Newman’s Own Organics Special Blend

Newman’s own organics special blend extra bold has more coffee in each K-Cup – for extra bold flavor. Fair trade certified. The Keurig single-cup brewer delivers exactly what you need, at the touch of a button.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 24 count each (total of 48 counts)
  • Full-bodied blend of medium and dark roasts
  • USDA and fair trade certified

Top reviews


This coffee is a little weak and not distnctive. You will be stopping at starbucks on your way to work. There are a few better ones out there. Coffee People coffees seem to be the only ones that brew a coffee that does not taste watered down. As with all Keurig coffees, it is not hot enough when it comes out of the machine.
SamellaOblong, IL


You can get the 80-count box at Costco for $35 !!!

These prices stink.

KasiClarkton, NC

Weak coffee with an ok taste

The coffee itself tastes ok, but is weak and doesn’t pack the punch I’d expect from “Extra Bold”
HeathYalaha, FL

Excellent, but rare

These are the best K-Cup coffee I’ve tasted, but every time they show up on Amazon, they’re sold out within a week. I run an affiliate site, and it’s like rolling dice every day to watch the product link change from available to unavailable.

So, if you can get your hands on these, and you have a K-Cup brewer at home or at work, I seriously recommend that you try these out. They’re a dark roast, which is my only problem with them (darker roasts have less caffeine because it breaks down under the heat of roasting). The fact that they’re organic AND fair trade is a huge bonus as well. I’m glad that I don’t have to wonder what chemicals are put on the beans and that I know that the farmers were paid fairly for their goods. Sustainability means a lot to me, in the environmental AND human sense.

The flavor is heavy and rich but smoother than you would expect. There’s just a hint of acid bite in the after-taste that I associate with all of the K-Cup coffees. I drink it black, but it’s certainly full-bodied enough to handle even heavy cream. If you take sugar, it will probably bring out the woody flavor that this coffee has. It might even hold up to honey or fructose for the diabetics in the crowd.

SonnyMine Hill, NJ

Fair Trade Coffee A Trade-Off

From a coffee snob’s perspective, this coffee is really good. It’s not great, but it’s good, and I’m drinking it, which says a lot. What I really love about it is I’m supporting fair trade, a cause I support. So I get to drink coffee and help someone at the same time.

It’s not as good as the Green Mountain National Wildlife Blend K-Cups, which I have also reviewed. But it’s good and I’d buy it again. Hope this helps those of you who don’t believe a pod coffee can measure up.

BabaraMarina Del Rey, CA

When they say extra bold they aren’t kidding!

If you love really strong coffee you will more than likely love this flavor. I tried running another 8 ounces of water through the same K-cup before I could drink this one. This flavor is smooth and it is not bitter, it’s just way too strong for me. I finally added a little milk and some Hershey’s chocolate syrup and it was good that way.
ShielaFerdinand, IN

So/so effort from the Newman’s Own brand…

I can’t think of a product that Newman’s Own makes that I don’t like. This is probably the closest. Perhaps a more refined palate of a coffee connoisseur would disagree, but I find this coffee to be disappointing. To be sure, it is “extra bold”, but I also think it tastes extremely earthy.

I can’t recommend it, but if you like bold, strong blends, it might be more to your liking.

SavannahGreenwood, WI

Newman’s Organic K-cup decaf

True to all of the Newmans Own line of products…the K-cup versin of bold decaf did not fail…quality coffee…bold…rich…much better than two other brands of decaf K-cup that I have tried. This is the closest taste to regular (non-decaf) coffee, and I am a coffee nut!
BrittneyHood River, OR

Excellent Coffee

I would describe this coffee as medium to dark flavor. No sharp taste, no acid taste. It is very smooth and can be easily consumed with minimal creamer. If you like a strong bold roast, this may not satisfy you. I use the TImothy’s Rainforest Expresso for my morning wakeup (which is the best bold coffee I have found), then I switch to Newman’s Own Extra Bold Special Blend later in the day. Overall, it is an excellent cup of coffee with great flavor. Definitely worth 5 stars.
RaymondMathews, LA


This is a nice smooth blend, not a real dark blend. It states bold, which it could be for some, it is full bodied and organic which is nice.
AriellePanora, IA

Great Coffee

I really enjoy this coffee because it’s strong but not too strong. It tastes just right and knowing that it’s organic makes it all the better. I purchase it whenever I am on my last box and I find that it’s available on Amazon because they run out of it quite frequently. Grab it when you can!
CarmellaEagarville, IL

Excellent coffee

I’ve been using this product for some time. It’s not bitter and makes a great cup of coffee.
HazelDevens, MA

Very good, smooth, flavorful

Coffee is a personal taste so hard to review for others, but by way of comparison: My favorite brands are this and Tully’s for Keurig, and Starbucks for non-Keurig. I find them smooth and full of flavor (for typical house blends). So, if you like either of the others, you’ll probably like this too. And I like that profits go to charity for this one too. Enjoy
PhillisClarkston, GA

Best K-Cup yet

I bought these K-cups along with the Coffee People Wake Up Call Bold and they were both great. We bought our Keurig about 6 months ago and I’ve been searching for something that really tasted good and finally found it. You can run this twice for a travel size mug and have the coffee be sufficiently bold and not go broke in the process.
CoreyWilbur, WA

best of the k-cups

This is the best by far of all the k-cups I have tasted. It is full bodied and has a good flavor. It’s the only one I use.
MarjoryKnowlesville, NY

My favorite coffee

The extra bold allows me to use the largest cup size on my Keurig B70. The flavor is smooth and rich. I love it. The decaf is also my favorite decaf.
MathildeWorth, MO

coffee review

I enjoy this coffee very much. It is easy to use the pod and the coffee has a bold taste.
RosannHoward, GA

Best of the K-cups

The Newman’s is consistently our favorite of the K-cup varieties. We try others, and usually keep a couple of selections available in our kitchen drawer, but we make sure we never run out of the Newman’s. Strong, smooth coffee flavor, without tasting over-roasted.
JoNinilchik, AK

This is a favorite

I originally tried this as a Whole bean and loved it.

When I saw it available as a K-cup I bought it right away.

The rich flavor and great aroma has become a favorite.

It isn’s always available but I get it whenever it is

CorrieLong Grove, IA

Not Decaf – comes up in decaf kcup search

I like this blend and the fact that it is organic and fair trade, but I want to make mention that this is not decaf coffee. My husband drinks decaf and it is getting harder to find good decaf at the big box stores so I hopped on Amazon and searched on ‘decaf kcup organic’ and this item comes up. As I was loading up our carousel I noticed how the label looks exactly like the ones on “my” level of the carousel (caffeinated)…yep, it is indeed NOT decaf. And I certainly get it a lot cheaper at my local warehouse place. Lesson learned to read the description forward and back several times before adding to my cart. Hopefully this review will save someone else from this mistake. I’m also going to try to report the discrepancy to Amazon if I can figure out the proper channel for doing so.
MeldaEllendale, ND

Paul’s lighting rod

It doesn’t take long to get your morning wake up with Paul’s Bold Blend
BuenaBullhead, SD

Not As Bold As I Prefer

I have a Keurig B130, the machine you’ll find in hotel rooms and commercial installations. The reservoir holds 8 oz. of water to make one cup of coffee. I prefer to put fresh water in a brewing device for every cup of coffee and use bottled water, exclusively, to brew. I like a bold, strong cup of coffee. This Newman blend lacks body and strength. I compared it with using a Solofill resusable K-cup,

filled with Cafe Oquendo,

and there was no comparison. The Solofill and Oquendo was far superior in flavor and strength. Needless to say, using the Solofill and Oquendo is also substantially less expensive.

DorrisNorth Pomfret, VT

Good brew, a little strong

I love coffee and I drink three or four brands of k-cups depending on my mood. This coffee is strong but not too strong. Let me tell you, this is coming from someone who cannot drink coffee on an empty stomach, from someone who has trouble digesting a Starbucks mocha (i.e., it can be painful). I will put the water level on high and fill my travel mug and to me that’s plenty strong. I don’t go for the french roasts, etc.
As for Amazon…brilliant, fast service. It’s more convenient to buy k-cup coffees online than to find the types and flavors you want in the store. Most stores have limited k-cup offerings.
AntonioTuleta, TX

The perfect k-cup for those who are a fan of the basic house blend

——————-Update 08/20/2012————
I’m still drinking this same k-cup on a daily basis. It is still my favorite


I got to say that I was initially not a huge fan of the idea of k-cups. I didn’t like the “pod” coffee and I thought it would just be a passing phase. When I saw Keurig machines and K-Cups, I immediately snubbed them and marked them off as silly waste of counter space and could not hold a torch to the tried and true drip coffee maker.

I could go on for quite some time about why I purchased a Keurig, but you aren’t here reading these reviews because you want to know if you want one, you already got one and you are now searching for a strong-solid cup of day to day coffee. No “french vanilla” or “tiger mint” or whatever, you just want a cup of black stuff that would make the Marlboro man crack a smile and say “Damn, that’s a fine cup of joe you brewed Mr.”

I brew this on a small cup setting (standard cup size), no creme or sugar, and usually have 1 a day on my way to work and 2 on the weekends. I don’t know how well it tastes with sugar/creme but it tastes fantastic without. If you aren’t sure what to expect, think of what a house-blend would taste like if McDonald’s coffee and Starbucks coffee beans were mixed together. There is no aftertaste but it still has a thick bite to it. Hard to explain.

This can be found for a relatively good price, I buy them at roughly .41cents a cup which is fine with me, only spending $200 on coffee a year is a great habit in my opinion. I was paying more each year on beans by the bag. I could have spread the beans out more but I never had good luck with brewing small cups on a drip coffeemaker.

.41 cents vs. going to a coffeshop and spending well over twice that = win, plus it tastes great =D

Definitely add this k-cup to your collection if you are a fan of house blends

MyrtaChalfont, PA

Ummmm – My personal favorite

Wonderfully full bodied with excellent flavor. This is the one I reach for 9 times out of 10 – just really the best (and I’ve tried MANY of the k-cup varieties). This one stands out above all others.
JodieMountain Ranch, CA

To me, this is the perfect cup of coffee!

This was a great deal cost wise. And, I’ve found Newmans own to be the best of the Extra Bold blends. It is an excellent full-bodied delicious coffee that gets my mornings off to a great start! I’d consider it a medium/dark roast on the starbucks side; only smoother, and not bitter or acidic. The seller was prompt in processing my order and it arrived faster than anticipated. I will reorder!!!
TimmyRichmond, MO

It’s just coffee, right?

At home we have premium coffee in a french press. At work I have Newman’s. Although it is not a freshly ground brew, it is still pretty amazing. Bold, dark and delicious. I used to think Keurigs were for lazy people who couldn’t discern good coffee, but I’m quite content as long as the kcup is as good as these.
JalisaPerryville, AK

Coffee K-Cups

Not only a great tasting cup of coffee, but in addition it is organic. Newman’s also donates to charities which is a big added feature. Thanks to Newman’s and Amazon for the availibility of this coffee…..
LelaThurmond, WV

Consistently Good Coffee

This a an enjoyable coffee which everyone seems to enjoy. The taste is full but mellow. If has very round taste to it with no acidic bite. I would recommend it to anyone who like organic coffee.
MargaretteEldridge, AL

Kuerig Coffee

I have always been happy with Newman’s Own products. This coffee is not exception. I found that it was competively priced and love the fact that it is organic.
CarisaOvergaard, AZ