Nong Shim Shin Bowl Noodle, Gourmet Spicy Picante, 12-Count, 3.03-Ounce Packages

The Nong shim shin bowl noodle, gourmet spicy picante, 12 count, 3.03 ounce packages (pack of 2) is a product of japan.This Korean-style spicy seafood soup ramyun uses various seafood ingredients such as shrimp, clams and squid to give a refreshing and hot taste. High-quality wheat flour is used to produce wider noodles with a soft and spongy texture.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 3.03-ounce each (total of 6.06-ounces)
  • Easy to cook,takes just 3 minutes
  • Beef based soup,deliciously spicy

Top reviews

Great Spicy Ramen but Not Microwaveable

I really am enjoying these spicy noodles and love the spicy flavor. However, I am very disappointed that you cannot microwave these (yes, I have tried and the foam almost buckled). Anyways, if you enjoy ramen that is hot you will like these. Two in a sitting is perfect.
ShirleenRichmond, TX

Absolutely delicious!

If you like food with a kick these are the noodles for you. I can’t even eat a regular bag or cup of Ramien noodles after having this spicy brand. We have one of those hot and cold water dispensers at work and I use the hot water to fill the bowl, cover it for 5 to 7 minutes, and it’s ready to eat. Are you really bold … drink the broth afterward!! I’ve tried the Shin packages, the Shin bowl, the small Shin cup and the large Shin cup … all the same great flavor, just different sizes. Of course, the package requires a bowl and a tiny bit more effort to prepare. Order it through Amazon grocery by the case for the best price or put it on your auto subscription for an even better deal. A case is usually two boxes or 12. I get a case through auto ship every 3 months, but I’ve also got half my family hooked on these too. Great stuff!!
WilbertBokoshe, OK

Nong Shim Rocks

Nong Shim makes the best instant noodles on the market, and of them, the Spicy Picante is my hands down favorite. The noodles have a great testure and the broth is wonderfully spicy. And a bowl actually satisifes as a meal, which is not something I can say about say, Oodles of Noodles.
JarredSeymour, TN

These are great!

I ordered these as a Lightning Deal. Never tried it but it was like 50% off. I love spicy food and can never find anything I consider “spicy” anymore. Cooked these expecting “spicy” to be “tangy” as usual. WRONG!

I drained 95% of the water out like I do with Ramen Noodles. Put the flavor packet on, and WOW it was SPICY. But I love it – great flavor. I had to cool my mouth down with chocolate milk. This from a guy who always orders the spiciest level at any ethnic eatery I go to.

I’m sure if you don’t drain all the water out before eating like I do, it will be fine. I plan on draining about 75% out next time. Finally, a food labeled “spicy” that actually is!

ZenaidaMiddleton, TN

From a Nong Shim Bowl Noodle Fan

I’m eating these for the first time as I type. (I’ve written reviews on the double 12-packs of Bowl Noodle, by the way, if you want to know my opinion of Bowl Noodle in general.) Shin Bowl Noodle are every bit Bowl Noodle (Nong Shim Bowl Noodle, Kimchi, 3.03-Ounce Packages, 12-Count (Pack of 2)). This particular flavor’s very spicy and oozes the essence of black pepper. All-in-all, this is like gourmet Bowl Noodle. It has more soup base and it’s thicker; the vegetables are higher-quality and revive better than those in Bowl Noodle, and are more flavorful. If you’re a Nong Shim fan, this is a must-buy! If you like Hot and Spicy Bowl Noodle, especially, or just any Bowl Noodle variety, you’re going to like this.
EricMexico, ME