Newts Chews Antler, Monster

Newts Chews Antlers are 100-percent Naturally Shed in the USA. This renewable resource is rich in calcium and minerals. Our Antlers are free of all inonorganic materials such as plastic polymers and chemicals that make up most commercial dog chews. Newts Chews Deer Antlers are SORTED BY WEIGHT. You may find there are fun assortments of shapes and lengths that will keep your best friend interested. Size : Small Antler 1-2.5 oz, Medium Antler 2.5-4oz, Large Antler 4-8oz.

Quick facts

  • Long Lasting
  • Rich in calcium and minerals
  • Hypo allergenic; Great for sensetive tummies
  • Stain and odor free
  • Sorted by Weight

Top reviews

excellent size, quality, and packaging

I can’t say enough good things about this antler: after ordering the large size and having it arrive dried, cracked and ancient… well, it took me awhile to go out on a limb and order this from the same company. We have been pleased enough with the quality that I won’t hesitate to order another after he chews his way through this. I have a larger Swiss Mountain Dog who chewed through a medium one of these in 3-4 days, but this monster size still has him going two weeks later. I must note that just about any normal dog would be busy for the better part of a year with an antler like this so when longevity is factored into the cost equation, $18 makes a whole lot more sense.

For anyone needing a natural, EXTREMELY durable treat for their beast to chew, antlers are the only way to go. We have tried yak treats, beef bones, nylabones, and everything else we could find online or in both mainstream and specialty pet stores. Antlers and silicone toys are the only thing I will buy him anymore because he destroys $35 “indestructible” toys in under an hour (lesser toys die a quicker, more violent death).

EdithGustavus, AK

My dogs love these! They are huge…

My dogs love these! They are huge compared to other “large” antlers and much cheaper if you calculate the price per Oz of the other antlers I purchased at PetCo.

I have an aggressive chewer “10 yr old yellow lab” and will go through a large rawhide bone in about an hour or an X-large “everlasting dog treat” in about 30 minutes. I also have a moderate chewer “2 yr old golden retrieve” who goes through the rawhide and “everlasting dog treat” in about twice the time as the lab.

Both of my dogs work on these antlers almost daily. We purchased two of Newts Chews Antler “Monster” size back in August and it’s now October. One of the chews is half it’s original length and the other is about three quarters of it’s original length. The dogs seem to only chew on one end or the other and wear it down from the end. There have not been any pieces break off that can be swallowed and cause a bowel obstruction, unlike rawhide. They don’t get all gooie (is that a word?) and smelly like other treats we have tried. Our dogs are mostly indoors so we need something that is safe, non-staining, non-smelly, durable, and cost effective. This surly fits the bill.

After trying all types of “indestructible”, “long lasting”, etc. dog treats. These antlers are our favorite.

AntonettaWaucoma, IA