Nifty Single Serve Coffee Baskets – Mesh

The Nifty Stacking Utility Baskets are a contemporary and stylish way to store and display all of your favorite single serve coffee products. The mesh basket design also makes the utility baskets extremely versatile around the house or in the office. The baskets have a unique stackable locking system to save precious counter space. The Nifty Stacking Utility Baskets make it extremely easy to find and select your whatever it may be you are looking for. The classy black finish looks great on any kitchen countertop or in the office.

Quick facts

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • 2 stackable baskets
  • Mesh basket design
  • Classy black satin finish
  • Unique stackable locking design
  • Dimensions – 7-1/2-inch length by 6-3/4-inch width by 9-3/4-inch height

Top reviews

Received rusty

Yeah, it’s a a cheap wire basket made in China. It’s job isn’t glamorous, and it didn’t cost much.

But I expected a cheap wire basket…not a cheap, rusted wire basket.

The rust doesn’t cover the entire thing…just parts of the legs. I have a $300 Nespresso machine that looks pretty good on my desk…Don’t want a rusted wire basket sitting next to it. I’m going to just throw this thing out and get a pencil holder or something to keep my pods in.

TereasaFort Kent Mills, ME

nice basket

I brought this item for my husband and daughter for christmas. they both like it very much. doesn’t take up much room on our counter.
TannerCedar Falls, IA

holds about 30 k cups

I just got this, and usually I wait a while after receiving a product to review it, but I don’t think my opinion will change of this nifty little basket. I really like it a a lot. Here is why:

1. It comfortably holds about 30 k-cups, 15 in each basket.

2. It seems more modern and stylish (maybe just more “my style”) than the other k-cup holders I’ve seen.

3. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be too overwhelming to have the k-cups just piled in the baskets, and it isn’t. My mom has a holder with a slot for each k-cup, and that’s nice, but I like the look of this one better. And, I like taking a second (because that’s all it takes) to look through the baskets. It’s fun.

4. The legs have little rubber feet at the bottom (non-slipping non-scratching).

The only thing I noticed that I don’t like is that the legs are a little flimsy if you hold the basket firmly and push down on the counter and move the basket part around. It would be nice if the legs were a little sturdier.

AltagraciaStreamwood, IL

K-Cup Baskets

I really like the baskets in that they stack up and combined they hold more than most K-Cup organizers I have seen for the home. My only wish is that it was expandable. I would like to be able to add another basket or two as needed. The only current option is to buy another set and place it next to the original basket.
SheilaMentcle, PA

Very nice, stackable baskets

I had been looking for a k-cup storage solution for a while and when I came across these stackable baskets. I was happy because I didn’t feel that it was necessary to spend $25+ for a k-cup storage solution. This fits our budget and looks really nice next to our Keurig. I’m very pleased with these baskets.
LesterMetcalf, IL

Good coffee capsule solution

I love these little baskets. They snap together very easily, are sturdy and have nice
indentations for your hands. They hold lots of capsules without taking much room.
I actually bought two sets and have 3 baskets stacked which only take up 14 H X 8 D X 6.5 W inches.
LesleeRosebud, MO

I like it

Very simple design and snaps together. I purchased a carousel type stand for my wife, me being a man I did not want to replace a coffee cup every time I took one out so I opted for the basket-style. Trust me as a man this is a better buy, just dump them in and call it good.
BreannTyonek, AK

Perfect for the Keurig

We purchased 2 of these for our Keurig K-Cups. Each basket will hold 15-20 cups. Looks great and a great price. Highly recommended!
SheritaCenter Barnstead, NH

Buy 2 Sets. You can make it 4 tier – kinda

These baskets are great. Stylish and reasonably priced.
I do wish they would sell them in higher stacking sets. As this product is made, the best you can do is buy two of these two-basket sets…. and use the top basket from the second set as your third tier. Of course that leaves you with an extra bottom basket.
Let me explain. The bottom basket and the top basket are not the same. The top basket is made in a way where it snaps onto the rails of the bottom basket. The bottom basket does not have that hardware on it. So if you buy two sets, you can only create a 3 tier basket. That is…. if you want all the tiers to properly snap together.
Personally I took the bottom basket from my extra set and stretched out the legs to be wider than the opening of the basket. I used that as my top (4th tier) basket by letting friction do the work and fitting the legs into the top rail opening of the 3rd tier. It’s not the most stable thing in the world…. but it doesn’t fall down either.
IssacHerlong, CA

Coffee Basket

Its a great K-cup holder, doesn’t take up a lot of space on the counter or cabinet and it gets rid of the boxes taken up room. Would have been nice if it was a little bigger, but overall its great.
AltonMacedonia, IA

Really is nifty

Love that it stacks and doesn’t take up much room.
The 2 baskets are great for me and my roommate — just what we were looking for.
JameeMapaville, MO

Really Like It!

This product is great. I like the way that it is an open basket (really 2 baskets) holding the K-cups. I looked at the various carousels which hold the K-cups, and they seemed nice, but a bit too rigid. I like the fact that a variety of K-cups can be tossed into the baskets and chosen slightly whimsically. The product takes up the same amount of room as one of those rotating carousels, but for my money and taste, is preferable.
JeanTibbie, AL

Too cute!

I love my little k-cup coffee holder. It fits the spot next to my Kuerig and looks cute. It holds about 30 k-cups which is perfect.
MalcolmDeer Park, AL

Great for Nespresso capsules

It looks great. Perfect for the nespresso capsules. We color coordinated the capsules, so the darker ones on the bottom and the lighter on the top. It looks very nice, dark color of the frame fits great in our kitchen. Great for the price, most of the other nespresso holders are much more expensive. Fits about 30 capsules in each basket.
NobukoTaylor, PA

Nifty Basket

I use these baskets when entertaining. Looks nice and holds a good amount of selection. Looks decorative and stores easily.
DiegoMingus, TX

Holds more k-cups than expected!

I needed to clean up and neaten up my counterspace, wanted to get rid of the boxes of k-cups. This basket worked perfectly, and it fits more K-cups than i expected.
ElianaStockdale, TX

Baskets are nice and stack well

Items arrived as expected and were packaged well. These baskets are simple, affordable, and they look fine on the counter.
ChrisPittsville, VA

Simplistic, Functional and Cute

This K Cup holder is simplistic in design, but it really looks cute in my kitchen. I thought about purchase one of the more expensive K Cup holders, but I am very happy with my choice.
SherlynRush, KY

Perfect for my office

Made it easier to keep the counter near our keurig machine clean and tidy, with an increasing amount of people using it every little bit helps 🙂 […]
HarmonyWhite Lake, SD

Very happy with this.

Very happy with this purchase. I have all of my Dolce Gusto Capsules in these two little baskets. Looks good too and not too big. I just wish you could have the option of buying 4 of them at once on top of each other for more space efficient use, so I may buy two more of these.
TeodoroOak Grove, KY

Nifty Addition

I ordered this hoping it would fit my needs and it did. I didnt want to use it for creamers I wanted to put granola packs and instant oatmeal on the counter so it would be quick to grab for the family and it fit perfect. Thanks Amazon for quick shipping.
JohnnaCovington, TN

Great holder

When I bought my Dolce Gusto coffee maker, I also purchased this product. I also have the carousel for these coffee pods, but wanted another storage container for the extra pods. This works very well and looks quite nice on the shelf.
RennaLafayette, OR

nifty single serve coffee basket

Could have used some direction as to how to put it together. It took a bit but, I figured it out.
SharleenCypress, TX

K-Cup Basket

The price caught my interest and gave it a try. The basket sits in my office and looks nice next to my machine.
LilianaPalo Cedro, CA