Newman’s Own Light Caesar Salad Dressing 16 oz

Newman’s Own Light Caesar Salad Dressing 16 oz

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  • 16 oz

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Great Light Caesar Dressing!

I am very surprised there are no reviews for this product yet-I love a number of Newman’s Own salad dressings, but this one sticks out. Many light versions of salad dressing lack flavor and are either loaded with sugar or sodium to make up for the other missing ingredients. That is not the case with the light version of Newman’s Own Light Caesar dressing.

While there is a marked taste difference between the Creamy Caesar and the Light Caesar-the light caesar still has a robust flavor without being too salty. In my opinion, the Light Caesar has bit more of a fish flavor and a little more of peppery-garlic bite than the Creamy Caesar. I really enjoy the Light Caesar and suggest everyone give it try if you are looking for a lower cal salad dressing!

MigdaliaLocust Fork, AL