Nick’s Sticks Free Range Turkey Snack Sticks – Gluten Free – No Antibiotics or Hormones

“All of the Goodness, None of the Garbage…” Nick’s sticks are produced for Wallace Farms from Free-Range Turkey never given antibiotics or hormones. These delicious snack sticks are seasoned with Redmond Organic Seasoned Salt and are free of Nitrates, Nitrites, Gluten, and MSG. 6 packages each containing 2 sticks.

Quick facts

  • Made with Free Range Turkey
  • No Antibiotics or Hormones
  • No Nitrates, Nitrites, MSG, or Sugar
  • 100% Gluten Free / Paleo Approved
  • Organic Seasoned salt

Top reviews

healthy and tastes great

These turkey sticks are delicious,lo-cal and nitrate free. I keep a package in my pocketbook for a quick snack if I am out and about.
The only thing is that they are teribly expensive! Other than that I give them 5 stars on taste.
DamonPollock, MO

Real Turkey- Can you imagine purchasing it on AMAZON :/ GREAT STUFF!

Well, all I have to say is after the 1st purchase I had to purchase more the 2nd time!!! (25) I did purchase a small amount for a road trip with my kids. They worked GREAT!!!! My children have immune system problems and eating real food on a road trip is, well impossible!! We never eat out, and I only eat grassfed, organic, and pastured products, which means I should be living on a farm, but don’t! We eat basically, 80% raw foods mostly vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Little to never any grains. Yet, these turkey snack sticks were great for protein on the go, and my family and I never had problems digesting these AT ALL!! Actually, they are so good, you get full on eating a package, actually stuffed. So, I know these are the REAL DEAL! Great for food on the go!! Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, friends house, even dinners at the in-laws house, and the obvious road trips 🙂 Yes, these are great and my kids think they are the best tasting meat snacks they’ve tasted in years, and I mean years!!!

Thanks so much for making these turkey snacks available for the public to purchase!!!! They TASTE GREAT!!!!! Not too salty, or chewy, and they aren’t greasy either. They’re just plain perfect!
Thanks Again

DignaScott, AR


My only wish was that these were cheaper. But hey, better to spend my money in real food than in doctor bills!
Nick’s sticks are the best grass fed and free range jerky on the market!

These are soft, seasoning is just perfect not only for adults but also for kids. Not bland, not too spicy! The bag is easy to open even for the little ones. Our whole family eats a paleo diet, so finding a healthy alternative for a clean protein snack for the whole family was awesome! And seeing my son’s face when I told him I had them specially made for him with his name “Nick”… it was funny! 🙂
Now, if you get addicted to those like our family is, and start buying bulk orders (which becomes a better deal) I recommend you take a look at their own website where you can mix turkey/beef sticks on orders of 6, 12, 24, 50, or 100. Price is about the same as on Amazon if you buy bulk, but with that advantage. And they also have a “club” where you can have monthly delivery set up. Worth it a visit even if just to know who the heck Nick is!

MinhNashville, IN