NEW ENGLAND NATURALS Organic Gluten Free Crispy Fruity Cereal, 10-Ounce Pouches

Gluten-Free! We are proud to introduce this delicious new cereal to all of you that are constantly searching for gluten free products. As more and more people discover a wheat/gluten intolerance there is ever increasing need for wheat free – gluten free products that TASTE GOOD! We’ve developed this tasty recipe with you in mind. Enjoy…

Quick facts

  • Contains 12 grams of whole grains
  • Gluten Free
  • No Cholesterol
  • No trans fats

Top reviews

Great stuff!

I was excited to find this cereal since it is BOTH gluten free and organic! It contains a wonderful medley of ingredients. I bought it for my father who has Celiac, and he loves it! “Great stuff!” was his description, which is a major compliment coming from him! He especially likes using it as a dessert topping. The only improvement he mentioned is that it is a bit too sweet.

I wanted to order some for my family to try too, but as of now, it is not in stock directly from Amazon and the prices from the sub-sellers are ridiculous! At twenty plus bucks with free shipping it is reasonable, but I won’t be paying forty plus from a sub-seller.

EmeraldAllen Junction, WV

super gluten-free food

This healthy gluten-free cereal is the best on the market, that I have tried. Since I can’t ingest oats, it provides all the sustainance that my body needs to get off to a great day! The nuts and seeds and raisins help balance your blood sugar too!
OmerMarshall, IN