Noirot Orange Flower Water from France – 8.5 fl oz, Three

This essential water has traditionally been used in many French and Mediterranean dessert dishes, but has more recently found its way into Western cuisine. For example, orange flower water is used in France to flavor madeleines, in Mexico to flavor little wedding cakes, and in the United States to make orange blossom scones. Orange flower water is also used as an ingredient in some cocktails, such as the Ramos Gin Fizz. It has been a traditional ingredient used often in Middle Eastern cooking. In the Arab world, it is frequently added to hard or otherwise bad-tasting drinking water to mask the unpleasant flavor. Orange blossoms are believed to be used in this manner because they are seen as the traditional bridal flower and, therefore, symbolize purity (white, small and delicate).

Quick facts

  • This essential water is used in many French and Mediterranean dessert dishes
  • Orange flower water is a clear, perfumed distillation of fresh bitter-orange blossoms.
  • 8.5 fl oz bottle
  • Retro packaging
  • Imported from France

Top reviews

Is it supposed to taste like this?

I’ve cooked quite a bit with rosewater, but I’d never tried orange flower water before. I found a recipe that called for it that I wanted to try so I ordered a bottle.

the water looked clear but when I opened it up I was greeted by a smell reminiscent of stagnant pond water. I was ready to throw it away, but my mother insisted on tasting it, in case it tasted better than it smelled.

She spent 10 minutes over the sink spitting and gagging. Is orange flower water *supposed* to taste and smell like this? Please tell me this is a mistake. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to cook with it.

IrwinPeggy, TX

An exotic delight

I recently went to dinner at a Moroccan restaurant and has the most delicious fruit salad there. What made the dish so special was the combination of orange blossom water and mint that the fruit pieces were stewed in. I bought this product to recreate the dish, and love it. I also put it in a combination of espresso and hot milk, along with cardamom, to make an authentic north African-style coffee and it is far better than anything you can buy in a fancy cafe. Granted, orange blossom water is and acquired taste, and I would not recommend tasting it by itself. It is much better served in small portions, mixed with fruits, nuts, coffees, teas, and pastries. A superb product!
ArdellGardner, CO

Noirot Orange Flower water

I used this in Baklava. Smells good and the Baklava tasted great.
Great seller. Packed well and shipped fast.
FannyTishomingo, OK

Not like the old french BRAND of orange flower water

After reading the listing I thought it would be similar to the old French bottle brand that is no longer made, but it is not. I needed this to make my Ramous Gin Fizz. It is not as strong and is not even close to the fromer French brand.
BenitaLangston, OK

Fun, new to me, product

My wife loved cooking with this product. We added it and a little bit of orange zest to make the best homemade orange whip cream we had ever had! It’s a fun product to try!
TriciaFoley, AL