NurturMe All-Natural Baby Food, Hearty Sweet Potatoes, 8-Count Pouches

Naturally grown and quick dried, NurturMe baby food pouches maintain more of their nutritional value than pre-cooked foods and come in light weight, palm-sized pouches – perfect for on the go feeding. Prepare the same way you would rice cereal by adding water, breast milk or formula and stir to reach desired consistency. One pouch yields approximately 2.5 ounce of prepared food. Mix and match pouches for variety, mix into yogurt, combine with grains, the options are endless. You can also sneak NurturMe fruits and veggies into toddler foods as a clever way to boost the nutritional value of older kids’ meals. Weighing less than a jar and packed in recyclable materials, each NurturMe pouch leaves a smaller carbon footprint on our planet. Nutritious. Convenient. NurturMe is Good for me, Good for we.

Quick facts

  • 24 individual pouches for on-the-go convenience
  • 100% all natural, gluten free, organic ingredients
  • No added sugar, salt, colors, or preservatives
  • Quick dry processing methods ensures more nutrients & natural flavor
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews

Best baby food (we’ve) tried

I’ve been one to study labels on food packaging that I plan to consume, even more so now that I’m a father of two young ones. Prerequisite: No hydrogenated oils, high fructose, or preservatives. There are a few other ingredients but these are the main offenders.

I was pleasantly surprised when I recently read an article on NurturMe baby food. The article linked to their site (, so I spent some time perusing to learn more about the brand. For one, I thought the packaging was super appealing and a wonderful idea. Simple packets vs. glass jars, right up my alley. Secondly, I wasn’t too keen on “quick dried” foods, but did some research on it and quickly found that through this method, the food maintains it’s nutrients with no preservatives needed…passed my test. After ordering a few packets of each flavor (pea, squash, sweet potato and apple) on NurturMe’s site, I received them a few days later and had both my babes try them out (5 mo and 26 mo’s old). I used my wife’s breast milk to reconstitute the sweet potato for the youngster and water for my elder babe and figured apple was a good start since he’s a big fan. After pouring the contents of one packet into a small bowl it didn’t appear there was much, however, after mixing it with the water and breast milk it turned into quite a good serving size. The first thing that really jumped out was how rich and vibrant the flavor of the food was – a great indicator that there’s no preservatives. The smell was also right on target, as if I’d just sliced a sweet potato or apple. I gave it a try myself and said, “hmm, good stuff.” I then gave the apple to my son and just let him get after it. After turning around from providing my daughter with the sweet potato, my son had literally gobbled almost every last bit of apple. The sweet potato would have been taken care of in the same way had my daughter’s dexterity been at the level of my son. GREAT product.

AngelikaCarlinville, IL

Tastes like burned sweet potato

My 7 month old usually enjoys sweet potato, but would not take more than a couple of bites of this version. When I tasted it myself, I understood why. I also did not like the fact that this NurturMe has maltodextrin and corn starch. My son enjoys the apple NurturMe (which contains only apples). These are very convenient and a great idea.
AmiGenesee, ID

Not a fan – taste leaves something to be desired

Perhaps it’s the additional ingredients (organic maltodextrin, organic corn starch, organic sunflower lecithin), but this stuff tastes really awful. I have an 8 month old, and added less water to make it thicker. All that really accomplished was to make the powder less dilute & the pungent flavor even stronger. My child wouldn’t eat this until I mixed it in with some other food. I’ll use what I have left to add to other food for the nutritional value that the powders offer, but I was really surprised & disappointed in this product. How do you mess up something so simple as sweet potatoes? Great idea, poor execution & way too expensive for this product.
StevieMarshall, MN

Not pure sweet potato

I was dissapointed to find that there were other ingredients in the ingredient list than just sweet potatoes. I prefer the jarred organic baby food. This is fine, but I won’t buy it again.
JaneMillwood, GA

Totally gross

I bought these sweet potatoes for my 4th child and honestly they make jarred sweet potatoes taste like a gourmet meal. They don’t even taste like sweet potatoes, I’m not sure how to describe it. I’m not really happy to see cornstarch in the ingredient list either. I was hoping to use these to thicken my homemade purees and sneak them in my toddlers food but after using them like regular baby food I can’t feed them to my kids. 🙁
GertrudisLipan, TX

Would NEVER buy again

I’m not one to write reviews, but the sweet potato was so disgusting that it is worth mentioning. It was not bright orange, but rather dark and it smelled and tasted like burnt sweet potatoes. My 7 month old, who is not by any means a picky eater, was repulsed by these.
JuliBlue Earth, MN

Fresh and delicious!

I bought all the flavors of NurturMe offered on Amazon and we decided to try the peas first. When I mixed the formula in, I could not believe how bright green the peas were. I tasted them and they tasted like the freshest peas I ever ate. I had only planned to throw these in the diaper bag for a quick feeding on the go with easy portability, but so far these are the only peas my daughter will eat! Next we tried the apples and they were better than the best applesauce I’ve ever had. I make my own baby food, and because many fruits and veggies arent the best right now, these powdered baby foods are better than what I can make homemade! Every flavor has been as good as the last. All are bright, colorful, and taste very, very fresh.
GayeBrogue, PA

Watch out for the ingredients!!

Crunchy carrots contain – organic carrot, organic maltodextrin and lecithin.
Hearty Sweet Potatoes contain – organic sweet potatoes, organic maltodextrin, organic corn starch, sunflower lecithin.
Plump peas and crunchy apples contain – 100% peas and 100% apples.

The peas and the apples were the first products I tried from this company. The baby loved them and I loved the ingredients. I thought I would try the other products so I ordered the carrots and sweet potatoes. To my surprise and disappoinment, when they arrived, I saw that they contained ingredients that I was not pleased with. I wrote Nurturme and asked why they put maltodextrin in their products unnecessarily and they responded, The organic maltodexrin in our products is derived form organic corn. Maltodextrins are manufactured form starch and are extensively used as an emulsifier in foods.
They are included in our foods because they are binding agents that are used when our foods are dried. Like starch, most maltodextrins are easily digested and used for energy in the body.” So, while the carrots and sweet potatoes are probably fine, they did not contain ingredients that I wanted to feed my baby. The biggest issue being that this information was not included in the product description on amazon.

BurtonLancing, TN