NUM10220 – Numi Organic Tea Organic Teas and Teasans

These organic, fair trade, all natural teas use premium ingredients for purity of taste. Made from full-leaf tea, with real fruit, herbs, flowers and spices. Sensual soothing flavors. Hand-crafted, sourced from sustainable gardens. Beverage Type: Tea Flavor: Breakfast Blend Packing Type: Box Capacity Weight: 1.4 oz.

Quick facts

  • Beverage_Type – Tea
  • Flavor – Breakfast Blend
  • Packing_Type – Box
  • Capacity_Weight – 1.4 oz

Top reviews

An Excellent Way To Begin the Morning

This smoky falvoured black tea expertly blends the essential spices of Keemun, Darjeeling, Ceylon, and Assam to create a powerful brew. Unlike the numerous herbal teas that I frequently indulge in, the flavour of this brew is more akin to the traditional teas in that the flavour and aroma is heady and tends more toward bitterness. Due to this aspect, I found that cream was conducive to this brew and that for those who prefer a more mild tea, brewing is best at three minutes. Although I usually do not indulge in such strong tea, I found this to be the quintessential compliment to the breakfast atmosphere in that its invigorating taste and potent tinge helped to bring me more fully awake. Each element of the tea interwove to create a complimentary and elegant taste that no true tea connoisseur should miss. Overall, this having been my first venture into the Numi tea brand, I can envision myself returning to this particular brand in future.

– Ravenova

CoreyIngold, NC

Superb Black Tea Blend (Caffeinated)


Numi Tea’s Morning Rise Breakfast Blend Black Tea is a premium Numi tea, both certified organic and kosher. The ingredients are fair trade certified organic Keemun black tea, fair trade certified organic Darjeeling black tea, fair trade certified organic Ceylon black tea, anfair trade certified organic Assam black tea. A powerful black tea blend indeed! There is nothing artificial in this or in any Numi tea.

On the box, the manufacturer writes: “Numi perfects the classic breakfast tea with this organic black tea blend, Morning Rise. Four of the most extraordinary black teas compose this hearty, complex, and exciting morning cup. Ceylon, gardened in the small and exotic country of Sri Lanka, bestows its strong yet smooth profile, while Indian grown Assam imparts a malty and robust depth. Keemun, from China, offers deep burgundy notes that complement the natural floral finish and fruity Muscatel of Darjeeling, cultivated on the mountain peaks of India. This rich, bold black tea blend has an unrivaled smoothness and a magnificent aroma resembling dawn’s early warmth. Let the morning greet you through the radiant daybreak of Numi’s superior Breakfast Blend.”

It tastes strong and and is perfect for people who want a black tea that is not flowery or herbal-y but tasty, complex, and superb high-quality in the morning.

If you like Numi teas, get it—you won’t be sorry. If you are new to Numi but love black tea, this will probably be the best you’ve ever had.


AsaHowell, NJ

A smooth, subtle blend.

Numi has created a breakfast blend with four of the most popular black teas–Keemun, Assam, Ceylon and Darjeeling. The aroma is a fine grassy floral tea blend. The leading flavor is Keemun, a malty, slightly smoky flavor. This is a smooth subtle cup of tea, without some of the more characteristic robustness of most Breakfast blends. However, it is still a very stimulating blend–fairly high in caffeine I would guess from its effect! Unfortunately, Numi does not list caffeine count on the box.

Numi gets points for their manufacturing process and packaging. The boxes containing their tea is made from 100% recycled paperboard from 100% post-consumer waste–they assert that by using such packaging materials they save 2,040 trees, reduce landfill by 131,200, and prevent 184,000 greenhouse emissions. Numi uses only 100% natural ingredients without added oils or “natural flavorings”.

SherleneTreloar, MO