzy” feeling came over me, definitely not BLISSFULL, but warm and fuzzy. So I say this crap works. It takes a few seconds to kick in, but it did.
(and I bet people are already thinking to themselves “yea yea, you probably work for the company”) but I don’t…I can’t prove it…but I don’t.

I will probably be purchasing another bottle of this stuff in the near future.

MonserrateGlassport, PA

Don’t believe everything you read, but read this anyway.

I’m a miserable jerk, and have no manners, temperance,or patience. I have a crap job installing heavy equipment in filthy cardboard box factories. I work everyday for months at a time and travel all over the country. I thoroughly hate my job. It’s hard and dirty. At the end of the day I’m usually going nuts about wanting to leave.
Anyway, one day I’m on break, smoking a cigarette and having a complaint filled temper tantrum when I decide to go into the store and get a drink. I see this stuff, and I figure what can it hurt. If nothing else it will get this cigarette taste out my mouth. So I buy it and chug it and get back to work. It wasn’t 10 minutes later, I was calm as falling snow. I don’t complain about wanting to leave early. I don’t yell at people. I don’t even want to sucker-punch my coworkers, and they deserve it. I bought one for every guy on the crew the next day, and we all swear by them now.
It’s not like a drug, so don’t expect your mind to get blown, and different things work differently for different people. It could have just been a placebo effect, but I’m genuinely happier as a result of this product, so I suggest it.
And if you’re fat like my boss, you need to drink 2 to get the same effect.
AlinaLapel, IN

Too expensive

I like this product, really I do. Yes, I do notice that it acts like a little “pick me up” when I drink it. Nothing drastic, but it’s there and the feeling is pleasant. Having said that, the price is just too much. It’s a drink, not medicine and I can probably find similar ingredients in a supplement for less money. Drop the price, guys, and you will get more buyers!
PearlyElton, WV

Yummy drink, helps me prevent migraines & low in sugar.

This drink is pleasant, perhaps due to the fizzy slightly sweet taste. It doesn’t have that high sugar content other drinks have. What’s more, it’s helped me whenever I feel a migraine headache coming in. Now I order it by the case because it isn’t cheap at the stores, nor is easy to find. I have read some of the reviews here where people claim it doesn’t work for them. I understand everyone is different. I’m just lucky that it works for me and it does the job.
AletaYoung, AZ

Tasty but effectiveness is questionable

I bought this in a Long Island gas station was amazed by the taste for only 35 calories! I then had to buy some online to see maybe one bottle day would effect my mood. I had one everyday for about two weeks and although tasty and low calorie, I did not see any effect on my mood. If it were cheaper, I would buy it just to drink daily whether or not it made me ‘blissful’ but at about 2.50 a bottle, it’s just not worth it.
RodolfoWillis, VA

Works For Me

I found NeuroBliss in a gas station. I was already in an okay mood, but, I thought this might give me a boost. The flavor is a bit like mineral water and grapefruit. Fresca light I call it. It is better very cold. I drank the entire bottle and about ten minutes later I really did feel better. I am already on an antidepressant so I am always trying anything I can to stay in a good mood. I don’t think it is mind over matter. I really was in a better mood. I was laughing and singing and cutting up with my husband. We had a very good day all day. I am so glad to find these here since it is a very long drive from where I live to purchase them. I will definitely buy the Neurobliss and will be trying some of the other drinks, too.
CassandraFall River, KS