Now and Later 48 Pack Cherry/Apple & Other Flavors

Now and Later are hard taffy candies that come in a variety of original fruit flavor combinations.

Quick facts

  • Ships fast and fresh!
  • 48 .56 oz bars, 4 pieces per bar

Top reviews

Apple Now and Later Heaven

Apple Now and Laters are my favorite candy ever! These beautifully sweet and sour chewy candies are to be eaten in quantity and you should not stop until your jaw aches, and your tongue dyed brightly green. Heat these candy’s on a hot dashboard to warm them. As your teeth bite into the candy they will burst with a rush of hot sour apple that will knock your socks off. The best candy I have ever had!
EmilieMishicot, WI

My Childhood Favorite

Pineapple Now & Laters were my favorite candy as a kid. I would get them almost every day after school, 25 years ago, at The Corner Store, right across the street from my elementary school.
ArthurMooresville, AL

Definitely worth the money!

I had been craving banana Now and Laters for a while, so I decided I had to order some. They shipped really fast and came on the first day of the estimated shipping dates. The box does indeed contain 48 4-piece bars like the product advertises, which is good because I’ve had problems before where the amount it said is not the amount I got. When I opened the box, it looked like a lot more than 48 simply because I did not know that 48 4-piece bars would look like so much. The Now and Laters are the delicious banana flavor I remember and are start out hard, and then become chewy, just like their famous motto. Definitely worth the money and the amount you get will last you a long time.
SenaidaPort Lions, AK

yummy throwback!

I used these in a candy buffet & they were great! Everyone loved them & they were very affordable. They came in a sealed case and were packaged perfectly.
NatachaDrifton, PA

Pleased with Product

I was pleased with my purchase. I had been looking all over for this product, which is being discontinued by the manufacturer, so I was happy to be able to find this in stock. Shipped pretty quickly.
KendrickFederal Way, WA


These are great!!! Just takes a little time to get the wax-paper off the candy:(
ChristelJermyn, PA