NuNaturals – NuStevia White Stevia Powder – 100 Packet


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Disagreeable Taste

Eye Bought This Product On A Recommendation. However, Eye Cannot Seem To Get Past The Strange Taste Yet. Eye Will Keep Using It To See If This Will Pass Or If Eye Will Acquire A Liking To It. The Package States No Bitter Taste. If It Is A Sweetener, Why Should There Be Any Bitter Taste?
HalinaNicasio, CA

Delicious Alternative to Sugar

If you are looking for a sweetener that is delicious in tea, Stevia can be used to sweeten hot or cold tea. You can almost say goodbye to regular sugars in your drinks once you get a taste for the Stevia powder.

Unlike artificial sweeteners, Stevia is never bitter and won’t leave a nasty aftertaste in your mouth. The packets are easy to carry with you and you may even notice you have less cravings for sugary foods.

By using a low calorie (0 Calories) sweetener with only 1 gram of carbs, you will be ahead of the game. Every single time you use one packet of Stevia, you are using less sugar and you won’t even miss it.

~The Rebecca Review

AnnabelleSteamburg, NY

Great Price for Great Sweetener!

A nutritionist recommended these to sweeten my coffee etc. as there are no negative after effects unlike artificial sweeteners. Stevia is made from herb in South America. Japanese tea drinkers have been using stevia for years with no ill effects she said. It’s quite a bit sweeter than sugar, so you need less of it as a replacement.

I like this brand and put two packets in my iced coffee every morning with almond milk and 1 T cocoa–it tastes like a coffee milk shake for only about 70 calories as the Stevia is calorie-free! The stevia makes it taste like an iced dessert drink and is a great, refreshing treat for the day.

This multi-pack offer for this price is about 30% lower than what I can get NuStevia for locally.

LutherRaton, NM