Newman’s Own Organics New Zealand Ranch Style Dog Treats

For the past 20 years, Newman’s Own Organics has been offering Great Tasting Products That Happen to Be Organic. You can feel good about feeding our New Zealand Ranch Style Dog Treats to your beloved dog as they are made without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Our New Zealand Ranch Style treats use organic lamb, grains, fruits and vegetables. Our formulas are 95% organic and do not contain wheat or corn.

Quick facts

  • A professionally blended recipe of organic lamb, grains, vegetables and fruits
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • No wheat or corn
  • Handcrafted treats, baked in small batches
  • These hearty biscuits are scored for easy breaking and are ideal for all dogs

Top reviews

Doggies best treat

The ingedients and farming methods are impressive. More impressive is the dog’s reaction to these treats. Wave one and I can get him to do almost anything. Good dog. Really good treats.
CarlynSaint Stephens, WY

Inedible for smaller dogs

I have always trusted the “Newman’s Own” brand. From popcorn to salad dressings, I have never been disappointed in one of their products. Until now. Each dog treat is scored to break it easy and is of similar size to a fig newton about 2″ X 1-1/4 inch and quite thick – about 1/2 inch. And hard as a rock. I am all for organic products, but when my dogs don’t care for them, it’s not like I can bribe them to eat it like I can with kids. Our dogs are around 15-20 pounds and I think these dog treats are a little bit too hard for them. The first time we tried to feet these treats to them they turned up their noses. They were absolutely NOT interested at all. The next time we tried they carried them around in their mouths for a minute or so, and decided, for some reason, that they were inedible. However, the third try must have been when they were REALLY hungry because they appeared more interested. But this is more like rawhide than a “treat”. Our dogs really had to work on this for a long time. Our younger dog, a Shih Tzu did okay and after about 15 minutes was making headway on eating it. Our elderly Japanese Chin who is 14 (that’s 98 in dog years) was much more fussy. She seemed interested for awhile and even though she still has all her teeth, she just couldn’t be enticed to do much more than sniff it. Perhaps a larger dog would like these better. I haven’t given up on “Newman’s Own” brand but I doubt that I’ll try their New Zealand Ranch Style Dog Biscuits (made with lamb and barley)again.
DonitaPrairie City, SD

Needs Improvement

Raving reviews made me buy this for dogs.
I have a lab mix a beagle and 2 Shepards that I got from impoundment and they’re not spoiled.
One chewed it to crumbles but left it on the ground and my Shepards have been burying them in the backyard.
I wasted my money on this one.
AndraMedical Lake, WA

We agree on this much.

Let’s be real. My dog is happy for any attention and will eat just about anything. The worse it smells to me, the better the dog likes it. My dog’s absolute favorite treat is a horrible herring-flavored dog biscuit from the specialty pet store–to me it smells like rotten fish but just opening the package will cause the dog to run into the room.

My poor pooch suffers from food allergies so I have to be careful what he eats. This dog biscuit is everything I look for: no corn, no chemicals, no mysterious “by-products”. To date, my dog has had no reaction to these biscuits. This is a big deal because the wrong food can give him running sores under his long coat and make him itchy and miserable. NEWMAN’S LAMB AND BARLEY biscuit has an attractive (to me) smell that is reminiscent of molasses, which is one of the ingredients. Each biscuit has a groove down the middle making it easy to break, so one has a choice to feed the whole biscuit (suitable for a big dog) or only half (for a smaller dog).

The dog doesn’t go wild for these things, but he does like them. Based on his body language when these are offered, they rate at least a seven. I love these things and would rate them as five stars because they are healthy and safe for my special needs pet. The four star rating comes from my dog. We agree on that much!

ReikoOpheim, IL

It’s a Doggy Treat!

We have a lot of fun watching out special dog (Bandit) get a treat. He runs with it, and he often tempts you to grab the treat from right in front of him when he finally stops. He runs in circles and acts really funny. To make this time even more special for him, I often try different treats to make sure it truly is a “treat” for him. I was interested to try these Newman’s treats because of the brand recognition. To determine if he liked them, I fed him one, and we played his little game. The next day, I laid three different treats out to see which one he would grab. He didn’t grab the new one. I did that again for a few days. He consistently grabbed the Newman treat second. So, based on this in-depth scientific research, I would say he liked the treat as well as we like green beans. We like green beans, but they’re not the same as a piece of cheesecake and not gross like a brussel sprout.
SooTwin Oaks, OK

Snapped up and eaten as quick as they were given

What can I say about man’s best friend other than he deserves the best treats possible. It was almost as if our dog Shultz knew what was in the box and sat up begging for a treat when we opened the bag.

The treats do seem a bit hard but our Doxie just loved them. It’s nice to be able to give a healthy organic treat instead of chemically processed treats. Your pet will not be disappointed when you hand out these little square snacks.

DulceMorrisdale, PA

Hey They Ate Them

I really did not think my picky a** dogs would eat them. I tossed the treats to them and waited for the sniff of dis approval. Waiting…waiting.. chomp chomp and they are gone to another room to enjoy the treat in peace. Two dogs give them a paws up.
AmadoLibertyville, IA

too hard, more like small bricks

My 35-lb dog could not break these treats by chewing on them. She gave up after only a minute or so and decided to look elsewhere for a treat.

I was unable to break the treats in two even though they are scored across the middle.

My toy breed dog thought it was fun to play with, but he couldn’t get much headway trying to chew it either, and never ate it.

They need come out with something soft!

LauraAddison, IL

Reality check: dry, dusty, and uninteresting—and expensive

My dogs are decidedly not “new age” or impressed by the fact that these dog treats “are high in protein, naturally preserved with no wheat or corn, no artificial colors of [sic] flavor enhancers, and are free of added hormones, antibiotics and chemical additives.”

Out of the bag, these treats seem decidedly overmanufactured, dry, dusty, and uninteresting. But I left it to my Australian Shepherds to decide on their own. During the first taste test, Kirwan, who will throw his head back like an alligator and eat anything tossed his way, crunched through the first one but was not interested in a second helping of these Newman’s Own Organics Lamb and Barley New Zealand Ranch Style Dog Treats. Pippin, who has a more discerning palette, moved his across the rug with his nose and subsequently abandoned it.

This morning, I placed a treat on the floor for each dog, and Kirwan ate his without enthusiasm while Pippin again ignored his.

Look, I love my dogs and I think Newman’s Own is a fine company. But this product seems to me the result of overzealous people going to great lengths to make themselves feel good about what they are feeding their dogs. I cannot imagine the amount of farmland, energy, and resources expended to create these organic dog treats. We are really out of balance here with our priorities and perspectives.

Perhaps some animal nutritionist blessed this recipe, the art department created the bucolic packaging, and the marketing folks carefully crafted the spin for this product, all to make us feel good about having these tucked away in our pantries, but at $4 a bag, this will be the only time this product appears in our house. Besides, my dogs, who actually like foul smelling foods and will gloriously roll in who knows what sorts of awful stuff they find, do not like these sorts of boutique fabrications.

I really think a reality check is needed. (And I can already feel the sharp sting of venom as folks take me to task for holding a contrarian opinion here.)

RosalynPortland, IN

He ate them begrudgingly

I was excited to offer these seemingly healthy treats to my dog, as I love other Newman’s Own products such as their spaghetti sauce. My dog Kirby was very excited as I opened the package and announced “Ooooh, I have a treeeeeat for you!” in the high pitched voice I use to get him worked up. However, it was all downhill from there. He eagerly took a cookie in his mouth, then gave me a look like “Seriously?” He will eat them, but only if there is nothing better going.
My husband was going to try one to give a second opinion. However, after smelling them he announced that they smell like burnt oatmeal and probably taste like it too, and he refused to try them.
I give these 2 stars because I would like my dog to eat them (as opposed to fatty pig ears), but he really doesn’t care much for them. He gets about as excited to eat these as I do to eat a Triscuit.
CoreyTontogany, OH

My dogs love these

I have two dogs, an Alaskan Malamute and a Shiba Inu. Generally speaking, neither of them are exactly treat-shy and will eat almost any snack you put in front of them. That being said, when I opened up the bag of Newman’s and let them try one of the Lamb and Barley treats, they loved it. Usually with dry treats my dogs will sniff them and give you a look of “Ok, this is nice, but where’s the dried chicken or duck jerky?” and only eat them after realizing that there’s nothing else coming. With the Newman’s Own, they sniffed them once and immediately started chowing down without so much as a “What else ya got?” look.

While these treats are amazing and made with 95% organic ingredients, there are a few caveats. First they are very, very dry and hard. Each treat is made up of two squares, made to be breakable down the center scoring if you wanted to divide the treat up. Each square is approximately 1″x1″. Breaking apart the squares will help release a little of the odor of the biscuits – after the first time I gave the dogs these treats, they started snubbing them a bit until I would break a piece off. I think that perhaps the outer portion of the snack gets dried out and no longer has any smell that the dogs can detect (or it’s really faint). Once you break them apart, the dogs recognize the smell and eat it up. Since they are so hard however – if you have an older dog with teeth issues, this is probably not the best treat for them.

Second, since the snack is so dry, it is very crumbly. If you have a dog that only eats the chunks and never cleans up the crumbs, you’ll have a mess to deal with every time they eat these. As my dog breaks apart the treat, it deteriorates into several pieces including minute crumbs. My dogs generally lick the floor until everything’s picked up, but if you have a plush carpet, this might be something to consider.

Other than that, my dogs love these treats and I’ll probably be picking up more in the future.

JimDeep River, IA

Two Malamutes and a Husky Say “eh”

We have three large dogs – two malamutes and a husky mix. I’d read a few of the reviews on here that said that these treats were only good for large dogs, so I figured they’d be perfect for my three chow hounds. Unfortunately these are much smaller than I thought they were. Two, three bites tops and my dogs would have them down, and they didn’t seem to like them as much as they like their regular bones (cheap, regular bones). So, nope, I don’t think that these are that great, and apparently neither did my dogs.
LatoriaHill, NH

My dogs loved them.

Of course most dogs do love a treat, but I have found some they actually wouldn’t eat.
Not the case here. These are light and come where you can break them in half for small or larger dogs.

Although more pricey then say Milkbones, you know exactly what’s in these treats. No added preservatives, etc.

I’ve tried several of Newman’s products and have found them to be excellent in quality…. plus the company donates a large portion of their profits to charity.

Buying this product for your dog not only makes the dog happy, but you can rest assured you’re purchasing from a quality company.

Thank you.

AuroraYorba Linda, CA

My dog loves this and its good for him too

He loved this cookie as a treat. Not sure if this is available in a smaller size of cookie, but the bars seem larger than the heart shaped chicken cookie treats I have been buying. The lamb one does not upset my older English Cocker Spaniel who has a sensitive tummy, and isn’t any more fattening either than the other cookie, but I do break each bar into two or three pieces to feed it to him. He can actually deal with the size just fine, tho this particular style is more appropriate for a large dog vs a middling size dog like him, but he counts the number of treats we give him and isn’t happy until he gets three pieces ๐Ÿ™‚ I feed him one bar broken into three pieces, while I feed him two to three of the little heart shape cookies(depends on how much food he’s cadged from my toddlers that day) I totally trust the Newman’s brand of dog food and have been happy with my baby’s silky and healthy coat and no tummy upsets on the Newmans food or cookies.
SixtaStone Ridge, NY

My Giant Dog Loves Them

I can’t give a truly detailed review since my dog refuses to talk, but by his actions I can tell he really likes these treats. Of course for full disclosure I must state that he tends to like any food, or even non foods (such as paper towels, backpacks … you get the idea). But he really wolfs these down and begs for more. I plan to buy more of these, when they go on sale.

My only problem is that they are a bit expensive. Perhaps not more so than other “natural” snacks, but more than I am used to paying for treats. Had they been a little less expensive, I would have rated them five stars.

MagdaMitchell, OR

I almost ate them

My dog loved these treats and I could feed it to him knowing they were good for him. I trust Newman’s Own to have exactly what they say on the package ingredients and to be wholesome. They are scored so that you can break them in two if you want to. They are easy to transport on a walk.
BethanyMount Eaton, OH

Great, All-Natural Treats – Good Snack Size

I love all of Newman’s Own products, and I like that their dog treats are all-natural and that it’s a trustworthy brand. My dogs really like these treats and they are a good-sized for a snack for medium/small dogs (I have pugs). The biscuits are hard and they come in “sets” of two, but are easy to break apart. The broken-apart squares are about one square inch.

They are definitely hard snacks, and they are easy to break into one square, but I could see that it would be difficult to break them up further. They are perfect for my dogs, but I would say that they may be difficult for tiny dogs to chew because of their size and crunchiness.

VinceScuddy, KY

picky dogs like picky treats

Little things to know – these biscuits are rock hard – if your dog has fragile teeth avoid them, if your dog devours everything in sight you might find they work. They are about 1″ square and 1/4″ thick with a 2 biscuits stuck together – they even put a score line in the 2″x1″ pair so you can break them with your hand.

They don’t have a strong odor – in trainging my dog right now we’ve had several tests where we put down yummy treats and teach the dogs to walk in an oval avoiding the treats. This particular one was ignored by all dogs – it doesn’t smell good which seems to be the key to a treat working well – hot dogs were preferred 10/0 over these biscuits by the dogs in the class.

I am presently training a purebread (3 generation 1/2 german 1/2 american) german shepherd dog and treats are an essential part of the process when your dog is food motivated. The Lamb and Barley flavors don’t really attract the attention of the dog when working with it and build attention span. This dog is spoiled rotten getting a kong stuffed with peanut butter frozen overnight and fed GSD dog feed designed for the nutritional needs of a GSD.

Training involves repeating the command and holding the treat in front of the dog’s nose to get them to learn the commands – these worked the first time then not so well- I had to find something that smelt better as the dog would igore the treat. Presently my dog is 6 months old and in a weekly training class with other dogs – we use chicken pieces, turkey pieces, and hot dog slugs to entise the dog into behaving well. These were nowhere as motivating as the hot dog pieces which seemed to get the most attention.

I am pleased that they are organic in nature but they lack a strong odor for the pet. The pouch they come in is helpful to keep on your belt when training as well. I don’t see a real value in the product for dog training – they are almost too big for even big dogs, so hard to break they are pre-scored to 1×1, and just don’t get the interest of the dogs – we tried a malamute, a husky, and my dog and they were only effective if the dog was really hungry! Also the price is kinda high – I found a 10 pack of hotdogs next door for $2.50 which included a zipper pouch too.

AnnisMontague, MI

My finicky dog loves these treats

Length:: 1:15 Mins

These are great treats that will please the most discriminating canine palate.

ZenaBlessing, TX

Wife says they taste great! My dogs love it too!

Much of the junk sold as dog food is made of filler and animal by-products and mysterious stuff with long scientific names. How refreshing to have a simple organic dog biscuit made from good organic stuff that you can actually pronounce. My dogs love these biscuits and eagerly offered a “sit” before I had a chance to fully open the package. Lamb and rice, yum!

My wife was curious and tasted a bit. She said it tasted good like Zwieback crackers. (I took her word for it but didn’t try it myself). My two dogs eagerly chomped them up. The only negative to these tasty treats in my opinion is their size. I’d prefer a treat about the size of a pencil eraserhead for my small dogs as I like to give treats frequently for training. The large size are a mega size treat. I won’t give them anything less than five stars. These biscuits are yummy!

LuluLadiesburg, MD

Elkhound approved

I am pretty particular about what I give my dog for treats. She has always had a funny tummy. If she gets something not right with her she vomits and gets some digestive issues going. My sister has long been a fan of these treats so I decided to give them a try.

After giving my dog one treat a day for a couple of days they seemed to agree with her stomach and she moved up to a couple a day. She responded well to them so they get the thumbs up there. She is also fairly motivated do things for them as well.

They don’t have any odd odor and there isn’t any residue left in my pocket from carrying them around for awhile when she is out and about with me.

Overall, they are a high quality treat with a decent treat value (in dog terms). I’m not sure how often I will purchase them, but from what I have experienced with them right now I would certainly consider it.

HisakoEast Stroudsburg, PA

Worth a Try

Having lost our German Shepard that we raised from a pup at age 12 to heart disease a couple of years ago we are always interested in products to help our new dog live a longer and healthy life. When I saw this I was impressed with the healthy ingredients in this snack. When it arrived I began to open the package and Bella, our black lab, was sitting ready and waiting for what morsel was coming her way. She eagerly accepted the treat and carried over to her favorite spot to chow down. We watched in anticipation as she inspected the treat. Finally she decided it was worthy of her pallet and ate it in a few quick bites. We were enthusiastic at her acceptance of the treat as she can be very finicky. However, a few days later, after receiving a daily helping, we notice she was leaving the snacks unfinished. Perhaps she quickly grew tired of them or maybe she just decided to be finicky, but whatever the reason I now have my doubts that this will become one of her favorite snacks. But, iF you want your dog to live a long and health life it is certainly worth the price to see if your pet will like them.
BriannaHarleyville, SC

kinda dry, but dog doesn’t seem to mind

These treats are natural, which is good if you’re looking for that sort of thing. I was a bit skeptical because our hound mutt wasn’t a big fan of the Natural Balance dog food (we’ve since switched her to Blue Buffalo which she loves – I think she mostly wasn’t a fan of the fish flavor). So I was skeptical of a natural doggie treat.

These a pretty good sized treats. They are scored down the middle, so you could theoretically break it in two for a smaller treat or smaller dog. They are pretty hard and pretty dry though, so it might be tough. If you have a dog with gum or tooth problems, this is definitely not the treat for you.

But the most important thing is that the dog likes them. Not as much as a plain ol’ fake Milk Bone or some of her other stuff, but she definitely likes them.

LiaOlden, TX

Disappeared in seconds!

Of course my fat dog loved these treats! It’s always good to feed your pooch something that might be good for her, rather than something that might cause allergies or other issues. I’m hoping the “organic” part of these treats are good for sensitive dogs.

My dog absolutely scarfed these down. But then, my dog will also pick up a discarded pizza crust in a gutter (try and get THAT out of her mouth.)

Verdict: probably good, can’t hurt the dog. Might hurt your wallet. These are not Milk Bone-priced.

EarlineDoran, VA

Nice healthy * hard * dog treats!

So these treats are very hard- My older greyhound had problems chewing them ( he is 12 and I have to wet down his food, I probably wouldn’t feed these too him again unless I wet them down ) But they are full of healthy ingredients I feel good about treating my other dogs with them. They come in biscuits of two, in which you break apart- My dogs acted like they were prime steak and wanted more- So other then my older dog who I believe they were too hard, I feel good about feeding my other dogs these treat!
CaridadBoswell, IN

Dog Likes Them

My puggle likes these but they are not her favorite. I like the fact they are a Newman’s natural product and have lamb in them. They come in double squares you can break in half. My dog probably would like more if they were molded in a small or mini bone shape.
MandaFort Harrison, MT

All 3 of my dogs loved these.

I have 3 large dogs, 2 lab/golden retriever mixes and 1 golden retriever, and they all loved these. One is a little pickier than the others, and was slower to take it from my hand but once she had her first one, she didn’t hesitate again. I like these because they are healthier for my dogs, and also because they took longer to chew than an average dog biscuit. This is a quality product, healthy for my dogs, yet obviously with ingredients that dogs love. I also like that bit of extra chewing time they take. I’m glad we got to try them – I will definitely be buying these again.
ReneaLittle River, AL

My Dog Approved!

Newman’s Own Organics – New Zealand Ranch Style Dog Treats, Lamb and Barley Recipe, are a hit with my dog. I own a Shar Pei/Beagle mix with an extremely finicky appetite. She is very hard to buy treats for, as she turns her nose up to most dry, larger treats. I had my misgivings about this product, as the treats are larger than I expected, two cookie-like squares attached to each other. There is also no powerful or distinct smell of her usual favorite treats, peanut butter or cheese. Yet, every time I give one to her it disappears in seconds! I’ll definitely be buying more of these.

I’m also grateful for the healthier ingredients: organic barley, organic lamb, organic carrots, organic apples, organic palm oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols, a source of Vitamin E), and organic molasses.

GregMarks, MS

The dogs love these treats!

We gave these out to grooming customers, and the reports we got back were that the dogs loved them. They’re all natural, so I felt comfortable giving them out.
LinseyMetz, MO

Odorless, Dividable Treats

Newman’s Own brand “ranch style” dog treats are a fine addition to my pantry. First, my two dogs love the taste of this particular treat; it makes for a great, high-level reward for good behavior, following commands, etc.

Second, the treats are easily dividable into one- or two-bite snacks. A distinct cleavage runs down the middle of each treat, which means you can decide whether to reward your dog with the “full” treat or half of it. This is especially good for me, since my dogs are of different sizes/weights and can expect different treats for their rewards.

Finally, and perhaps best of all, the treats are completely odorless. I didn’t put my nose up against each snack, but I couldn’t detect any odor whatsoever from them, or the bag they came in. This makes the treat a win-win for me and my dogs.

LennaCave Junction, OR