Nong Shim Bowl Noodle, Spicy Shrimp, 3.03-Ounce Bowls

We started with real shrimp, blended it with a unique recipe of spices and garden-fresh vegetables, to give you the best tasting spicy shrimp noodle soup in the world! Conveniently packaged for your easy enjoyment anytime.

Quick facts

  • Case of twelve, 3.03-ounce bowls (total 36.36 ounces)
  • Just add hot water
  • Ready in 3 minutes
  • Spicy shrimp noodle soup
  • Made in USA

Top reviews

A little salty, but ok

This noodle is a little salty, so you should just put a half bag of the spicy bag. You can see shrimps, even they are only pieces and tiny. It’s an ok choice if you are very busy and have no time to cook.

One thing you must take care: if you want to microwave it, please open the lid, it burned to fire if you close the lid. I got a fire within the microwoven and the alarm is ringing. I knew there is no instruction said it can be microwaved, but just remind the lid must be opened and 3-4 miu is enough if you want to microwave it.

KimSavage, MN

Not Bad, Not Bad at All

It’s actually pretty good particularly if you are comparing it to the cheap ramen found in most groceries. After reading reviews on all the Nong Shim varieties I was careful to add only half the flavor packet as I expected a full packet to produce something akin to liquid Habaneros. After the first taste I tossed the rest of the packet in and enjoyed a fairly tasty bowl of soup. Make no mistake, even if you’re used to hot Asian or Southern foods your sinuses are likely to be fully cleared by the time you finish the last drop but it’s nowhere near as bad as it’s been made out to be. There are several sauces and peppers used in Asian cooking that can drop a careless user in their tracks. This is not even close to that level of spicy. It DOES have plenty of salt. A little much even for my taste and I’m a confirmed saltaholic.
Overall a very tasty and quick meal that should be even more enjoyable during the cold months. I am going to try adding ingredients to make it a little heartier. A few small frozen already cooked shrimp and a couple of spoonfuls of corn and peas ought to really flesh this soup out. One suggestion I would make is to follow the instructions for preparation exactly, at least the first couple of times you make it. Once you have a feel for how it’s supposed to taste you can alter to suit your own preferences but at least you’ll know whether or not you’ve made an improvement.
MirianHillside, NJ

very tasty and HOT

had a hard time finding the shrimp

other than that I enjoyed it.

Doc Maynard

JenneferEl Monte, CA

Not as tasty as the lobster

The lobster flavor beats this by far. Every time I made the lobster, my mouth would water just smelling it and it was full of flavor. This shrimp one is a big let down after that, it is just lacking flavor.
KarmaAngleton, TX


Stick with the standard Shin Ramyun which is spicier. I didn’t notice any shrimp flavor. The local Chinese supermarket sold this for $10 a case but happily also had loose ones for a dollar each. I couldn’t finish it.
DavisSpringfield, MA

Spicy Shrimp and Noodles

Nong Shim noodles are great, and these bowls have at least a dozen tiny shrimp in them, and great shrimp stock taste. As with all of the Bowl Noodle spicy flavors, these are right on with the perfect heat.
StefaniCarlsbad, NM

Nom Nom

I find bowl noodles to be a sinful delight. A great snack on a cold day when something like chips doesn’t seem like the right thing. As mentioned in my review of other Nong Sim products, I like to add some extra freeze-dried vegetables like Just Veggies. And the spicy shrimp is probably my very favorite of the line since I simply love spicy food. Bon Apetit!
SadeFort Riley, KS

Very good Spicy Noodle

I really like spicy noodle dishes, and this one is great. It’s a Korean noodle dish, so the spice is inspired by the flavor of kimchi, which I love, so this was really tasty for me.

It’s pretty spicy, but not insanely spicy. Spicy enough so that your friends who don’t like spice won’t steal it, but you’ve probably had spicier foods than this.

CythiaWilson, KS

A bit too fishy smelling for me.

I love shrimp ramen and cup of noodles however these are a bit to fishy smelling for my taste. i may have just gotten a bad batch but i found it hard to eat because of the smell. I ended up just cooking the noodles and adding peas and 1/4th a can of cream of chicken soup and a little milk to make it in to a creamy ramen soup.
EmmieKnox City, TX


the bowl version is not as good as the regular-packaged version. The noodles are thinner and not as chewy.
JenifferMontrose, SD

Nothing special, not even a good value…

These noodles aren’t special… go to your local korean grocery store to see some good bowls of noodles. These are basically just cheap ramen (with the ubiquitous single flavor packet) in a cheap styrofoam bowl, marked up 600% over what you’d normally pay for ramen without the bowl. Save yourself the disappointment, buy the cheap ramen in your local grocery store, and provide your own bowl. If you want good ramen, however, do what I said and go to a korean store, but expect to pay at least $2/bowl for it. That is what I thought these were going to be, and that is why I bought them. Unfortunately, they are not, and I am disappointed in this purchase.
ChristianaLe Raysville, PA

Goos Noodles

Great noodles, but a little spicy. If you like spicy then put the whole flavor packet in bowl but if I like mine a little less spicy so only put half or 3/4 of packet and it comes out tasty.
YasukoMoran, TX