Nong Shim Neoguri Udon Instant Noodles, 4.23-Ounce Packages

The thick and chewy noodles and hot udon taste define the taste of Neoguri. It has mild and spicy flavors.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twenty, 4.23-ounce packages (total of 84.6 ounces)
  • Udon noodle soup
  • Seafood flavored and spicy
  • Product of Korea

Top reviews

If you like spicy foods, this will knock your socks off!

I’ve been eating these noodles for years, and they are hard to find in my area, so I was excited to see that Amazon was carrying them. Now, I love, love, love spicy foods, and this stuff delivers. They are spicier than any Indian, Mexican, or Thai food that I have ever tried, so if you aren’t wild about super-hot foods, then use the seasoning packet sparingly. But if you’re a glutton for foods so spicy that your lips burn, you’ll love it.
DotWoodway, TX