Next Organics Dark Chocolate Walnuts — 4 oz

Organic Dark Chocolate Walnuts (6/4oz)

Quick facts

  • Organic Dark Chocolate Walnuts
  • (6/4oz)

Top reviews

Great product!

Healthy…great tasting…no bad ingredients…dark Chocolate high in antioxidants.., I plan to purchase this item ( along with the Goji and cherry products) again
PhebeRandle, WA


It is true that these little treats are pricey. However, they taste so superb that a little goes a long way. They are portable, and will add class to your picnic or long drive with your sweetie. It’s a good thing they cost what they do — I could get fat on them.
CliffordMonkton, MD

Delicious treat

Yum Yum what a delicious treat, and specially with walnuts which are so good for you, fill with omega-3 or 6 good for your arteries. i love them
ChloeNew Burnside, IL