NuGo Dark Peanut Butter Cup, 1.76-Ounce

Our decadent NuGo Dark bars use real cacao dark chocolate to enrobe our bars. Cacao is a natural source of flavonol antioxidants which help neutralize free radicals and protect your body from cell damage while tasting delicious. Real Dark Chocolate uses all the properties of the cocoa bean, including natural chocolate and cocoa butter. Coco butter is important because it can reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure; vegetable fat alternatives used by other companies do not carry these health benefits. Our dark chocolate protein bars prove: Delicious has a dark side

Quick facts

  • Dairy Free
  • Kosher
  • Natural or Organic Ingredients

Top reviews

can’t beat NUGO bars

Nugo bars are the best nutrition bars out there. I am not sure they call them that but I usually have a Nugo bar every other day for lunch and they are satisfying and taste better than other bars I have tried. I think these are excellent and if you like dark chocolate you will like these. They do make a milk chocolate peanut butter bar too but I am not fond of milk chocolate and did try them. The Nugo bars have helped me lose 60lbs and hopefully will help me keep those pounds off. If you are young and active, these would be good to take biking, hiking etc(in cooler weather). When I bike, I use the vanilla ones which are also good. Don’t think you can go wrong with Nugo bars. One thing, I have found them usually cheaper at a grocery store but occasionally Amazon does offer them at the same or slightly lower price but if you live where they aren’t available then I would certainly recommend getting them from Amazon.
PameliaMason, OH

Love Nugo Bars!!!

I have been gluten free for over a year and had grown accustomed to tasteless foods (this has gradually gotten better over time). I ran across these bars on Facebook and decided to give them a try. They are really good and I love that they are covered in real dark chocolate that’s not bitter. I have tried several flavors and have not been disappointed. The peanut butter taste is subtle but enjoyable. I will definitely order these again. Actually, I have stopped ordering all other bars and eat Nugo bars exclusively. They are very filling and satisfy my late afternoon sweet tooth.
BennieBelleville, MI


Healthy, but very tastie!! Who said that you can’t have your cake and eat it too??!! Good source of protein that may help you with your diet.
AudrieEddyville, OR

My 9 year old loves these!

My son prefers these over Snickers bars, which used to be his favorite treat. He likes these and the regular chocolate ones.
KatherinaArnold, KS