Nishiki Brown Rice Quick Cooking, 5-pounds

Quick cooking brown rice

Quick facts

  • 5 Pound Package
  • California medium grain rice
  • Soak for only 20 minuts
  • Superior flavor along with all of the nutrients and all natural
  • Raised in California

Top reviews

Great Rice, Great for You!

We eat a lot of rice. In an effort to eat a more healthy diet, we have been enjoying this rice. This Nishiki rice is partially polished, or has just a bit of the outer hull milled off in order to allow quicker cooking. Online sources state that the fact that the germ is left intact makes this rice very heart-healthy. According to information on the bag, haiga rice, that we were originally looking for, is processed even more than this rice, removing the hull entirely, but leaving the healthy rice germ.

This rice tastes great, a little nutty. It is medium grain, which is stickier than long-grain rice, particularly suitable for sushi and rice pudding. However, we use it as any general-purpose rice in Asian cooking, stir-fries and the like. We primarily use a rice cooker on the white/haiga (regular rice) setting with no presoaking and it always comes out great. We do usually let it steam for a few minutes after it is ready, but not every time, and we have ALWAYS been happy with the flavor and performance of this rice. (I have some cooking now!!)

We bought two bags in the 5-lb size. The package design is a little differently than pictured; I can’t say what you will receive, as we special ordered it from a local specialty store; it was impossible to find at grocery stores here. Our next order will be for a bigger bag!

CharlesWilliamsburg, OH