NOW Foods Agar Powder, Pure, 2 Ounce Bottle

Agar is a red algae that is a unique vegetable substitute for gelatin. Called Agar Agar, it has been used as a food ingredient in the Far East for centuries. NOW« Agar Powder is derived entirely from natural seaweed. Product of Morocco.

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  • Agar Powder, Pure

Top reviews

Great for gelling

I do freezer jams using agar to set them instead of pectin because it costs a lot less, and we go through a lot of jam in our household. Using agar to set the jellies means that I can use a lot less sugar and get something like a fruit spread.
This is a reliable product, just be careful not to get any water in the jar, measure out what you need, then seal it back up. If you’re making a recipe you usually use gelatin with, use less agar, start with half the amount called for, then increase as necessary. Agar gels up very firmly if you’re not working with high acidic fruits and it’s pretty stable once it’s gelled even at room temperature.
Recipes for kanten call for agar frequently, and agar makes a good vegan substitute for gelatin, but it’s not as nutritious as gelatin. It is a decent source of dietary fiber though.
I still use gelatin for some recipes, and agar for others. Agar doesn’t have the faint smell that gelatin has so for a lot of desserts, it is preferable. For a good dessert book that uses agar as an ingredient, I suggest Q&E Chilled Desserts from the Japanese Kitchen (Quick and Easy Series).
TerrilynCatskill, NY

easy to use agar

It works as well as agar in bar form and the price is good. I do however recommend you use half the recommended amount, so more like 1 tablespoon to 1 pint of liquid versus 2 tablespoons, but you might have to experiment and it will depend on the liquid. But 2 tablespoons I find will make it too stiff.
DetraCalvert, TX

Bags Not Bottles

These arrived as four 2 oz. ziplock bags, not four 2 oz. bottles as listed. I assume the product is indeed agar powder, but again they were just baggies of powder with a printed label, so who knows?
LelaTioga, TX

guidelines on the bottle a little strong

I bought this to make vegetarian jello shots. I used the instructions on the package, and the results were way too stiff. I wound up remaking with a third less, and things were much more like “jello”
CortezScotts, MI

good agar

+Agar works as it is supposed to. I am making gluten free bread and baked goods for my daughter who has wheat and dairy allergies. good product.
MieshaLitchfield, MI