Nongshim Udon Noodle Bowl, 4.02-Ounce Big Bowls

Nongshim is a Korean food company that produces instant noodles and snacks, which has led the Korean food industry since their establishment in September 1965. Since 1994, Nongshim America, Inc. has successfully brought their exciting tastes of Korea to North America. In the new millennium, they continue to expand into a market-leading global company, dedicated to the improved health and lifestyles of their customers. Nongshim is dedicated to bringing you high quality products, packed with delicious and unique flavors.

Quick facts

  • Japanese-style udon noodles served in a mild broth with dried seaweed and tempura
  • Convenient for a quick meal on the go or a mid-afternoon hearty snack
  • Ready in 3-4 minutes, add hot water
  • No MSG added, 0g Trans Fat
  • Made in USA

Top reviews

This product is a health hazard!

Further info: I took a bowl to my PCP and he told me that the excessive amount of salt in the flavor package most likely caused the pain in my chest and could very well give me physical problems such as a heart attack/stroke. He told me to dump the remaining bowls.

Previous comment:
So far, I’ve gone through 2 bowls. Unfortunately, the next day (including the 2nd bowl) I get this sharp pain running up and down inside my left chest. I thought I was getting a pre-warning that a heart attack was on the way. I would have to guess that there is something in the flavor packet which is to blame. And what are those gray pieces of something floating on top of the soup? Looks like reconstituted whale blubber. I think I will “regift” these at Xmas time.

CarrolVader, WA


I am a fan of big bowl noodles, however, this time, I received a package with some problematic packaging. one of the products was already open inside of the box. As a result, I had to throw it out
MarcellePiedmont, AL

Love it!

I love this noodle soup! This is one of the few varieties out there that are not spicy. You might pay a bit more, but the larger size totally makes up for it. It seems to be out of stock a lot, and this makes me worried. I am on the Subscribe and Save plan for monthly delivery. I hope or the manufacturer does not decide to discontinue it.
RoxannaCotter, AR


After eating the regular store cheap ramin noodles for years he was just sure no others could satisfy his taste. I personally did not understand how he could like those at all.

I bought these first in the spicy chicken and although a little spicy for his tummy, he became addicted to them and said he could never eat the old ramin noodles again. He just usually had to take his tummy medicine after eating. This time I ordered these not noticing that they had fish in them. This was a larger size bowl which I thought would fill him up better. He said they are not spicy and good if he adds soy sauce to them and he would like for me to order them again. He says his favorite is still the spicy chicken and the ginger beef. Ginger beef was not quite a spicy. We just wish these came in more non spicy varieties particularly a non spicy chicken. Flavorful, but less spicy. Also, a little more of the added veggies in sauce mix would be nice.

We have nothing against spicy , in fact, we come from New Mexico with the best in the world Hatch green chilies. It is a different kind of spice though and you can buy them in mild, medium and Hot. Some peoples tummies are just’ fussy’ when it comes to certain kinds of spicy.

AyanaCelina, TN

Upgrade Your Instant Noodles with Nong Shim and Add-ins

More flavorful than the instant noodle brands sitting on most supermarket shelves, Nong Shim’s Big Bowl Noodle Udon is an excellent base for a quick meal.

Before you start wagging a finger at me, I know instant udon is no substitute for the real thing. During my years in Japan, I ate bowls of hot noodles: soba, udon, and ramen – shiyo, shio, tonkatsu, miso, and butter corn – among others. On occasion, I ate instant noodles, too. There was a time and place for everything.

If you are looking for a quick, inexpensive, hot lunch that is relatively healthy (vs. a standard, fast-food combination lunch), Nong Shim is a good start. If sodium is a concern, eat the noodles and leave the broth. Add seasonings, vegetables and either eggs or meat to finish it off.

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, executive editor at Serious Eats, recently posted an article, “Ramen Hacks: 30+ Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Noodles.” I highly recommend you search out and read the full article because you’ll never go back to relying on the flavoring packet alone to make instant noodles.

I’ve distilled his tips down to these four areas:

* Simple Add-ins – Miso paste, chili bean sauce, Thai curry paste, Japanese curry powder, fish sauce, harrisa, vinegar and ponzu.
* Vegetation – Baby spinach, romaine lettuce, bean sprouts, thinly sliced cabbage, watercress, and scallions “should wilt in a matter of seconds.”
* Eggs – Hard boiled, soft boiled, the egg-drop method, poached eggs and fried eggs.
* Simple Simmered Meat – Thinly sliced meats cook in a matter of seconds directly in the pot. Chicken breast, pork tenderloin, or flank steak are all great candidates.

In addition to Nong Shim Big Bowl Noodle Udon, I also recommend Nong Shim Beef and Ginger Bowl and Myojo Ippeichan Yakisoba Japanese Style Instant Noodles. All of these varieties have great flavor but are mild enough to serve to both kids and adults. Another recommendation is for Nong Shim Kimchi Noodle Bowl, which is too spicy for young children but excellent for anyone who enjoys a hotter soup.

Rating: Four stars.

LeslieAlbany, VT

Not for the squeemish.

I like this brand of ramen. They make authentic flavors and they are made in the US. While I like seafood I was a bit taken aback my the chunks of dehydrated tuna and anchovy in this soup. I think I’ll stick with their spicy Kimchi which is awesome
AveryEllsworth, MN


First, I was very surprised about things I can buy on Amazon!! wow~
I thought I can only buy stuff like this @ Asian market.

I am pretty sure that it is not healthy but it taste really good! Probably my favorite from bowl noodle!

Will buy again

BethelJacksonville, NY

Noodles are very good with an addition….

I really enjoyed these noodles, but found that I had a “fishy” after taste. I tried adding a couple of drops of lime juice and that fixed the problem.
JennaDanville, IN


The ramien was wonderful. Great product and I was so happy to get them. It arrived much sooner than expected.
ValeriRoann, IN

Tasty and big!

These were purchased with Subscribe and Save for my college student. Better than Ramen noodles for a dorm resident who only has a microwave, my daughter says that these come in handy when she’s in the midst of a study session and doesn’t want to leave the dorm to pick up food and that they also taste great! She also says they’re huge, which I can verify, since I saw them on my last college visit. Very good buy and I will definitely keep my Subscribe and Save going for these.
FloreneJoelton, TN

very delicious and good food for traveling

l bought this big bowl noodle udon before having a summer vacation. I love this one, it’s really delicious! I just love it. I will buy again whenever I travel. Thanks
MaeganMarkle, IN

I love these, Taste really good.

I love these they have a awesome taste, Im not to thrilled about the sodium in them but there really good.
GingerLa Valle, WI

Lots of Good Soup

A and very large bowl of soup.Plenty of thick noodles and a nice touch of spice!Very filling for a normal appetite.
AngelesWoodstock, VT

Delicious value on “keep it stocked for quick eats”!!!

5-stars for convenience and taste, better than expected from an asian-noodle inspired instant (just add hot water) product; the noodles are “udon”, slightly wider than the usual instant noodles. I also appreciate the thoughtful higher-shouldered design of the bowl as this consideration allows for adding of other ingredients to make it even more fancy and more enjoyable, such as meats, won-tons, pot-stickers, perhaps some kim-chee and/or whatever else your taste-buds desire. I would add caution for parents of little ones who love noodles that this may be too much food, better for a teen or adult. Keep one handy at work for when you cannot get away from the pressing deadlines to get lunch, head to employee lounge/kitchen and use the hot water tea tap. It’s enough in and of itself to satisfy lunchtime hunger. Having grown up on the boil the water package method and instant cups, these are a pleasure to have purchased by the case to have handy.
EllynNewfolden, MN

It really depends whether you like true oriental cup noodles

My title says it all
If you like it, then have some.
It is really worth the price listed there

Packaging is really done well
they done everything they can to prevent noodle bowl from being damaged

SachaSherwood, WI

best quick meal !

I love this noodle. And you can buy these here even cheaper than from Korean market. Those are so yummy ! ! I love the soup !
JustineByron Center, MI

Om nom nom nom

I’m not sure what else to say. I was expecting “Top Ramen” and got a wonderful bowl of noodles. These are great if you have a hot water maker at work; however, they are not meant for the microwave. I eat them on the weekends for lunch. Pretty tasty.
ShanikaHighland Park, MI

tasty japanese style noodle

both my husband and myself love this noodle! Really tasty and especially good in cold & wet weather. You can adjust the amount of power soup base to put in if it’s a bit salty.
CasimiraBrownstown, IN

Go NongShim

This is one solid noodle cup. The tempura tofu is great. I purchased a bunch of these noodle bowls from NongShim on subscribe and save and this one by far is my favorite! I happen to like the de-hydrogenated fish. Adds a bit of character. Drop an egg and scallion on top for a great protein rich dinner.
AnisaMc Clellanville, SC

Surprisingly Great!

This bowl caught me off guard. I was expecting a strange gamey Asian noodle and was instead greeted by mild, savory goodness. The bowl was sadly gone before I knew what had happened. It can’t be described as ramyun, but it could be considered its Japanese cousin. Very much worth trying.
DebrahHills, IA

Nong Shim’s fresh udon is a better product

These noodles are thicker than regular bowl ramen but not as thick as the plastic wrapped fresh udon. As such, to me, they just don’t taste right. The hot water doesn’t seem to cook them thoroughly enough, so no matter how long they soak, they’re still al dente. Bonus points for not being spicy (seems like 98% of Nong Shim’s bowl noodles are spicy) or too salty. I’m sticking with Nong Shim’s fresh udon for now.
SoonNavarre, FL


Taste Pretty Decent. Would pass as a quick lunch or as a late night snack.
needs a little more flavor though. Also might be cheaper at your local grocery store.
TonaSeabrook, NH

Pretty sure it is ramen

The taste is pretty decent for a cup noodle. It is dehydrated stuff so it is a bit entertaining to watch them rehydrate. Being an instant noodle, the salt levels are high but you can control the flavor packet. My only problem is that the title says udon and I am pretty sure these are ramen noodles.
MarquisCamden, NJ

Good choice

I bought this product about 2 months ago. It arrived fast within a good packing box. I care about the taste most. It tastes good and does not have much artificial flavor as most of the fast noodle products in the Walmart. If you can put in some green vegetables, it will make the noodles better flavor and more nutrition. The good price, especially when it is combined with extra 15%+15% pleased me more. Generally, I will buy it again.
MelanyCoal City, IL