Numi Tea Iron Goddess of Mercy, Full Leaf Oolong Tea, Loose Leaf 16 oz bag

Legend has it the ancient Goddess of Mercy appeared to a humble farmer guiding him to nurture and care for a single tea sprout that would bring his village prosperity. From the Fujian province, China, the dark emerald green leaves that are 50% oxidized are tightly wound and unfurl imparting a smooth body and sweet finish. Its aroma is reminiscent of toasted grain and dried figs.

Quick facts

  • 100 percent natural
  • Certified Kosher and Halal
  • Smooth body and sweet finish

Top reviews

My favorite tea

I got into various oolong teas from a great New York importer. They really know their teas!

But this year, the Numi Ti Kuan Yin is available at quality and price that bests the experienced importer. I dunno, maybe they got lucky at an auction or somthing. But we’ve been enjoying this tea!

You can spend 3 times as much and get better tea. But then it’s too expensive to drink every day. Buy this!

SharonKilbourne, OH

Smells and tastes like turpentine

I’ve had this variety of tea from other sources, so I have an idea what it should taste like. When I opened the bag, my nose was assaulted by a strong smell of turpentine – I thought it was the packaging, so I moved it into a plastic storage tub. The brewed tea tasted equally of turpentine. I did find that if you leave the tea out in the air, the taste and smell dissipates, but keeping it for any length of time in a closed container causes the turpentine taste/smell to return. Even aerated, the tea has a very grassy taste to it.

Maybe I got a bad batch, but I will not buy a Numi tea again after this bad experience.

JamarProsperity, SC

Hair inside

I was looking into starting drinking loose tea and decided to go with Numi Tea Iron Goddess of Mercy.

For the first few times I made tea – I enjoyed it – good taste, no bitterness and big whole leafs.

The problem is that every few spoons I found a hair attached to one of the leafs. First I thought it might be mine, even though it didn’t look like it. The second time I was puzzled. After the 3rd time – I poured a lot of it out on a plate and found LOTS of hairs! They are simply attached to the dried leaves.

I am a clean freak and keep all food in clean cabinets. Tea package was sealed all the time with a clip. This hair made it all the way from the factory – where it somehow got to it during the drying process – where the leaves shrink to little balls.

This tea ended up in the garbage and I’m back to tea bags.

DrucillaVacherie, LA

Tastes good but WAY too much caffeine for me

I’ve heard about how good Oolong tea is for you and I heard this was a good brand so I tried it. It tastes fine — not grassy like green tea and not bitter like some black teas — but I was WAY to sensitive to the amount of caffeine in it. It kept me awake and buzzing for hours. If you are used to caffeine, it probably won’t affect you too much, but if you’re like me, you should get something decaffeinated.
GlennaClarksdale, MS

Best ever Oolong tea

First tried this tea from a specialty store in Buffalo, NY where it sold for close to $60/lb. Love it, even though it was only 2 oz. Search the net for this tea and found it Amazon.

It’s a light delicate flavorful tea that can be brewed 2 to 3 times by refreshing it with more hot water. It is non-acidic like some other teas. It need no addition of cream or sweetner. I’m currently drinking 5 to 6 cups per day as it is so delicious and light. It’s not exactly a green tea when brewed but a light amber color, with the hint of a flora or fruity taste. The added plus at Amazon is the price and very quick shipping.

I would strongly recommend getting this tea for any tea lover and I’m sure they would be pleased if they enjoy a good quality chinese tea.

ShaunIsleta, NM

very good

very good tea. weak but nice aroma. mild good flavor. excellect for the price.
TerranceTexarkana, TX

Sorry to Buck the Trend… But I Didn’t Like This Tea

I’ve drunk a lot of tea in my time – every day for years and years – so I guess that qualifies me as something of a lay expert, loosely defined :o) I was excited about this tea because it’s organic and offered at a decent price (because good tea can be pricey indeed). Well… the first cup brews up kinda foul and with lots of tannin, really bitter (and not the good kind of bitter either). Thus it’s an absolute necessity for me to do a first steeping, strain it out and steep again to get a passably drinkable cup. This is not uncommon for some teas, but the cup you get is still pretty foul, truth be told: still real tannic and just not a happy quaff. The leaves are relatively crude and large. This is not one of those tippy-leaved harvests where they grab just the tiny bud; this tea was picked for volume production. For an Oolong it seems to have been barely fermented. I find it just a crude tea. Crude and rude. Figured for the price it’d be a good everyday drinking teas and didn’t expect a religious experience in every cup or anything, but it just doesn’t even rise to that basic standard. I would have given it only 2 stars, but for the price and the fact that it’s organically grown. Your mileage may vary I guess, but that’s this tea-head’s humble opinion for what it’s worth.
CherylHumarock, MA

Excellent oolong tea from Numi.

I have been drinking Iron Goddess of Mercy for years. Perhaps I can’t get over how cool a name this tea has :)! However, I only would try Rishi brand and in a bind, I ended up buying Numi, and I love it. There is a slight difference in aroma and after taste between the 2 brands, and while I really still love Rishi, I love this one almost just as much and with some raw honey, it is a delicious drink to keep you going all day !!!
TashaNatalbany, LA

excellent oolong

I tried this after getting hooked on oolong from Teavana but not wanting to pay 5$ an ounce. It was a lovely, mellow oolong, not very floral but good flavor. A cross between dragonwell and gunpowder but with a distinct oolong aroma and taste. I would get it again.
RosalieNorth Ridgeville, OH

Very good

One tablespoon makes a total of 30 ounces of tea (three ten-ounce servings). Directions are printed on the package.

The tea itself is clean and fresh with nice leaves. It’s a mild tea with the true oolong light aroma, color, and mild taste.

imo, a good buy.

KristenWaterford, PA

A Favorite Oolong

Tieguanyin Tea translated into English as “Iron Goddess Tea” is one of the most famous types of Chinese Tea. It has many different translations and is often called Tieguanyin, Ti Kuan Yin, Tikuanyin, Iron Buddha, Iron Goddess Tea, and Iron Goddess of Mercy Tea. No matter what name you use, it is a wonderful tea. Originating in Anxi County in Fujian Province, some of the best Tieguanyin Tea is also now produced in Nantou, in Taiwan. This tea is a variety of Oolong (or Wulong) Tea and has been very popular for centuries. The tea’s leaves are dark green and rolled into tight balls. The “Tie” in Tieguanyin is translated into English as “Iron” This is supposedly because as you drop the leaves into your teapot, they ring like iron when hitting the bottom. The tea has the aroma of orchids with no hint of grassiness and its flavor is long lasting. It is a wonderful tea and a great tea to begin with.

A variety of this tea comes from Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province. It is called “Monkey Picked Tieguanyin”. According to legend, the tea leaves were very difficult to harvest because they grew on the cliff faces on Wuyi Mountain. Local Buddhist Monks trained monkeys to pick the leaves from the inaccessible tea trees. Today, Monkey Picked Tea denotes a high quality Tieguanyin, although it is no longer picked by monkeys (if it ever was). When buying tea make sure you buy it from a reputable dealer to ensure you are getting authentic tea.

Numi’s Iron Goddess of Mercy (TGY) tightly rolled leaves DO give a solid plink when you drop them into your pot. Use about a tablespoon full for every cup. The bright, dark green leaves unfurl to about 7x their size after several infusions. Put sure to do a short rinse and 1 minute rest to clean off and “wake up” the leaves. This batch of tea from this specific vendor brewed up a lovely pale yellow broth with a light floral aroma on only slightly vegetal flavor with wonderful mouth-feel. It remained very sweet through several infusions with no apparent bitterness. I started the brews at around 3 minutes and gradually lengthened my infusions. It is only moderately oxidized and not roasted, making a very pleasant and drinkable tea cup after cup.

There are better teas if you are willing to pay for them, but at this price, Numi’s TGY is an excellent daily drinker. 16 oz. is a lot of tea to drink before it begins to lose flavor, so start brewing as soon as you get the package. Enjoy!

MyronWarren, AR

A great tea that lasts a long time

This Ti Kwuan Yin by Numi is a great oolong. It is quite powerful and little bit goes a long way, but what makes this tea unique is that you don’t have to stop brewing the tea. Just leave the leafs in the pot and it will reach its full flavor and stay there by itself. Ti Kwaun Yin is unique in that aspect and is popular in China because of it. Another plus, and yet another reason for its popularity, is the fact that you can get multiple brewings off a small amount of the tea. I personally find that seven pots is the norm (sometimes more, sometimes less) before the flavor is gone from the tea leaves.

Multiple brewings, a little going a long way, a great price, and very tasty tea add up to one heck of a package. If you are sensitive to caffeine, be aware that oolong is right in between green and black teas in caffeine content and the first pot is usually very strong on flavor. It is so strong that some people even lighty coat the leaves in hot water until they expand and then pour off the water and add more to get rid of the powerful taste. In doing this, they also remove much of the caffeine, so that might be a handy trick for those wanting to cut down on their caffeine intake.

Highly reccomend this product. It will last you a very long time and prove to be your staple for tea.

HalleyKingsburg, CA

Oolong tea?

I love the taste of a good Oolong tea and I began to search for an alternate supply since our local grocery store stopped carrying loose Ti Kuan Yin Oolong tea. I decided to try this and it tasted nothing like the stuff that I was buying at Wegmans. This looks, smells, and tastes like green tea. The leaves used for making this tea are huge. When steeping them you’ll be suprised to see the size. If I wanted a cheep green tea, I would have been happy with this. Needless to say I was not.
NaFairview, NJ


I had high expectations upon purchasing this tea. I am sorely disappointed. The tea is practically raw green and not semi-fermented as oolong should be, tastes like grass (minus the gr), bitter, weak, pale yellow at best and not the promised copper color when prepared as per directions (or even stronger).

Simply awful compared to other fine teas I have tried. Even Red Rose Decaf teabags taste spectacular compared to this stuff which tastes like straw at best.

Total waste of money.

HarryAvoca, AR

Good but weak tea

Packaging suggests 1T for 10oz tea, which is high compared to most loose leaf teas, but the tea is still pretty weak at that concentration. It definitely doesn’t have enough flavor for iced tea, which is my preference. Otherwise, packaging is nice, very little fines in the tea, and good price. Unfortunately not my cup of tea, so I will not buy it again.
CheriseBlanco, TX

Incredible Value TQY

This is a solid and delicious TQY. Hold flavor up to 3 steeps, a 4th weak steep is possible.
The package I received was labeled as organic, although that is not reflected in the item details.
The price is excellent, you can easily pay up to $60/lb for comparable quality TQY, especially if purchased in smaller quantity packages. It’s not top of the line luxury oolong, but it is much better then many TQY offered at the same price range.
BlondellPageton, WV

Numi Ti Kuan Yin tea

It is not the best tea I have ever tried before. However, this tea is smooth, with nice tea fragrance, no grassy taste, and an excellent deal for less than $40 a pound. Highly recommended for everyday enjoyment. Thanks to Amazon for offering this good product.
AmparoStanfield, NC

mildly flavored good tea

this is a mildly flavored ti kuan yin and makes a good evening cup of tea.
HyoGrand Ronde, OR

High Quality, Excellent Flavor

I was pleasantly surprised by both the quality and flavor of this tea. At a very modest $31.15 for a pound I wasn’t expecting much, but this tea just might become my favorite. It has large leaves with almost no dust or stems. It’s flavor is delightful – not robust, but not weak either, and none of the bitterness often found in cheap teas.
NanetteNavarro, CA