Numi Organic Tea Moroccan Mint, Full Leaf Herbal Teasan, Caffeine Free, 18 Count Tea Bags

Numi’s organic and Fair Trade Certified Moroccan Mint teasan, known as “nana mint,” flourishes in North Africa. With a flavor as light and lively as a newly picked leaf, it has a sweet spearmint flavor that is refreshing and soothing any time of day. Numi’s special nana mint grows in the arid climate of North Africa where its recently Fair Trade certified partners plan to invest in schools, sanitation and a bus to transport workers. About Numi: Numi is a labor of love by a brother and sister. She is the artist and he is the alchemist behind all of Numi’s blends. Their exceptional-tasting teas are captured in unique blends that use the highest quality organic, non-GMO ingredients sourced directly from fair labor gardens. Numi combines premium full-leaf quality teas and herbs with only 100% real fruits, flowers and spices.

Quick facts

  • Box of 18 organic tea bags
  • Refreshing sweet mint leaves
  • Caffeine-free
  • 100% real, organic, Fair Trade Certified, non-GMO verified tea and ingredients
  • Boxes are made with 100% recycled material and a minimum of 85% post-consumer waste; Tea bags are biodegradable and compostable; Gluten free

Top reviews

Exquisite Mint Tea

Moroccan Mint is a premium Numi tea. This herbal tea is certified organic and is kosher. It is delicious, and my favorite mint tea.

On the box, the manufacturer says it better than I ever could: “In the Moroccan spring, the snow melts off the Atlas Mountains, watering the plains below. As the days warm, some of the most soothing, refreshing and full-flavored mint flourishes in this ancient land of the Berbers. With a flavor as light and lively as a newly picked leaf, our choice organic mint will become your favorite mint teasan. An all-day or after-dinner delight, no wonder the Moroccans drink ten cups a day.”

If you like Numi teas, get it—you won’t be sorry. If you are new to Numi but love mint teas, this is one that will not disappoint.

Highly recommended.

LucieFarmersville, TX

Like Mint? You will like this too.

The following recommendation is based on having enjoyed over 100 tea varieties in the last 3+ years.

When steeped as recommended…
it tastes great….
for more flavor steep longer…
also tastes great then too.

Try it.

Karleton Helfer, tea drinker

KandaceGrundy Center, IA

Numi Organic Moroccan Mint Tea

I wanted to try something new and bought this moroccan mint and the orange spice teas by Numi last year. I loved them both but I find this moroccan mint is my ultimate favorite tea! I am so very glad I found this tea! I LOVE it!! If you like a sweet mint flavor this is the tea for you! Delicious!! I have given one to every tea loving person I know and they ALL loved it!

I rarely drink any tea but Numi anymore. It is a bit pricey compared to other name brand teas but so worth every penny in my opinion! Plus, I easily get at least two cups of tea out of one bag. 🙂

MozellaTopsham, ME

You can taste the difference

I have been a herbal tea drinker for many years and when I try a new brand I expect to be disappointed. Numi’s Moroccan Mint Tea is fresh tasting with full-bodied flavor and a clean finish.
I love that the tea bags are fully organic, not just organic tea in a synthetic bag. What I also love is that if you are brewing your mug of tea and the phone rings, or you are distracted by something, when you come back the taste of the tea is just as fresh and delicious. I can’t wait to brew this for iced tea next summer! I just had surgery and was queasy afterwards and Numi Moroccan Mint tea was the only thing that tasted good, and it also settled my stomach. Recently, I left a box on the counter when I went on vacation and when I returned my sister, who was sitting my dog, asked, “Where can we get more Moroccan Mint tea?” Another convert. Whether you buy it here or in a local store, “taste the difference.” I certainly did! I will now try some of the other Herbal Teasans.
OmegaYale, IL

refreshing, simple mint tea

I love this tea! It has a clean mint taste that’s nice and smooth. The only ingredient is mint, which makes it great for an upset tummy. But it’s tasty enough to drink whenever! And I love that it’s organic and they use natural materials for their tea bags and recycled materials for packaging. Yay for green companies!
MitchMaud, OK

Aromatic and subtly sweet

Aaah, this is the kind of tea I enjoy on a cold night. I like to let the bag set for five minutes for a true minty sensation. It smells like wintermint, and the caffeine formula allows me to enjoy this late in the evening when I want to relax.

This tea leaves a slight minty taste in my mouth for a while after drinking this. I only use one teaspoon of sugar to add sweetness as this tea is naturally tangy-sweet.

The only drawback is the price. This is the kind of tea I’ll reserve for guests, or as fillers for Christmas stockings for my tea-drinking friends.

CharoletteCrescent City, IL

Favorite Mint Tea

This Numi tea is by far my favorite tea bag mint tea. Refreshing and of course organic puts it further up on my must have list.
AlliePinckard, AL

fragrant and lovely

I purchased this as a gift for my boss, who is an herbal tea fanatic. First of all, the aroma when he makes this tea in the office is amazing and makes my mouth water. Secondly, it’s just a great-tasting tea. Highly recommend.
RoselineRich Hill, MO

Best Mint Tea

This is definitely the best mint tea I’ve ever had. It actually tastes like mint. Will definitely buy it again.
NeliaTwist, AR

Better flavor than other boxed mint teas

I got into mint tea when I first started drinking tea and didn’t really like black or green teas. I started with other brands like Celestial Seasonings and Stash and tried Numi mint tea with a coupon once. The difference is strong and Numi mint tea has deeper, more intense flavor. At the time of purchase, they were on manager’s special and were cheaper than the grocery store price after coupons.
KaiMinburn, IA

Simply stated…Delightful

I was originally using the Traditional Medicinal’s brand peppermint tea along with the Dandelion Root because I could not stand the taste of the dandelion by itself. I have to say this one has a much more mellow taste and the price is far better. I have taken to having a cup after dinner and it makes for a very enjoyable evening experience. I normally sweeten it with a teaspoon or two of light organic agave nectar. It just takes the taste over the top. I initially thought a six pack would be overkill but after having a few cups I see that I am going to breeze through my supply relatively quickly.
LeoHoughton, IA

My favorite mint tea

I love that Numi teas are organic and don’t have any weird additives! They are a little expensive, but totally worth it. This is my favorite mint tea ever.
ErlindaPocono Lake Preserve, PA

From the School Cafe

I generally assume everything from the School Cafe is the cheapest they can get without any regard for taste. However, as I was out of my own tea, I decided to steep a cup and I was extremely pleasantly surprised.

It was excellent, and I am going to buy a couple of boxes at least.

AnissaKyles Ford, TN

mint tea

I like mint tea and bought 2 packs of 3. First pack were good but when I started second pack seems like I was drinking different tea, taste was awful,no mint but kinda dust taste.Cannot finish that pack. Not buying anymore.
MathildaTruman, MN

Makes Excellent Iced Tea!!!

I’m challenging myself to give up soda 100% this year, but I needed something with flavor to replace it. After searching online for Tea reviews, I decided to give this tea a try. I just made the first batch of Iced Tea and it’s FANTASTIC!!! The tea has a clean, crisp taste and you can definitely taste the mint!! It’s not overpowering but it’s definitely there! I used 3 teabags , steeped it in a 2 quart pan full of hot water, added a teaspoon of sugar and let it sit. The tea really is very delicious, and leagues better than the yucky pre-made tea I’ve been buying at work. The tea is a bit naturally sweet, but it needed a teeny bit of sugar.

I’m so pumped! Here’s to a healthier 2012 with Numi.

P.S. amazon prime rocks. Received the boxes in perfect condition.


MilagrosChester, IL


A strong, pungent tea. I have made multiple batches iced for summer events – a hit every time. Can turn bitter if steeped too long, most mints can handle longer so be careful.
GaynellOrange, MA


The Numi Mint tea is very good. It has a nice flavor. In the summer we mix it with other herbal teas and water. We put the container in the sun to sun brew. It is very good.
DianChurch Hill, TN

all-mint, all-wonderful

delicious and the best thing is – it’s all mint – no tea leaves. So if you’re looking for something completely caffeine free, Numi has it – and it tastes great!
RoslynNew Haven, KY