Neuro Nutritional Supplement Drink, Sonic, 14.5-Ounce Bottles

NeuroSonic is a delicious drink designed to increase high level mental functioning: better memory, alertness and concentration. NeuroSonic was formulated to help meet the demands of today’s high stress living, where it’s vital for the brain to function at top form. The unique combination of plant extracts, amino acids and unique dietary ingredients provide fuel for the brain to remain focused and alert over long periods of time. The ingredient Alpha GPC provides raw materials to the brain to help it function better, faster. Vitamins Inositol, B-6, B-12 and other B-vitamins help support the nervous system. Rounding out the formula is the ingredient resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red wine, which protects the brain and may have anti-aging benefits. Together, these ingredients provide the foundation for enhanced brain function.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 14.5- Ounce bottles (total of 174 Ounce)
  • Lightly carbonated
  • Mental performance in every bottle

Top reviews


I tried this and it was just awful. it tasted like fizzy cough syrup. I couldn’t even get through half of the bottle.
MarybelleAmericus, GA

bought it, sipped it, right in the garbage

Bought it cause it cought my eye at the gas station. Seems like it wouold be a decent beverage, tasted it. no flavor, actually tasted like watered down gatorade mixed with chalk. Threw it right in the garbage.
LeathaBen Franklin, TX

like it

First, let me start off by saying I appreciate anyone’s right to make a buck. You create a good product, you deserve to profit from it. BUT, I think that charging 3 bucks a bottle for a sports drink is unreasonable and disappointing. I like your product. I buy it. I would buy a lot more of it if the price were more reasonable. It’s a shame – you know, Neuro folks- you’d make a heck of a lot more money in quantity if you’d lower the price. That being said, I like a few of the different products in this line. Sonic & Sleep I buy in limited quantities. I would stock Bliss if I could afford to do so. I have not tried the other “flavors”- wait, I did try Gasm. Wasn’t worth the price for me. I gave the Neuro line 3 stars in consideration of the price. I would have given it 5 stars had the product cost less.
ClintCache Junction, UT

Tastes like medicine

As soon as I took my first sip, I regretted my purchase. It has a slightly medicinal flavor, which lingers as an aftertaste. Other than that there is no real flavor to it. The label claims it provides mental performance. It contains caffeine, so that may be true. But many other beverages, better tasting and less expensive, also contain caffeine. As fizzy vitamin water goes, this is very disappointing.
EdraDelaware, OH

Really expensive sugar water

No plans to buy this again after looking at the ingredient list – water and a couple types of sugar makes up the bulk of this drink. I think you’re mostly paying for a cool looking bottle. Taste is not very good. Good news is it seems unlikely that it will have the same side-effects as RedBull.
BelenOno, PA


A great workout supplement. Tastes great, adds a little pep and yet doesn’t make you feel crazy.
AlfredaMercer, PA

Truly a Lifesafer!!

Listen people: forget the taste! Everything is not about flavor…because if you work two stressful jobs at 64 hours a week while trying to maintain a life like I do, you would be begging for something just to help you get through the day. This drink DOES that for me. Not only is it a nice sustained energy boost without the jitters, it also uplifts my mood. This drink has just the right amount of L-Theanine to do the trick. So if you’re tired of the irritable, too much caffeine feelings of other energy drinks or the too short boost of coffee this might be the drink for you!
ZulmaElbridge, NY

my review

I first tried this product at my work when another employee brought them in (to the break room :-)). It was the green bottle, and it had a quite unique taste to it when I tried it. So it was then that I started searching for them, found them at a Fry’s electronics store, and have enjoyed the red one especially, ever since!! Neuro Nutritional Supplement Drink, Sonic, 14.5-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)
FloriaRaynham, MA

My Fav

Sonic is my favorite out of the Drink Neuro family of drinks. I used to be a coffee fanatic.. had at least a few cups a day (sometimes more) and when I found out I was anemic, was heartbroken when I had to cut coffee out of my diet (caffine blocks your body’s absorption of iron). But then I discovered Sonic, which has just enough of the “good” caffeine to keep me energized through out the day, without triggering the anemia. Now I love it and I don’t even miss the coffee!
ShaylaEverett, MA


This was a curiousity buy for me while in line for the cashier. It’s not bad, but the taste combined with the light carbination sort of it reminds me of orange flavored alka seltzer plus. It was brought to my attention that it may taste better if cold from the fridge. I don’t think it would make much difference.
VanesaEthridge, TN

Tastes gross and doesn’t work

I’m giving this thing two stars because although it tastes kind of weird (in a bad way), the flavor is maybe tolerable for at least half the bottle. I’m not noticing any changes in my ability to concentrate, and it’s not waking me up or giving me any energy… but that could just be because it is the end of the day, and I am a little sleepy. Still, I need to get some work done and it’s too late for coffee. I was hoping Neuro Sonic would do the trick, but it doesn’t.
DebbiRaymond, MT

Neuro Sonic a disappointment

Bought one at a gas station a couple of days ago… loved the packaging! I think that is what sold me, had high hope for a small drink that cost $3.

I like fizzy stuff so I thought that this drink might be for me and its a plus if it can help me focus. To my dismay, it was like a sweet & low explosion rather than a refreshing seltzer with hints of juice. It reminded me of drinking emergen-Cs plus 2 more packets of sweetener. I really wanted to like it, but I was looking more for a product between IZZE and Canada Dry flavored seltzer. At the end I could only finish 1/2 the bottle… the rest still sits in my fridge.

The mental focus part did not play in, or it was just too insignificant to affect me. I think a lot of people might have a perception of it working, like a placebo. But then again, you can’t wish for a ‘Limitless’ antidote doing the impossible, can you?

BernardoJefferson, PA

NEURO Sonic – I’ve been Sonicfied!!!

Simply put…tastes great, less-filling and IT WORKS! Without giving you a case of the shakes or jitters.

My other favorites are Bliss and Sleep (yes, they work as well). A no-brainer via subcribe & save!

PorfirioDelano, MN

Add to your cart!

I bought this for my niece who is in college as a nursing student and working full time. She said she noticed when she drank this it did not give her tons of energy but she remembered everything she needed to do with her patients in clinical and to her that was great. Overall she was impressed with this product. She is slightly ADD so to hear that from her it is worth it. So for gift giving this is great. Not something I can continue to keep in stock for her because the cost is a litle much but again for gifts it is nice.
DonaldHarrington, WA

Imposible to find!!

I no longer need Mountain Dew..or 5hr energy! So The Price of Neuro Sonic, per bottle is a bit of a savings..I am A makeup Artist/Photoshoot Stylist, working looong hours! I also have Fibromyalgia, and I can Not tell you how much better I feel, since Drinking a bottle of Neuro Sonic a day..My Biggest Problem though? NOT finding it at any of the local 711’s Or Many of the run in liquor Drives me Nuts..I feel Like a drug addict running from store to store looking for this stuff! also owners told me that they had a hard time selling it because People dont like the taste..which I have heard also from friends..BUT..I LOVE IT! It does the Job, and it seems to be good for you! Thats the bottom Line for me:)
LindsyBound Brook, NJ

Great Product, But Expensive

I love this drink, I truly do. It is the first pick-me-up drink I have found that works for me. I react strongly to large amounts of caffeine (it makes me incredibly hyper) and I never developed a taste for coffee, so my choices for something to keep my brain running when I’m worn out are limited. Add to that the fact that I’m not a big soda drinker and the choices are even fewer. Neuro Sonic is a great blend for me. There’s some caffeine in it, but not as much as other products, so it makes me a bit quicker on the draw without making me babble like an idiot like I do when I have too much caffeine. It’s carbonated, which I don’t care for, but *lightly* carbonated, so it’s not unbearable for me. The flavor is pleasant and light, not at all overpowering. The packaging is unusual, so it stands out in the refrigerator at work and I never have to wonder which drink is mine. The one major con to this product is the price. As the other reviewers have stated, it is very expensive. I would probably drink one of these a day if it weren’t so expensive. As it is priced currently, I don’t even drink one a week. I save them for when I really, really need a boost. So, yes, as another reviewer said, this company could really learn something about the merits of selling product based on quantity. I would be happy to purchase it more often, if the price were to come down to something more reasonable. That said, I do still buy it and I do still believe in the product. The price just dictates that I consider it an indulgence instead of a necessity.
EthelynAurora, NE

Hooked on Sonic!

I used to be a Diet Coke fanatic. 4-5 a day. At least. I tried the Bliss version first and loved how light and crisp it was. I got my husband to try the Sonic with me and he is hooked now too! I know they’re a more expensive choice than other beverages, but I love the taste, the energy I get from it and quite frankly, the appetite supressant effect. For some reason, for me, if I have 2 of these a day I cut way down on the junk I eat and no longer go to fast food places or crave that. Not saying everyone will have the same experience, but for me, this has been a huge boost to trying to give up some bad foods and drinks. I use the Sleep at night and the melatonin works like a charm! Haven’t found any variety I don’t like but I LOVE Sonic!

One note – I wish the delivery settings could be increased to weekly. In my house a case does not last a full week let alone a month!

CourtneyPrescott, KS

The healthier alternative to soda and energy drinks.

Like most people I stumbled upon Nero at the gas station, looking for a healthier alternative to soda and energy drinks to give me a boost. That was many months ago, now I get two cases of this stuff delivered a month! I’ve tried about five of Nero’s flavors of drinks and Sonic is easily my favorite, it’s got a tangy citrus taste (kinda grapefruit like) that is not only delicious but also quite healthy as it’s packed with a lot of great vitamins and minerals that give you a healthy boost of energy, not a buzz. I wouldn’t go as far to say it really helps to stimulate the brain as it advertises, but it definitely does a better job at boosting energy and making you fell good than energy drinks and soda does. I’ve also found myself losing a little weight, as I’d rather drink one of these than a soda and I seem to not be as hungry if I sip on this throughout the day, and at only 35 calories with minimal sugar it’s the perfect drink alternative. Now everyone complains about the price, but for me you can’t really put a price on health. Nero Sonic gives me the energy I need throughout the day, it’s healthy, it’s helped ween me off drinking a lot of soda, and in my opinon it tastes great. Now I understand taste is subjective but if you can stomach the taste of energy drinks this is sweet nectar compared to most of those. Sure you could just drink water and that might be even better for you, but water is boring and in my stressful daily life I need something with a little kick that I look forward to everyday, thankfully it’s healthier than most sugary alternatives, and when I add up want I spent on sodas or energy drinks it’s really not anymore costly.
LaurePrescott, KS

excellent morning drink!

I must confess, I’m afraid I’m getting a bit addicted to having one of these every morning — I realized this when one morning the university store where I usually get it didn’t have it; I was really disappointed and found myself looking in three other stores. So beware!

I’ve been trying to switch out from drinking coke/pepsi everyday, and it wasn’t until I hit on the sonic that I was really able to do it. I’ve hardly had any soda for several months now so that alone makes it worth it for me. But aside from that, I find that it really helps improve energy and is mood-lifting — and unlike soda there’s no crash. At the beginning, I was drinking one in the morning and one later in the day, but for me that’s a mistake as it keeps me up until 2-3 am and messes up my sleep cycle. Having one in the morning though is really helpful to getting off to a good start in the day. I also find it very useful to drink before working out.

In terms of taste, I really like it actually. It has a light, pleasant taste and the carbonation adds a little kick to it — I love carbonation so its taste and carbonation is part of the reason I find it a useful transition drink away from soda. I actually prefer the NeuroBliss taste with a stronger carbonation and more “citrusy” flavour, but find myself in a better mood and sharper with the Sonic.

It’s also a pretty low-cal drink (35 cals per bottle), but not completely zero-cal if that’s important.

I got it from Amazon once, but I find the price here to be on the high-side. Whenever I got it in store I paid $2.35-$2.50 per bottle but here it’s more like $2.75.

MatthewVenus, PA

An “Energy Drink” that doesn’t overdo it

I don’t know if it’s technically an energy drink or not (contains caffeine), but it works. I first saw these “Neuro” beverages in a local gas station last fall. They looked appealing with it’s simplistic colored bottles and attractive fonts.

Now to the good part. “Sonic” is the best (and most effective) Neuro beverage out there. I’ve had “Sport” (which was alright), “Bliss”, (which is tasty and fizzy, but doesn’t really make me happy), “Sleep” (kinda felt “drunkish”), and “Trim” (didn’t do a damn thing ’cause I weigh no more than a featherweight [tried it for taste, and it was pretty bland]) I have yet to try “Gasm” (don’t really need it, but i’m curious about the taste).

Okay. The reason why I drink these is because I work not only long, but EARLY hours at my job. (I start work when it’s still dark outside, 1-2 hours before sunrise) I can go most of my work day without getting tired, (on only 5 hours of sleep I might add) with this beverage. Even my custom “Starbucks Doubleshot Concoction” (Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso Can, Milk, Coffee Creamer, Whey Protein Powder) doesn’t perk me up as much as NeuroSonic does.

And don’t get me started about “regular” energy drinks. Those do nothing but make me shaky at first, and cause me to crash later on. No “focus” factor with those drinks. Just empty sugar and calories.

My verdict is: That NeuroSonic is an Energy Drink done right!

MyrtaRalph, SD

Did as advertised!

Neuro Sonic did just as advertised. Let me start by saying I work mids, not just any night shift but a 6pm to 6am looonnnngggg night shift…….I know it sucks to be me! This product does just as it is advertised. After drinking I feel alert, focused and ready to take on the task of the evening. As a bonus it also lifts my spirits! What I love most about this product, is when its time to go to sleep, I fall asleep easily! RedBull provides energy too, but I often find myself looking at the ceiling when I should be asleep. It’s expensive at $2.79 a bottle, but for a 12 hour edge, for me it is well worth it!
MarileeVernon, IN

Nice alternative to other sports drinks

I tried this out for the first time last week and was pleasantly surprised. It makes a great change from the usual energy style drink I was used to consuming and it’s a lot more healthier.
WilfredBritt, IA

good stuff

solid stuff and no delays in shipping as it simply arrive on time. And what a deal you get.. you can also cancel at anytime so it is well worth it.
LesaWayne, OK

Pretty good but too expesive for every day

It tastes pretty good for this type of drink. 100 times better than those highly advertised brands with wings and claws, but still basically a soda with caffeine and some other basic additives you could get more cheaply in pill form. Drop the price to $1 per bottle and I’m drinking a case per week.
MauritaWhite Lake, WI

Sonic…. The Hedgehog 🙂

Love the energy this gives you! Not a wired caffeine type energy, just an awake alertness. I wouldn’t recommend drinking this after 2pm if you want to get to sleep before 2am. I tend to drink this if my children get me up early after a long night at work and it keeps me alert all day and in to the evening. My fiancee loves this product as well. If he doesn’t have time to make coffee in the morning he will drink this instead (he loves coffee).
RichardWest Milford, NJ

Good effects but so hard to drink!

I purchased this on a whim and drank before I sat down to study for a neuro (ironic, no?) exam in the wee hours of the night. I was skeptical about the effects but within the hour, felt more awake. I have to agree that is an energy drink done right. There was no crash, shakes, jitters but natural feeling energy. I didn’t focus any better but was able to stay awake long enough to read a few chapters of my book and retain the info. My biggest problem was it is SO SO SO carbonated! It’s harsh and the flavor is yucky. I felt like I was downing medicine in order to get my energy boost. The sucralose after taste is especially apparent in this Neuro. I’m drinking the Trim as I write this review and it is much yummier.
BrittenyGary, IN

Best Health Drink Products EVER!

My newest health drink discovery yet! No similar product on the market comes near to this line of drinks….exceptionally good flavors, even the grandkids love them! NO HYPE!
ArieMarion, MS

Decent, despite my caffeine sensitivity

I was very skeptical of this product, but I purchased one since the Neuro representatives were so friendly. In the past couple of years, I have become very sensitive to caffeine. I was leery about trying this one, but given my experience with the Bliss and Sleep, I decided to give it a go. I actually did feel more awake, and experienced no head ache from the caffeine. I’m now a loyal customer of the products, and the line would be perfect if they were sold in glass bottles.
JenaePeru, IN

Best Drink out there

My girlfriends son distibutes beverages for a large company in Arkansas,. , I have never liked “energy drinks” and felt that they lowered my immune system so was afraid to drink them on a regular basis,. We went to visit him & he told us about these “new” drinks they just come out with. How they were made, How long they had been tested, What went in them, How much science had gone into making them. We were curious so we hopped in the truck and went to the store & bought a couple of each so we could all try them. the “Neuro” drinks WOW, they were awesome!! The flavors werent that bad, & the results as far as they claimed actually worked, Brandon & Callie had been drinking the “Trim” for about two weeks and he had lost 12 lbs, & she had lost 9 lbs, The “Bliss” was like drinking valium in a bottle, It had a slight vitamin taste to it, and put me in a mellow frame of mind,, The “Sleep” after 1/2 a bottle relaxed me enough so I went right to sleep, only recommend 1/2 bottle at night, cap & refrigerate & save for next night. Had a slight pina coloda flavor to it, not bad at all, A couple days later I was feeling groggy and run down, The “Sonic” had a fruity flavor to it without being overly sweet, , It gave me just a kick to wake up without making me feel over caffienated, Or “high”,. Was able to concentrate, and focus with out my hair crawling,(“like some energy drinks”.) Most of them are slightly carbonated. The “Aqua” & “Sport” are not.
Big kudo’s to the “Neuro” people for “inventing a drink” I can drink, Would highly recommend “Neuro” drinks to anyone, everyone, Whatever your flavor or need, “Neuro” has the drink for you, Should warn you they are quite refreshing and quenches your thirst.
Im hooked, From now on Make mine a “Neuro”
( only bad thing, they dont sell them in Idaho, But you can order online at neuroBLISS, neuroTRIM, neuroSONIC, neuroSLEEP,
CharisseBelen, NM

Neuro Sonic Review

I have been happy with the Neuro brand drinks since I tried them the first time at a deli in Manhattan. I bought a stray Sonic and Sleep or two a few times to help me study and sleep and found them both to be very effective.

I am a medical student in the middle of my clerkship year with an old habit of sleeping at very odd hours that really do not match up with my clinic schedule. When I feel groggy and crabby after getting too little sleep, getting up early, and then having to stand quietly through a 4hr surgery, lecture, or conference, a Neuro Sonic at lunchtime totally gets me ready for the rest of the day when beforehand all my body wants to do is crash.

Also, regarding the taste (I read the 1* reviews that complained about it), I find it to be very tasty, but then again I like the taste of Red Bull too. The two don’t taste alike really as Sonic is sweeter with a little more fruit flavor to it, but it’s a similar type of ‘energy drink’ phenomenon where the taste isn’t 100% like snapple or orange soda. Bottom line is that if you’re interested pick a single up somewhere and give it a try — like I said I personally find the taste refreshing so there’s more than one opinion out there. I came here to order a case because buying singles is somewhat of a hassle and I’d rather have them ready to go in the fridge. It kind of stinks that I can’t get them at my local grocery yet, and for cheaper than $30 no less, but I like the product so okay.

NeomaCentralia, WA