Newman’s Own Organics Alphabet Cookies, Cinnamon Graham, 10-Ounce Bags

Newman’s Own is a food company that was founded by Paul Newman in 1982. The company makes all-natural salad dressing, pasta sauce, salsa, lemonade and steak sauce. Newman’s Own Organics was founded in 1993 by Paul Newman’s daughter, Nell Newman, as a division of Newman’s Own. It became a separate company in late 2001. Their motto is “Great Tasting Food That Happens to Be Organic.” Their products include organic pretzels, cookies, popcorn, chocolate bars, peppermint cups, peanut butter cups, olive oil and vinegar, dried fruit, fair trade coffee and pet food. Recently, Newman’s Own Organics launched a line of fresh produce that includes organic lettuce mixes, baby spinach and carrots. Newman’s Own Organics follows in the charitable tradition established by Paul Newman, and all its profits are donated to charitable and educational causes.

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 10-ounce bags of cinnamon-sweet alphabet cookies (120 total ounces)
  • Made with real cinnamon, organic graham flour, and organic palm fruit oil
  • Contains no trans-fatty acids and no cholesterol; kosher
  • Made with certified organic ingredients
  • Product of the USA

Top reviews


I wasnt impressed with these and neither were my kids. I ended up giving them away. Not bad, realy, just not particularly good or worth wasting the calories on…
AyannaArcher, FL

Very crunchy, very good

I have purchased these cookies twice now (I’m backlogged, but I was afraid that Amazon wouldn’t stock them again) and I’m slowly eating my way through them.

Many people have attempted to describe the taste and I agree with most of the previous descriptions – they are not hyper sweet or milk chocolate-y, but rather almost like a darker chocolate taste. Don’t take me calling it dark chocolate to mean they’re bitter, because they’re not, but imagine the taste of a normal Hershey’s bar if you removed half the sugar. You’d still get the nice taste of chocolate, but just in a more subdued fashion. If you have a chocolate craving, and not a sugar craving, you’ll love these cookies. If you have just a simple sweet tooth and a craving for sugar, well these may not be quite what you’re looking for.

One thing to keep in mind is that these are what I would classify as “very hard” cookies. Most of the cookies you find on the grocery stores now days contain quite a few fatty ingredients that make the cookie yield in your mouth instead of crunching. These suckers crunch. A lot. I would even go far as to say that if you have dental issues, milk would be a requirement to eat these. The texture is very similar to eating Nature’s Valley granola bars (not the chewy ones).

DeneenNashville, KS

I love the cookies, but my order were about to expire and were stale

I love, love, love the Cinnamon Graham Alphabet Cookies. They are hard to find in the stores, and the one place I always could find them is no longer carrying them. So, I bought a Pack of 12. Unfortunately, they were just about to expire, and they were stale. My husband and son ate them anyway, but I was disappointed. I would be nervous about ordering them again. Pity, because when they are fresh, they are 5-star cookies.
DeeannaColby, WI

Delicious, but be careful of amazon’s expiration dates…

The cookies are very yummy, and have a good amount of chocolate taste to them, and just the right amount of crunch πŸ™‚ I would definitely buy these again, but probably not from amazon. I bought the 12 pack of cookies mid-August, and ALL of them expire in the beginning of November 07. I know you CAN eat things past the expiration date, but if I’d known the expiration date was 3 months later, I wouldn’t have bought a 12 pack of them!

If they taste this good, so close to their expiration date, I imagine the fresher ones are even better!

SylvesterNeedville, TX

Great CHOCOLATE cookies

Newman’s Own Organics Alphabet cookies are very chocolatey and very crunchy. The first time I tried them I was hooked! My two children also think they are fantastic. If you are have not tried organic cookies before, these cookies are a good starting point.
VirginaSanta Rosa, CA

Very Good, But Rock Hard Texture

I’ve had a great experience with the Newman’s Own Organics Newman-O’S Ginger-O’S, and was very pleased. So I decided to try Cinnamon Graham Alphabet cookies.

These cookies are not as sweet as the Newman’s Own sandwich cookies, which is a big plus. These are quite tasty with a good balance of natural sweeteners and the right amount of cinnamon. While I prefer a strong cinnamon flavor, these cookies did not disappoint me. It makes for a nice treat. They barely pass my all-important “dunkability” test, or how they taste when dunked in milk. While they dunk very well and absorb milk quickly and awaken the flavor of the sweetener and cinnamon, the cookies are so small that you’ll be dunking fingers along with cookies.

There are a few minuses; but given the quality of the cookies, they’re minor:

1) The cookies are smaller than I thought, so be careful giving them to small children. But I’m sure they’ll love them.
2) Because of their size, it makes them very easy to overeat them. Despite their all-natural organic ingredients, they’re still cookies: They’re not very nutritious, they’re very sweet and are high in calories. Self-control is essential.
3) These cookies are amazingly hard to chew; they are very crunchy. Eating them helps me to appreciate how hard dogs work to chew dog biscuits. Your molars will get some work chewing these down.

As with all groceries sold by Amazon, I suggest buying a pack at a supermarket and trying it before buying the case. But I’m confident you will not be disappointed.

RemonaRobinson, ND

Arrowroot Newman’s Alphabet Cookies

After googling these and seeing that some people are obsessed with the arrowroot variety, I thought I would give them a try. They taste basically like graham crackers or maybe animal crackers with strong taste of honey. It’s great that they have no trans fats, minimal chemical ingredients, are mostly organic, and “non-profit”; but they’re nothing to get excited about. The hard texture is a pro/con in that it forces you to eat carefully, and limits your desire to gorge. These are good non-lethal commercial cookies, but like all commerical cookies are lacking in nutrition and taste.
JerrellTaft, TX

great icebox-style cookies

I recommend these cookies to any chocolate lover – the cookies have a deep, rich cocoa flavor….they’re low fat, yet quite tasty — a delicious and nearly guilt-free snack!
RufinaBryson, TX

Handy for my allergic son

These are a great snack to have on hand and carry in the diaper bag. They are a wonderful treat for my two-year-old son who is allergic to milk and eggs. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have the extra exposure to the ABCs, huh?
LeotaMoreauville, LA

Don’t let the organic & healthy image scare you

Though resembling nothing like the common graham crackers found in most grocer’s cookie aisle, these small squares are quite delectable and relatively guilt-free.
BertiePioneertown, CA

The Cinnamon Grahams are great!

I have ordered these twice now, they taste so good! I also tried the chocolate wheat-free ones, they were awful, I would not order them again, but have been waiting several weeks for the grahams to be stocked!
TaynaTrexlertown, PA

I need to know what “natural flavoring” specifically means… can’t have MSG or any similar chemicals slipped into some foods.

MY FAVORITE COOKIES! I love Oreos without the cream and these are perfect. They taste just like the ice-box cake cookies sold in the larger flat cookies, too…. BUT…..
I need to know exactly what “natural flavoring” is because I react horribly to MSG and similar glutamate heavy “altered ‘natural’ foods” that are allowed by the FDA. I am trying to eliminate even small amounts from my diet to prevent future effects that build up with the trace amounts you get in each item. The FDA allows many flavor enhancing trace chemicals that have the same effects as glutamates on people…. but they don’t have to specifically list them and it leaves me in a tough spot for enjoying packaged foods πŸ™
I can’t wait to start chomping these again!! πŸ™‚
KelleyDodge, TX

Great lunch box snack

These are a great lunch box snack. Just enough sweetness and no high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils which is great if you care what you are eating as well. Too bad they have reduced the package size and increased the price like every other food company out there.
MitsueRenwick, IA

an Oreo cookie without the filling

This cookie is the same chocolate cookie that is in their Newman O’s. If you like chocolate cookies these are the best. I use them for a chocolate crust in my cheesecakes.

Great cookie, profits go to charity and organic so they are as pesticide free as possible and grown by sustainable methods.

TrulaMedora, ND

Excellent snack! Crunchy, not too sweet, just right!

This is an excellent cookie for kids or adults. I would have given it 5 stars if it had been made with 100% whole wheat flour.
KyokoMerion Station, PA

Addictive little morsels!

I have fallen in love with these cookies!

They taste almost the same as Newman’s sandwich cookies, just without the filling. Crunchy, chocolaty, and just the perfect size. And at 120 calories for a serving, they aren’t too waist enhancing.

The main reason I am in love with them is the fact that they don’t have any corn in them (I’m allergic to corn). This is something that not too many cookie makers consider when making their products.

Yet another Newman’s Own product to add to our ever growing pantry of products.

Chocolaty enough to satisfy chocoholics.
Crunchy and have a good texture.

Far too many Qs and not enough vowels, it’s like playing Scrabble! πŸ˜›

HazelSix Mile Run, PA


i love these cookies because they are a natural product, taste good enough to satisfy my chocolate cravings without wasting a huge amount of calories, easy to transport, and not messy (ok, there are a couple of little residual crumbs on your fingers). I eat them almost everyday so i have them on a repeat order!
LilianaGarrison, ND

My favorite “cookies”

I’m not afraid to admit that these alphabet crackers are my favorite “cookies”. They are not too hard, not too soft. They have a great flavor and they are actually pretty nutritious. The bag has a re-sealable sticker. They make an excellent snack.
LaraeWarm Springs, GA

Tasty, fun, sticks to the teeth

Tasty and the kids were excited to play alphabet games with them.

They were difficult to brush out of the kids’ teeth. I’m still trying to figure that feature out.

EasterBisbee, ND

Awesome Healthy Snack!

These cookies are GREAT. I’ve recently developed some food allergies and these cookies are one of the few treats I can have! They are the perfect way to satisfy that craving for a little something sweet! The fact that they have protein in them is a bonus too!

I would have liked to have known about the expiration date prior to buying. I purchased them in October and they expired in November. I had 1 month to eat 12 bags of cookies (which wasn’t a problem) but I would have liked to have known that ahead of time. Otherwise, the transaction was great!

CatherinaHagerstown, IN


Back for another case after just one month…yep, we ate them all! These are not the sicky-sweet kind of cookies you buy in the junk aisle at the grocery store; they are more cocoa-y than sugary, and this former sugar fiend prefers them now. I also like the crunch (it’s really not too hard). And they’re better for you than those “elf-made” snacks. My one problem with these is that I can’t stop eating them once I start! There’s just something about them that makes me go to town on the bag, and I’m not a craver/compulsive-type eater by any means. Then there’s the organic ingredients, and the responsible business practices and charitable contributions of the company – what’s not to like? For me these are 10 stars **********
AssuntaMitchell, SD

great healthy cookies

These Newman graham cookies are wonderful. I’m on my third case because they are so handy to take along for a snack. They taste great, you won’t be disappointed.
YungEaston, KS

Crunchy little suckers

These are great cookies! Small, crunchy, low in calories for a serving size, and just a wonderful not too sweet cookie.
RemaSeth, WV

Yummy and (relatively) healthy too!

I love these cookie crackers. I share them with my infant son. They are a tasty snack I enjoy during all periods of the day.
FredrickaSaint Petersburg, FL

Awesomely Delicious!

These are by far thee best organic cookies out there!!! And not too high calorie for 10 of them per serving!!
ChaunceyMorse, TX