New! Indoor Bonsai Kit by Sheryls Shop

Indoor JuniperBonsai Kit by Sheryls Shop, comes with everything you need, beginner Shears, Five Year Old Juniper Bonsai Tree, 101 Bonsai Book, Soil, Wire and 6″ Ceramic Chinese Pot, Deco Pebbles included!

Quick facts

  • Five year old Juniper Bonsai Tree by Sheryls Shop
  • Beginner Shears
  • Beginner 101 Bonsai Book
  • Soil, Wire and six inch Chinese Ceramic Pot
  • Beautiful Deco Pebbles

Top reviews

Great Present!

I bought this kit for my boyfriend’s birthday and he loves it. It has really helped start his new hobby. I have been told that Juniper’s survive best outdoors so I am a bit confused that it is referred to as an Indoor Bonsai, but everything is going very well with the tree so far. It was definitely the perfect present. ^_^
BertieWellsville, OH