NOW Foods Brazil Nuts, Raw, 12-Ounce Bags

Brazil Nuts, also known as Para Nuts, are the seeds of a tropical tree (Bertholletia excelsa) native to the Amazon River basin of South America. Brazil nuts are unique in that they are the richest known food source of selenium, an important mineral that’

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Best Nuts on the market!

I love Brazil nuts. I think I am a connoisseur of a Brazil nuts. I like them fresh and crunch. Unfortunately, these nuts tend to be expensive so I shop around for the best price. I bought 3 packages of nuts from this company and 2 packages from Bergin Nut Company Brazil Nuts Whole Raw, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2) to compare them. I tried NOW Foods Nuts first. They were delightful! They were fresh, crunchy and absolutely delicious.

Then I opened Bergin nuts. There was no flavor to them. What a waste that was! I spent $21.98 for the nuts that are ROTTEN and SPOILED. There is NOTHING worse in the culinary world than chewing on a nut and realizing that it’s spoiled. It takes 3 teeth brushing to get rid of that awful taste! Avoid even trying Bergin nuts!

So, if you want good Brazil nuts, buy the product you are currently looking at:NOW Foods Brazil Nuts, Raw, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)
I’ve bought from them 5 times and each time nuts are fresh and tasty, just like they are supposed to be.

Now, if only they didn’t have so many calories… 🙂

AdolfoScottville, MI


This product was excellent. I had been purchasing another brand of raw Brazil nuts but they were stale the last time I ordered them, so, from now on, I will be ordering Brazil nuts from NOW.
JaquelineWashtucna, WA


These Brazil Nuts are DELICIOUS and FRESH. Ordered three bags and every one was crunchy and awesome. Highly recommended! I’m now ordering more NOW branded products. Very pleased.
LissetteAnnabella, UT

NOW Foods Brazil Nuts, Raw, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)

Received my first order of NOW Foods Brazil Nuts recently, still on the first bag.
Taste fresh and so good that have to remind myself to control the portions. Noticed my 7 years old keeps snacking on them as well.
RoyceMercedes, TX

great tasting and fresh!

Ok, nuts should taste like this — fresh and crisp! These nuts aren’t close to their expiration date like the brand I got here before this order. The nuts arrived whole without any broken pieces.

These brazil nuts set the standard. They are that good.

LauretteVancleve, KY

very fresh

I’ve been eating brazil nuts for 40 years, mostly for the healthy amount of selenium, but I never realized that all the shelled brazil nuts I’d been eating were old and that’s why they were soft and didn’t have any flavor. Eating two a day for the selenium was a burden. I should have noticed that the in-shell brazil nuts I usually eat around Thanksgiving were hard and crunchy and very good. They are also a real hassle to crack open, messy, and dangerous to dig out of the shell.

About a month ago I decided to try them again and bought a pound at Trader Joe’s. They were small, crisp, and delicious. I was totally amazed. I’ve eaten raw shelled brazil nuts from Trader Joe’s and other nut stores but I had never eaten fresh ones. I was just satisfied that they weren’t obviously rancid. I gobbled them up and went back to TJ’s a week later but this time I got the regular big old tasteless ones, of course. At least now I knew it was possible to find fresh brazils so I checked Amazon and sure enough these were well reviewed.

These nuts are big and crunchy and hard. Some are actually a little hard to bite, which amazes me in a good way. You need two for your daily selenium. Selenium can be toxic in supplement form but food minerals are safe in any amount, which is good because I probably eat 20 at a time. Raw brazils have replaced raw cashews (supposedly not really raw unless hand-cracked and very expensive) and raw pistachios as my favorite nut. I’m glad I know where to get my brazil nuts now and this story has a happy ending.

RamiroWest Poland, ME

Fresh Brazil Nuts

Since finding Brazil Nuts in stores has become such a problem, I decided to order on line. These NOW Foods Brazil Nuts arrived fast and are very fresh. Planning to order more next week we have enjoyed them so much.
KelleyAlexandria, VA


Brazil Nuts is the only way for me to get Selinium which is a rare essential mineral. The next close thing is kidney and liver and that offers only 1/6 of Brazil Nuts with high cholesterol which needs to be prepared before consumption. Brazil Nut is very high in fat, 29% with 190 calories for only seven pieces. That is the same as one whole avocado. I consume these as super food, no more than four a day. Now Foods Brazil Nut is priced very reasonably but quality varies with packaging.
HectorHolbrook, MA

Great Purchase

So wonderful to find affordable raw Brazil nuts. Thanks Amazon. These are very fresh! Two to three Brazil nuts a day gives you your daily need for selenium and I can’t find these nuts raw where I live.
EdytheMoscow, IA

not bad, not great

the first mouthful i had of these nuts contained a soft rotten one, but since then, haven’t run into that. on the plus side, they are cheap; on the minus side, they are not as crisp as i would like, but granted, it is difficult to find crisp brazil nuts.
TerinaVerona, NY


These were very soft and stale. Every Brazil I have ever eaten has been really crisp.I will not be buying again.
DeloraQuitman, AR