Now! Dry Dog Food for Dogs

Finally, a complete and balanced approach to feeding your new family friend that does not include rendered meats, rendered oils or grains. As a pet parent it is important to make sure your new friend gets off to a safe and healthy start. Now! Puppy formula has been developed by qualified nutritionists to meet the dietary needs for all breeds and sizes of growing puppies.

Quick facts

  • Now! Puppy formula provides the essential building blocks for your new canine companion in this important stage of life.
  • Whole foods and raw meat sources are used as the basis of Now! pet foods
  • Select meat sources (not rendered – but fresh) provide excellent muscle and bone development for the coming years.

Top reviews

Lucy loves it!

I’m not usually one to write reviews, but I am so happy with this food that I felt it was necessary! I was nearly at my wits end before I purchased this. When we adopted our Basset Hound, Lucy, a few months ago we started feeding her Innova from the get go. She had loose stools, but we figured it was just because it was a different food than what she ate at the rescue. We fed her pumpkin with the food, and she did great, but she also would not eat from then on without the pumpkin. We weened her off of the pumpkin, and as soon as we did she had loose stools/diarrhea again. Kept trying for a few weeks. It never let up, and she still had no real interest in eating the food at all. She would not eat for a day until she was starving. We nearly took her to the costly vet to see if she had some sort of digestive issue.

We did some further research, and discovered that Innova was bought by P&G, and that there were many people that had been feeding for 10 years and suddenly started having loose stools so we decided it might just be the food. We immediately switched her to Petcurean Now!, and immediately her stool turned normal even though we did not phase it in. Lucy *loves* the taste of this food. We put it down, and she eats every last morsel without having to coax her. She is excited for meal time finally!

I am so very content with this purchase. It is worth the slightly higher price tag if you want a happy, healthy dog.

CarolePanama, IL

Product is great but the seller stinks

The food deserves 5 stars, but the seller (1800PetMeds) deserves zero stars, if that could be assigned. My dog has allergies, but does well on this brand of non-grain dog food. I thought it would be smart to order through Amazon, since it is difficult to find in stores, but that was a mistake. It has been 14 days since I ordered, and the product has not yet arrive. Nine days after the order, it had not even shipped. And while it was shipped via Fedex, the Fedex tracking says the order will take about 6 to 7 days to deliver. The seller must have asked for special slow delivery… Never again will I buy from this seller.
MyeshaSwan River, MN

Working great for my girls

I purchased Now! Senior/Light last week in an effort to get one of my Bichon girl’s very high triglycerides down.
IT’s been a week feeding this food and her triglycerides are back to normal! Also, a bonus is she likes it plain with nothing mixed in, and stool is firm and nearly no smell!

Thanks for a great product!

BronwynAmery, WI

One of the few dry kibble with NO Meal byproducts!!

I have searched really hard for dry kibble with out meal byproducts. Dogs eat bones, but not ground to a sandy material!
AmosTurbeville, SC

Incrediblely Great food with great results.

I order this food to try as it was grain free and I liked the ingredients listed on the site with the reviews. I opened the bag and the smell was incredible. It almost made me hungry lol. The dog loves it and is doing well on it.
I start doing more research on the food and was very impressed. The owners of this food make sure ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT (which are knowing to cause cancer) are NOT used at all in the food. They make sure that the slaughter and processing plants do not use them either. That is great and it show that they care as well.
I have communicated with the Petcurean and have been very impressed with them as well. I am really happy with this food. It has very good ingredients. he company is great. I highly recommended this good and I have tired several different grain free dog foods. Plus my dog loves it.
Thank you amazon. i would have never found it without amazon.
FlorencioRaccoon, KY

My shelties love this dog food

Now Grain Free Turkey and Duck Formula dog food is great. My shelties love it and I love that it has no junk in the formula. It is healthy for my pets. I receive my orders in a timely fashion and usually sooner than expected. Amazon is great in getting the orders out.
RonHayden, CO

Love this dog food…

My dog is prone to allergies requiring treatment with steroids and antihistamines at least twice a year. Since beginning this food his allergies have all but gone away. I switched him directly to this food without gradually introducing it with no problems. The food produces well formed compact stools which is a plus if he has an accident in the house. Not that much more expensive than other “high quality” dog foods that contain grains and meal.
RobNeptune Beach, FL

breeders recommendation

this product was recommended by the breeder…our scottie loves it and looks forward to his meal…would definitely recommend this product to those with new puppies, even tho it is a little expensive, it does have all the nutrients required for good health…
NorineBranchton, PA

Great food

I have decided that I want to provide the best quality food to my animals. My dog loves this food, and hasn’t had any digestive problems since moving to it. Also does wonders for her coat. Love this product.
BelkisCanjilon, NM

Moved out of state and couldn’t find a retailer for this dog food.

Our Bichon has a very sensitive stomach, so this is the only dog food we buy for her. When we moved to another state, we had difficulty finding a retailer that carried this particular brand of dog food. Ordering from makes it easy, and it is delivered to our door within a few days.
BillyPompton Plains, NJ

Thanks for trial-size packaging!

Like many pet owners, our 7-month-old Lhasa pup suddenly is getting picky, picky about her food. The Now Dry Puppy Food is the eighth brand (wet and dry) I have tried and I am holding my breath because she actually ate a helping of it and why I gave it a 4 star rating. It is also wonderful to be able to buy it in smaller quantities than 6, 10 or 15 pound bags only to find out she will not eat it and we donate bag after bag of dog food to our neighbors. I don’t believe she is allergic to any of the brands but I think she is holding out for a human food menu. I have high hopes for the Now Puppy Formula and will update this review when there is a change-positive or negative.

Update: Once again I thought our picky eater pup was going to turn her nose up at NOW on the third day but when I laid some kibble on the floor, she gobbled it up. She likes wet food and pieces of meat in her bowl and dry food on the floor. This is our third Lhasa and this adorable pup provides us with so many first experiences. The hunt for the perfect food for our picky eater is over. I feed her Redbarn Premium Variety Pack Food Rolls cut up in treat-size pieces for all day treats and lay NOW dry food and extra supplement cubes (all combined to equal her daily allowance) on the floor in her exercise pen for her to eat at her leisure until just after her last meal of the day and what is left is taken away and all food and treats are suspended until breakfast the next morning.

LiaFarmington, NH