New Orleans Famous Praline – Box of 10 Original Pralines

Our ORIGINAL pralines, hand made from a century old New Orleans recipe! Pralines Come to America When French settlers began colonizing Louisiana, they brought all their favorite recipes with them. The original praline recipe was altered by New Orleans chefs in the 19th century to substitute pecans for almonds because of the abundance of pecan trees throughout the area. They also added cream to thicken the confection, and thus created what is now known throughout the American South as the praline. But you may know it as “the Taste of New Orleans.” The Taste of New Orleans Every time you sink your teeth into a creamy, sweet, pecan praline, you can’t help but hear the sultry sounds of jazz, feel the buzz of the night life, and think of your time in New Orleans. As a traditional Creole candy, the praline is as rich in its history as it is in flavor. Enjoy an original praline, hand-made from a century-old New Orleans recipe, any time you want from New Orleans Famous Praline Company. Since 1996, New Orleans Famous Praline Company has been selling the traditional Creole candy known as pralines to New Orleans locals and visitors from around the globe. They use the finest ingredients and a century old recipe to produce a truly superior praline, hand-made and individually sealed for freshness!

Quick facts

  • Pralines are the Authentic New Orleans Candy
  • Hand-Made Fresh in New Orleans
  • Individually wrapped
  • Century-Old New Orleans Recipe

Top reviews

So Good!

These really are the best ones you can buy. I moved out of NOLA due to Katrina and have always missed the cultured candy New Orleans has to offer. I was surprised when I stumbled upon these on Amazon, remembering the brand when I lived there and it brought me back to the days as a child when I would to sit out on my porch with a sweet tea and praline. They tasted great and had a variety to choose from.
VictoriaHanceville, AL