Nielsen-Massey Vanillas 8-oz. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract

Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract is made using Nielsen-Massey’s proprietary cold extraction process wich gently coaxes the maximun flavor possible from the beans. The result is a sweet, creamy, mellow Pure Vanilla that is an excellent ingredient for general cooking and baking..

Quick facts

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  • Made from beans grown in Madagascar
  • Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla is the king of vanillas
  • Its creamy, sweet flavor blends beautifully with a variety of foods
  • Great all around vanilla

Top reviews

Damaged item

This item arrived damaged. Vanilla had leaked out of cap area and was all inside the box. I called the company who was very courteous and apologetic and said they would ship another bottle the next day. I expect its arrival any day now.

Six months and many calls later…I never did receive the bottle that they said they would ship. I’m out the money but they’re out a customer.

AlonzoMoncure, NC

Really great, except the price

This is a really great, quality vanilla. I’ve used it exclusively in my baking for a couple of years now. I’m surprised by the price though! I buy this exact bottle at a local “gourmet” market that usually overprices everything and it’s $8, not $20. Yikes.
AmieeCovington, GA


this is hands down the best vanilla I have ever tasted! the flavor is intense too, so you don’t really have to use as much – it is well worth the price and will make all your baking that much better! The grocery store vanillas, even the pure one’s, leave a weird aftertaste and have an odd flavor whereas this has a true rich wonderful vanilla aroma and taste because of the cold processing.
SamiraLexington, SC

The Best By Far.

It would be difficult to find a better pure extract than this Nielsen-Massey offering. Like several other reviewers here, I use a lot of this product in baking. Over the years I have used quite a number of different brands, some out of necessity, and some out of curiosity. I have yet to find a better one than this! I do not want to sound like a snob, but the few dollars extra you pay for the real thing is worth it. I cringe when I see the imitation vanilla on the shelves of grocery stores, as I know how much difference the flavor of the final product will be when using it.

Quite often, even with the better grocery store brands, you get a strange and rather unpleasant after taste. Not so with this stuff! It should also be noted that the flavor here is extremely intense, so slightly smaller amounts are called for in some recipes.

It always seems a shame to me to got to all the trouble of making a cake, or any dish for that matter, and not strive for perfection, giving it up for a relatively few saved cents.

In addition to cooking needs, I have found that if you moisten the tip of your finger just slightly with this product, and rub just a small amount in a small area on the bulb of your bedside lamp, you get the most marvelous and sensual aroma…not overwhelming, but just slightly lingering. Wow!

I really cannot see how you can go wrong here. The price is equivalent to what I have been paying locally and an 8 oz bottle will last quite some time with reasonable use.

EustoliaParrottsville, TN

Best choice

I have used the Nielsen Massey pure vanilla extract for years – do a lot of cake baking – and it is absolutely the very best to be bought. It is pricey but I can assure you, it is worth the money. The cheaper stuff won’t do a fine home baked cake justice.
MartinFischer, TX


This is nice vanilla but the price is a bit shocking. I bought the exact same vanilla at Cost Plus for about $7.00 a few years ago. I would check with them first before buying here.
RustyStrawn, TX


Awesome flavor and strength. One of the best. The only vanilla that compares would be a Tahitian vanilla, and that only if made with the same quality.
I was surprised by the price, but purchased this product anyway… and was even MORE surprised when TWO bottles arrived. I am fairly certain this isn’t a mistake, but rather that the product description fails to mention that the price is for 2 bottles, not just one.
CherrylQuay, NM


I’ve tried others, even making my own. This was a superior products for all my baking projects.
KarleenConover, NC

Heaven in a bottle

Really worth the extra, can always tell when I am out of this item, really makes the baked product stand out.
YukiLeachville, AR

Best stuff ever!

Best vanilla I’ve ever found. Wegman’s used to carry it but stopped, so I searched online. It is worth it.
GigiDanube, MN

my favorite

This is my favorite vanilla. I haven’t tried any other brand of real vanilla, though. i’m only comparing this to anything I’ve bought at the grocery store. Real vanilla makes all the difference in your baking & cooking. Chocolate chip cookies went from ok to phenomenal. Whipped cream made from real cream, sugar & real vanilla….absolutely divine. You won’t regret it!
GeorgeRealitos, TX

Why do they add sugar?

The flavor is just fair. For the price I would expect it to be better. I don’t understand why sugar is added to this.
HesterStowe, VT

Pure vanilla – richest flavored vanilla I’ve found!

This vanilla is fantastic and a great value! If you’re an enthusiast for “pure vanilla” as I am, you’ve likely tried many. People often push Mexican vanillas on me, as though they’re the best, when they’re rarely even pure vanilla. Pure vanilla is more expensive than the artificial stuff, but the sweetness, complexity of flavor, and general warm, home-baked goodness of your baked goods will make them the envy of others.

The vanilla I used before this one came from a spice store – and it’s a very good vanilla, especially if you buy the double strength – but this vanilla has a little more complexity and I don’t think you have to use twice as much to get double strength. (I don’t believe Nielsen-Massey sells a double strength.) If a recipe calls for a teaspoon, just use a generous teaspoon and you’ll have all the vanilla flavor of a double strength. If you’re concerned about thinning the sauce or whatever it is you’re making, you can also use this company’s vanilla paste, which is syrupy. Just one caveat: that product has real vanilla bean in it, which means whatever you make will have small pieces of vanilla bean in it (like Breyer’s ice cream that is made with vanilla bean in it – the pieces are so small you lose no creaminess in that ice cream or in anything you bake with this product – but you can see them in both of these separate products).

Here’s the bonus, though: this product sells for less than half of the price of the vanilla I used to get at the specialty spice shop, yet I’ve lost none of the rich vanilla flavor. Wahoo! I can’t vouch for any of their other extracts, but the vanilla is amazing!

VirgilRogers, OH

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla is outstanding

Using high quality Vanilla extract makes a difference in baking. Nielsen-Massey is well worth the extra expense for the extraordinary depth of flavor it provides to cakes, cookies, custards, whipped cream, etcetera.
AdrianneMarshall, WI

Flavor vs cost

I agree with the other reviews on this being the best of the best on vanillas. It is an exact ratio of taste to bite and perfect for cakes and cookies as well as other vanilla uses. The cost for this quality seems in line with today’s market. While you may have paid less a few years ago. you also paid less for the price of gas and water then too! The most important aspect is it is a true extract, you use less for more flavor, so it is a true savings!
ShirelyMoorpark, CA

Best Vanilla

If you are a serious cook, then this is the vanilla you will want to use for all your baking. The flavor is so rich and fragrant that a little goes a long way. Price is the best I have found anywhere.
SariMount Carmel, PA

Best Vanilla Extract

This is the best vanilla extract I have ever used. The flavor is amazing! I will not go back to buying vanilla extract in the local stores.
JacalynForbes, ND


It is a wonderful product. Use it on french pastries and cakes. Full of flavor. Would recomend to a friend.
AlitaDover, FL


In the last few months, I’ve had the urge to get back to some serious baking, in the past things didn’t always turn out good. I used the flavorings from the supermarket in the little bottles, but wasn’t very keen on the flavor, even the ones that said they were the real deal, didn’t taste great to me.

The insentive to get baking again, are the really nice cookbooks I’ve been purchasing. In the past the old ones would sit on the shelf gathering dust. Here’s one that I really love and I’m glad I found it, I’ve used it several times, some of the baking recipes (like cookies) have hot spices I would never have thought of using, but I’m now hooked on them! I feel so proud of myself for making some great treats.

The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook

I decided to use this Nielsen-Massey vanilla extract after a lot of thought. It’s more expensive than the ones in the supermarket but the reviews were so good, I thought I’d give it a try. An 8oz bottle was huge for me, but is actually cheaper in the long run.

I’ve used it in a few recipes now, and I love it, it doesn’t have that yucky taste like those in the store. The baking has been so successful, that I’m getting through the bottle faster than expected. Next time, I’m going to purchase an even larger bottle!

CamiBeech Grove, AR

Goos Stuff

i bought this to flavor cigars and works great. i have 2 humidors and a large container i use this is in to infuse flavor to some cheaper cigars. takes a few months but they soak in the flavor. we also used it in home made frosting for xmas cookies and it was hands down the best frosting i have ever had. spendy as far as vanilla goes but you’re getting high quality real vanilla.
WillPryor, OK

So good!

This vanilla tastes so good! It was delivered very fast and just as described. I would definitely order it again!
ElijahNew Matamoras, OH


This vanilla tastes really good. Wasn’t sure I’d taste a difference, but I have to say that I DO taste a difference in the flavoring.
NellRobinson, ND


I was wanting better vanilla. This is great. The flavor just pops. Well worth the money. I had never heard of this before so I thought I would try it and tt is a must.
AnnelleAttica, NY

This is really good stuff!

I made some blondies with this last night — I’ve made this same recipe tons of times with various vanillas purchased from the grocery store, including a few “premium” selections. Last night’s batch with the Nielsen-Massey vanilla was great! Very rich flavor and aroma. Yum.
ArianeMedina, TX

Excellent extract!

This is my first time trying Nielson’s pure vanilla extract and I have to say it is truly a quality product. I run a baking business and love the pure vanilla flavor from this extract.
EnriquetaLake Dallas, TX

love this vanilla

MelanyEstero, FL