Newman’s Own Organic Special Blend Extra Bold K-cup for Keurig Brewers, 12-Count Boxes

Newman’s Own Organic Special Blend Extra Bold K-cup for Keurig Brewers is a hearty, full-bodied blend of medium and dark roasts. Bold yet refined. Strong, yet smooth. It seems only natural that two companies with a shared vision of a better world would unite to bring you exceptional Fair Trade Certified, organic coffee and the chance to make a difference. Get 24 K-Cups per box conveniently delivered fresh from the roaster.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6, 12-count boxes (total of 72 boxes)
  • Extra Bold K-cup
  • Blend of medium and dark roasts
  • Fair Trade Certified, organic coffee

Top reviews

Short shelf life (2mos!)

Received a sample pack with a Keurig B60. Loved the coffee. Ordered two boxes through Amazon. Expiration dates on them are March 2009. I ordered them in January! Coffee hasn’t measured up to the sample pack either. Suspect I received some old coffee. 🙁

Might order again…but maybe a single 6pk instead of a box. Disappointed in first experience though.

ReynaldaBig Sky, MT

great coffee

We found this k-cup coffee concept to be quick and tidy..the Newmans Own that we purchased was really good..we did find it to be too expensive for us to do very often..
NevilleAldrich, MO

My favorite K-Cup by far

I have been accused of going over-board on some things and my K-Cup obsession has been no different. I have tried almost every bold K-Cup on the market (really, my kitchen is full of those little boxes). Many of them are very good, and some (like Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso) are excellent. Still, for day to day drinking I always go back to this blend. I find it to be smooth and satisfying. I use the second to smallest setting on my Keurig B70 (7 1/4 oz.) and I usually enjoy three to four cups in the morning (I never reuse a K-Cup, but if it works for some people, fine). If I want more or a cup later in the day I switch to the decaf version, also very good.

I miss my Newman’s Own so much when I travel that I have started packing a Keurig B30 with me so I can enjoy this coffee on the road. This one is perfect for me.

SenaBrokaw, WI

My favorite, but updated

This is my favorite k-cup – it’s strong yet smooth. My backup flavor is Emeril’s Big Easy Bold, which is stronger. Both of these remind me of Starbucks coffee of the day. I drink my coffee with whipping cream and splenda. For these 2 coffee flavors, I brew a large and a small cup thru one k-cup. Perfect!

The next shipment I received included coffee that is not as strong – disappointed in this. Only brew large size and use less cream; is still a good coffee.

NatoshaIdledale, CO

Excellent coffee, best I’ve found in K-Cups

I’m always in search of the perfect cup of coffee. Prior to getting a Keurig for Christmas I would make multiple visits a day to a local Starbucks or Seattle’s Best for my usual Tall or Grande bold brew of the day served black so I could savor the flavor. Since getting my Keurig I’ve been able to consistently brew great coffee at home and have found a few I really like, but for getting that bold but not overbearing coffee house taste I believe this is the best you can get for these machines.

This is a very smooth medium-bold (don’t mistake the ‘extra bold’ label for a dark roast.. you’ll find none of the smokey/burnt taste associated with dark/French roast in this coffee). If you’re looking for something close to Starbucks Medium House Blend, you’ll be very happy with this coffee. As with all pre-ground coffee, make sure you buy from a high volume seller. Get a box of K-Cups that have been sitting on a store shelf for a while and there will be a noticeable difference.

OnitaMokane, MO

Very Good Cup of Coffee

For an extra bold blend this coffee is extremely smooth with very little to no aftertaste. It is definitely in my top 5 k-cups. Many people argue that it is not in fact an extra bold roast, however, extra bold does not mean overly strong and bitter like many expect. I myself like many extra bold roasts that are also smooth like this one and the Coffee People’s Donut Shop Coffee; I also like medium roasts. If you like smooth coffee without the aftertaste this is the coffee for you — enjoy.
EmilyAfton, TX


Probably the best tasting coffee of the ones we have experienced in the k-cups.
strong enough without the bitter taste of the french roast.
RoniHuntington Park, CA


This was a great deal cost wise so, I gave it a try. I am very glad that I did. This is truly exceptional coffee. It has a very rich layered flavor. In addition the smell is very bold and inviting.I love it and will continue to order the Newman brand of coffees.
CorneliaPetersburg, AK

Great tasting coffee

Newman’s Own Special Blend Extra Bold is a great tasting coffee for any time of day. It’s flavor stands out even with cream. I like strong bold coffee and this is my favorite every day general use coffee.
ShannaNewark, DE

Newman’s Own Bold Organic K-Cup

This is makes a great cup of coffee. I buy both Newman’s and Emirl’s Bold coffees (caffinated). What I have found is that Emirl’s is more like Starbucks having both a bold coffee taste and a distinctive somewhat burnt aftertaste. Newman’s doesn’t have the burnt aftertaste so evident in Emirl’s so I like that quite a bit. What I have tended to do is alternate between the two coffees. When I really want both the boldness and the aftertaste I choose Emirl’s and when I want to tone it down a bit I use the Newman’s. Both are excellent coffees and get me started in the morning. I don’t think I would choose one over the other at this point because they each give me what I am looking for on different days. I also use a 16 oz mug and blend 13 oz of coffee using one K-cup which I use twice; once with the 8 oz setting and then again with theh 5 oz setting.
YukikoNewark, MO

Excellent coffee

Have been drinking this coffee for a while. I use each K-cup twice — to fill my travel mug — I make one with an 8oz cup and use it again with a 6oz cup.
StevieCane Valley, KY

Great Coffee

Newman’s Own Organic Special Blend Extra Bold K-cup for Keurig Brewers, 12-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) is absolutely the best “bold” coffee I’ve found for a “one cup” coffee maker. The flavor is bold & strong but not bitter & the price is right too!
TammySligo, PA

5 stars for flavor, brand, & organics

I bought the coffee maker for my mother for Xmas and it came with many different K cups. By far, she prefers Newman’s Own coffees. Now, my Mom used to live and breathe coffee and to me, her coffee resembled mud – it was so strong. She has mellowed in the ensuing years but still prefers a bold (strong) flavor and after trying numerous other brands (Timothy’s, Green Mountain, etc) the standout is Newman’s. Recommend for coffee drinkers who like strong/bold flavor.
SeeWitmer, PA