Numi Organic Tea Monkey King, Full Leaf Jasmine Green Tea in Teabags, 18-Count Box

Jasmine tea is the oldest known scented tea, and ours begins its life in the gardens of Hunan Province. The rich soil and fluctuations in daily temperature yield a fragrant leaf which is further scented with delicate white Jasmine blossoms. During summer, these are gathered daily by the banks of the Min River and repeatedly mated each night with the prepared tea, naturally embracing all of the flowers’ scent. When brewed, this smooth, organic green tea has layers of subtle fragrance and hints of moonlight. It is a most romantic tea, and, like a bowl of fresh picked flowers, will bring the joy of summer to your every sip. For more information on Numi and our products, please visit our website at or contact us at 866-972-6879 (Toll-Free).

Quick facts

  • Case of six boxes, each box containing 18 double-chambered Teabags (total of 108 Teabags)
  • Made from pure, 100% natural, fair trade certified and organic certified green tea and organic certified jasmine flowers
  • Scented with delicate jasmine flowers that impart a floral sweetness to the tea
  • Certified Organic, Kosher and Halal
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Where’s the Flavor?

I was greatly disappointed. I had it packed up to return back to the vendor before I realized I couldn’t because it’s a grocery item & not eligible for return. So now in order to use up case of tea that I bought I do the following. I brew it using 2 bags for an 8oz cup and add a supplemental flavoring–like Apple Schnapps. Overall, I was very disappointed!!
KatheleenLewisville, OH

Exquisite Jasmine Tea, Not To Be Missed


Numi Tea’s Monkey King Jasmine Green Tea is a premium Numi tea, both certified organic and kosher. The only ingredient is fair trade certified special grade green tea that is scented with real summer jasmine flowers from China. There is nothing artificial in this or in any Numi tea.

On the box, the manufacturer writes: “Jasmine tea is the oldest known scented tea, and ours begins its life in the gardens of Hunan Province. The rich soil and fluctuations in daily temperature yield a fragrant leaf which is further scented with delicate white Jasmine blossoms. During summer, these are gathered daily by the banks of the Min River and repeatedly mated each night with the prepared tea, naturally embracing all of the flowers’ scent. When brewed, this smooth, organic green tea has layers of subtle fragrance and hints of moonlight. It is a most romantic tea, and, like a bowl of fresh picked flowers, will bring the joy of summer to your every sip.” It sounds quite romantic, and it tastes wonderful. It is a true jasmine tea, and the taste of jasmine predominates, in a both strong and lovely way.

The price is perfect, a big savings over single boxes. If you like Numi teas, get it—you won’t be sorry. If you are new to Numi but love jasmine green tea, this will probably be the best you’ve ever had.


TeodoroVail, CO

Jasmine flavor too subtle

As a green tea, this is a fine tea. As a jasimine green tea, I find the jasmine to be much too subtle. I had my first jasmine tea in a nearby chinese restaurant and absolutely fell in love with it. It made me feel like I was relaxing in a spa. This tea, however, tastes mostly like your typical green tea. If I concentrate I can almost detect the jasmine. Not quite what I was hoping for.
MarnieChinese Camp, CA


This is by far the best tasting green tea I’ve tried thus far. I’m well aware of the benefits, but until now I haven’t been drinking as much of green tea as I should have. I’ve tried the pricey ones and the inexpensive ones before. The jasmine adds so much aroma and flavor. I purchased the Endless Journeys Sampler to try Numi. This one is the most delicious tea within the sampler. Yummy!
CharlineBaskerville, VA

Wonderful Green Tea

Being an avid tea drinker, I have found Numi Monkey King to be the best green tea. It’s smooth with a hint of sweetness, comforting for the body and mind.

The price is probably the best I have found compared to everywhere else. Definitely a tea worth stocking up.

LeoraOntario, NY

Simply Awesome

Let me just start by saying I love the Numi teas. However, today, just now is the first time I’ve had the Monkey King Tea and OMG. The scent of the tea is so amazingly wonderful. It forces you to close your eyes and just inhale very deeply. I never thought having one cup of tea could be so therapeutic making it worth every single penny.
EulahFife Lake, MI

Excellent Green Tea

This Jasmine Green tea is one of the best I’ve found. Very smooth and round. Best to use water that is not boiling hot and not to over steep.


CoryBennington, OK

Just as good as I expected

Jasmine taste is pronounced, tea is refreshing, it is as good as any Jasmine Green I have tried
StevenWashington, KY

great tasting and smelling tea 🙂

this tea is delicious. I’ve tried several other brands of jasmine tea and spent a great deal of $ trying different brands. So far this is my favorite. I’m sure there may be better jasmine tea out there somewhere that i haven’t come across yet. If so i’m not missing it one bit. I’ve found an excellent tasting reasonably priced jasmine tea in Numi. I’ll stick with it.
LomaBeeler, KS

the best tea

I am an avid tea drinker; I drink a LOT of green tea every day and this is great tasting green tea. I have been extremely spoiled because I have been drinking this tea for many years and recently I’ve tried other less expensive, more available and not-as-good-teas that are very grassy or just not as flavorful as Numi teas. Numi Tea is very high quality, but also expensive, so I also drink Choice Organic Premium Japanese Green Tea, 16-Count Box (Pack of 6), but this Numi tea is my favorite. One reason why I feel Numi Tea is always fresh tasting is each tea bag is individually wrapped in foil.

I recently also tried TAZO China Green Tips Green Tea, 20-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6) – and it is GRASSY! I don’t like grassy green tea …

Below is a cut and paste of the Harvard Health Letters Green Tea advice.

Benefit of drinking green tea: The proof is in — drinking tea is healthy, says Harvard Women’s Health Watch

Although tea drinking has been associated with health benefits for centuries, only in recent years have its medicinal properties been investigated scientifically. The October issue of Harvard Women’s Health Watch recognizes the healthy power of tea while helping readers get the most out of their cups.

Tea’s health benefits are largely due to its high content of flavonoids — plant-derived compounds that are antioxidants. Green tea is the best food source of a group called catechins. In test tubes, catechins are more powerful than vitamins C and E in halting oxidative damage to cells and appear to have other disease-fighting properties. Studies have found an association between consuming green tea and a reduced risk for several cancers, including, skin, breast, lung, colon, esophageal, and bladder.

Additional benefits for regular consumers of green and black teas include a reduced risk for heart disease. The antioxidants in green, black, and oolong teas can help block the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol, increase HDL (good) cholesterol and improve artery function. A Chinese study published recently in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed a 46%-65% reduction in hypertension risk in regular consumers of oolong or green tea, compared to non-consumers of tea.

The October issue provides a few tips to get the most out of tea-drinking:

Drinking a cup of tea a few times a day to absorb antioxidants and other healthful plant compounds. In green-tea drinking cultures, the usual amount is three cups per day. Allow tea to steep for three to five minutes to bring out its catechins. The best way to get the catechins and other flavonoids in tea is to drink it freshly brewed. Decaffeinated, bottled ready-to-drink tea preparations, and instant teas have less of these compounds. Tea can impede the absorption of iron from fruits and vegetables. Adding lemon or milk or drinking tea between meals will counteract this problem.

RebaNorway, KS

Taking a mini-vacation

I love the Monkey King Jasmine Green Tea. Buying it locally by the individual box was not only more expensive but inconvenient. When I saw that you offered a special price when buying six boxes, not only am I saving about $2 per box, but now I can freely make my tea without feeling that I need to ration it until I can get to the store. I am sharing tea bags and giving some as gifts. In the midst of some recently busy work weeks, making a cup of this tea was like taking a mini stress break (vacation). It tasted so good and smelled heavenly. It is also great iced. I add a little maple syrup or honey. Enjoy! Treat yourself!
HoustonSan German, PR

My favorite tea

This has been my favorite tea for years and now I found it on Amazon, yippee!
CarolinaAguada, PR

Meditation in a Cup!

With all due respect to the amazing tea makers of the world, this is the most delicious tea I have ever tasted in my many years of tea drinking. The smell of it alone is enough to melt away any anxieties I’ve built up through the day! It’s like meditation in a cup – it gently coaxes you close your eyes, luxuriating the delicate balance of smell and taste, and you’re able to block out the world for awhile. It doesn’t overwhelm your taste buds, and there’s no bitter aftertaste (as long as you brew it correctly – steep for 2-3 minutes in nearly-boiling water). I recommend this to anyone who enjoys the taste of green tea!
FredricRiverdale, IL

Best green tea in a bag

I usually buy my green tea from a dealer in Japan who has some of the most flavorful and varied teas I have tasted anywhere. I know about green tea, as well as black. I have never liked green tea that has been ground up and placed in a bag. They have always been too bitter, and better tossed in the trash. So on a whim, I tried a box of these teas because I know the Monkey King from one I buy in Japan, and I have to admit, it was the best green tea I have tasted that came in a bag. Not quite as good as the whole leaf tea I get, but pretty good. One thing, I usually steep my tea for 5 minutes, sometimes longer, but this tea does get bitter after about 4, so don’t steep it too long, unless you like it like that. That said, I decided to buy a case of 6 boxes, I liked it that much, plus it was cheaper in the long run. I like these in a bag for the convenience at work, and when traveling.
OliverStevensville, PA

Husband Wouldn’t Drink Desert Lime Numi So I Added Jasmine Green

My husband found Numi’s Desert Lime tea “too weird” so I had to find a Numi variety he would also drink. I still get Desert Lime but keep it to myself. Since he already liked green tea, I figured this Jasmine Green was already partially in the ballpark so I bought it. He loved it. This tea also has a wonderful aroma (that is Jasmine obviously). If I am going to serve Numi tea to someone, this is the one I take out to brew. I’ve had other people comment on the Desert Lime’s being weird so I don’t chance it anymore. The Jasmine Green seems to please everyone. I think it is because they have drunk so much similar tea in Japanese and Chinese restaurants plus Starbucks and Caribou. We like this tea iced or hot. I also enjoy it at room temperature. Like all Numi teas, this has beautiful art on the front done by the woman partner in the Numi tea business.
ArtiePaxton, IL


I love this tea, but can only find it in one store, and that one is out of my way. Ordering this box of 6 is far more convenient, and cheaper than buying it in store – especially since it qualifies for the free super saver shipping. Color me happy!
ZulmaHiram, MO

Great tea but price increased

I bought the Greenpowder Green Tea and tastes great. The Jasmine also has a great taste and aroma.

Unfortunately, Amazon has increased its price close to 20% in a about a month. I don’t imagine the tea having increased by that amount in the stores.

TamalaElmaton, TX

Numi Tea Monkey King

I bought this tea for my girlfriend. She said it was hard to find a good Jasmine tea so I searched the net and found this brand with the best reviews, and searched for the best price – was it. She said it is the best Jasmine tea she ever had. Thank you Amazon, for not only supplying this at the best price, but for helping me score some brownie points =D I will definitely be back for reorders, and will use your site for other net purchases also.
VanceSouth Deerfield, MA

Numi Tea – Monkey King Jasmine Green

An excellent green tea with just the right amount of jasmine. This is one of my most favorite teas which Amazon offered at a reasonable price.
JamisonLennon, MI

fabulous tea

This is a truly excellent jasmine green tea. Tired of having trouble finding it at the store, or fighting with other customers to get the last box when it was on sale (that did happen to me once), I was thrilled to find the product on Amazon – and better yet, to get it shipped to me periodically with no additional effort on my part. Great product, great way to get it.
ManyHampton, GA

Love this tea…

This is a very mild green tea with a lovely Jasmine fragrance. I liked it so much that I replaced my morning cup of coffee with this tea……& that was a year ago this month. Not to mention, I get a much better price on Amazon than I do locally.
TroyRoberts, IL

Helps you increase metabolism

I drink this at once a day and I have noticed a drastic increase in my metabolism. I love the taste of this tea….you will love it!
CristySouth Otselic, NY