Nutella Hazelnut Spread, 13 Ounce Plastic Jar

The unique taste of Nutella® hazelnut spread continues to come from the combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa.

Quick facts

  • Great for breakfasat and snacks
  • Both kids and adults love this spread
  • No artificial flavors or persitives
  • Hazlenut
  • 13-ounce plastic jar

Top reviews

Bad Handling

Just received this in my package today and it was already opened for me and spilled out on the box. When I opened the box up, the air protector bags were just sitting on top of all the items instead of filling in the space between so the nutella was just rocking around the whole time. I’m sure it would have been delicious, but now I’d rather just get in my car and buy this elsewhere then to have it come again in bad packaging and handling.
GussieDeerfield, MO

Too bad…….Palm Oil

Man! I tried this stuff and it’s delicious. However, it has palm oil in it. Not only is palm oil extremely unhealthy, it contributes to the clearcutting of rainforests (See Rainforest Action Network for more info). I am personally committed to NOT buying items with palm oil, so I’m going to try a different brand!
DeirdreWarren, ME

Sweet and Delicious

I could eat it with a spoon, it’s so good.

Being partial to hazel nut chocolates. I love this delicious spread on toast.I put it on a bun and it’s just like a pastry and a more natural one , free of chemicals.

Highly recommended, you’ll love it if you haven’t tied it yet.

ValarieGrand Junction, MI


it is an excellent spread. nutella and peanut butter sandwiches rule.
ColeAvenal, CA

Slurpishly good nutty chocolate

This is a really good spread! The blended nutty flavor really hits the spot. I don’t just spread it on my slices of bread but made cake rolls with it! making it tasted yummier!
KishaRockport, WA


Simply put…people love it or hate it. I loveeee Nutella! I put it on bread, Ritz Crackers, Animal Crackers, Rice Cakes and just eat it straight from a spoon on its own! It can be taken anywhere and doesn’t require refrigeration. I suggest “icing” yellow cupcakes with it! Delish treat! I think everyone should try Nutella once in their life. Its amazing amazing AMAZING!!!!!!
ClaritaHorseshoe Bend, AR


It was a smooth transaction. Easy ordering, fast delivery, yummy breakfast birthday biscuits!! YaY! I will be ordering another jar very very soon.
DawnUnionville, MD

Best thing ever

This stuff is literally the reason I am overweight! It is so incredibly delicious I cannot even begin to describe it.

Try it, you will not regret it!

KarlynGreeley, KS

very addictive

i bought this in a local grocery store of mine today in curiosity, i expected it to be frosting and not in anyway buttery (it just didnt seem possible) i popped off the top of the jar and smelled it. It had a very weak smell i still wasnt expecting much i got a butter knife and slapped on a thick bit of it onto a graham cracker i then proceeded to eat it. WOW this stuff tastes great!!! it has a buttery texture and a nice cocoa taste it isnt horribly sweet but a very subtle chocolate taste, this is great as a dessert with graham crackers or breakfast with toast and a very cold glass of milk. and its a great treat for kids if they arent sugar junkies and can take a less sweet product. overall i would reccomend this 100%
OlindaPiedmont, SD

How do you do Nutella?

I toast a cinnamon raisin bagel, slather with peanut butter, add Nutella all around but just along the outside edge… ahhh- heavenly! A little bit of Nutella goes a long way. I’m going to donate my unopened jar of grape Jelly to a food pantry… it’s never going to be opened as long as I have Nutella in the house.
FernandaUpton, MA

Nutella -Happiness in a plastic jar.

This review may sound immature, possibly overly dramatic. this is the only product review I have ever written, normally read them but dont write them. For this product though – it is different. It is an absolute privledge to write a review for Nutella. It is the best thing I have ever tasted – no joke. Nutella is happiness in a plastic jar.
ShanteScottsville, KY

Delicious way to turn anything into a dessert

I had seen Nutella in the States growing up but didn’t really become a heavy user until I lived in Europe for a year. This stuff is amazing – it’s super chocolatey with a hint of hazelnut that gives it a really full-bodied, mature flavor. I usually put it on bagels or English muffins as a quick, satisfying dessert. It’s also great for baking (Nutella brownies are awesome!)

In terms of nutrition, the calories per tablespoon of Nutella is pretty close to the American sandwich staple, peanut butter. Nutella doesn’t have quite as much protein as peanut butter but it also doesn’t have as much fat or sodium, so there’s a trade off.

All in all I LOVE this spread and I always have a big jar in my pantry.

JeriCenter Point, TX

Heard of it often, never tried it – OMG is this good!!

…not something you want to eat every day unless you have a robust metabolism (low-cal this stuff is NOT!) but if you allow yourself an occasional splurge this is just AWESOME. I can’t believe I never tried it until now.
LyleBayfield, WI


I bought this to send to my boyfriend, who loves Nutella, and will eat it with pretty much anything, including garlic bread, no joke. He claims that it is good.

Apparently, this is a monstrous size. I’m sure he’s almost done with it by now.

AdrianCranfills Gap, TX

Nutella… an Italian institution!

Do I really need to make a review about Nutella??? I don’t think so. If you’ve grown up in Italy like I did, you know that this product is not just a delicious hazelnut and chocolate spread, but a direct line to the heavens. Italian kids don’t eat peanut butter (therefore, no pbj sandwiches!) but have Nutella on a thick slice of bread instead. We eat this for breakfast, dipping the slice in some nice hot caffellatte, or as an afternoon snack. And if you’ve been good, you get Nutella gelato on the weekend. Nutella is also advertised as a sports food for athletes who need the extra “energy kick”.. yeah why not get it from a slurpalicious, divinely decadent chocolate cream spread!
LashondaMacdona, TX

9/10 would consume again

I have tasted the succulent product of Nutella for the first time in my life. I would say that the consistency, balance of sugary content, and flavor are quite exceptional.

(Would rate 9/10 if it were an option)
Would consume again.

ElliClarcona, FL


I am in love with this hazelnut spread made with skim milk and cocoa. Grownups and kids both enjoy and it’s a nice way to get picky eaters to consume whole grain breads. Don’t let the healthy breakfast commercials fool you, there is a ton of sugar in the recommended serving size. My answer to that is that I don’t indulge in the recommended serving size of two tablespoons. You can get by with less and it’s still a tasty way to start the day. I am hooked on this stuff and my local market doesn’t always have it in stock. I went to two stores that didn’t have it and resolved to buy it here on Amazon. Big jar, twice the size of the tiny ones at my local stores. It should last me a while but next time I’m ordering double jar package!
TakakoDundalk, MD

the amazing chocolate treat

Nutella the amazing treat

Are you a chocolate lover? Well if you are, Nutella is what you want!

Every day when I come home from school and have a banana I think “well I don’t want just a normal banana.” So I go to the cupboard and get some Nutella and boy is it yummy!

One of my most favorite thing about this product is it’s smooth and creamy. It’s practically good on anything! One time I had it on a potato chip and it actually wasn’t that bad!

If you’re on the go they sell little mini jars with crackers on the side, so your kids stay happy and entertained!

Another thing I love about is it is healthy for you so it keeps your kids happy and healthy at the same time! Nutella is not like normal chocolate. it never melts and it stays good for quite some time. You know how some chocolate is a bad habit? Well this one is the complete opposite.
If you’re a chocolate lover this is the chocolate for you!

MissFinlayson, MN


Perfect for crepes! It’s not a peanut butter taste- it’s actually hazelnut which is more delicious. We put on bread for breakfast.
FrederickaDerrick City, PA

The Scandal made me go out and buy it.

Having never had Nutella, the scandal over its advertising made me curious, so I went ahead and bought a sample size. It has a unique taste and it is very good. I’m going to now buy a full size and put it on my morning wheat toast. So take that you haters !
JerilynCordova, NC


My daughter loves this. This goes very well with bread, crepe or any sort of breakfast items. It is buttery smooth, and has a rich chocolate flavor. Be warned – It is addictive.
ValeneGalveston, TX

Delicious, but

Love the product, but it came in a container that read “…part of a multipack; not to be sold separetely,” and the inside seal didn’t seem sealed when I opened the lid (came off very easily, when I opened for the first time). But product is apparently perfectly fine. Dangerously delicious 🙂
ChanaRockwood, MI

love it

I eat Nutella almost every morning. I love and my kids love it. It seems to go well with most things. YUMMY!
PhilomenaSalina, OK