New Mill Kluski Noodle, 16-Ounce

New Mill® Kluski Enriched Egg Noodles. Originators of this popular kluski style.

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  • New Mill Kluski Noodle, 16-Ounce (Pack of 6)

Top reviews

Best noodles ever!

These are the best noodles ever! We had these for our homemade chicken noodle soup as kids growing up in Chicago. Having moved away from Chicago, where these noodles were once readily available, I had to rely on my family to bring me a supply whenever they visited. The real Kluskies were getting harder and harder to find, even in Chicago area stores. I was so glad to find these online, and ordered 12 packages. They were exactly what I wanted and arrived in excellent shape. Everyone who has tried my homemade chicken noodle soup with New Mill Kluskies has become hooked!!I am now stocked up for a while!! If you have never had New Mill Kluskies, you have no idea what you are will never want any other kind of noodle once you try them!
JerriWheaton, MO

Like when I was a kid

I’ve been yearning for these kluski noodles for decades ever since moving out west from Chicago (could never find them anywhere.) I’ve already made a few simple dishes from my childhood. Although they were a way to “stretch” a tight food budget, they are really rather expensive to have shipped to my home. But bringing back those memories was worth it. I’m sure they would be on a “less than healthy” list, but they are an occasional treat that I treasure.
ElvaOberlin, LA

GREAT noodle

These noodles are fantastically chewy, delicious, and very versatile. Use them as stand-alone side dish, in soups, or in recipes (like halushki). Heck, I’d even throw out the Ramen and use THIS product as a REAL meal/snack. Great homemade egg noodle taste!
ShavonSpanish Fork, UT