NOW Foods Gluten Flour Pure, 16 Ounce Bags

This natural protein source is a favorite among vegetarians, and is commonly added to foods baked with flour to provide a balance in the protein/carbohydrate ratio. NOW Gluten powder is carefully processed in a low-heat, controlled environment to ensure t

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  • Gluten Flour Pure

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NOW Foods Gluten Flour 6/pack

I was making seitan the labor intensive way, from flour – rinsing, wringing, rinsing, wringing. There had to be a better way and I’m glad to have discovered gluten flour. My favorite food to make with gluten flour is sausages. There are many recipes on the web. I make a batch and freeze some for later.

The price here at Amazon was the best! This is difficult to find at local supermarkets and when I did find it, it was $5+ a bag.

Since I purchased bulk I was concerned with the product getting rancid. I’ve had no problem with spoilage yet after 6 months of storage. I’m happy with this product and plan on repurchasing when I run out.

PearleLawn, TX