Nutramigen Baby Formula – 8 fl oz Plastic Bottles, 6 Count

Enfamil Nutramigen If your baby has an allergy to the cow’s milk protein in infant formula, Nutramigen has hypoallergenic proteins that are easy to digest and so small the body does not recognize them as a potential allergen. Recommended Age: Newborn to 12 months Features: Clinically proven to effectively manage colic*, often within 48 hours** Hypoallergenic infant formula Nutritionally balanced Lactose- and sucrose (table sugar)-free Includes Lipil, our blend of DHA and ARA to support baby’s brain and eye development Learn More: Use the Product Selector at our Enfamil Shop to find the right product to meet your baby’s nutritional needs. Click here. * Studied before the addition of DHA and ARA. **Due to cow’s milk protein allergy.

Quick facts

  • Manages colic fast, often within 48 hours
  • Nutritionally complete, so infants can do what they do best – growing, laughing, exploring, and thriving
  • Has DHA and ARA, nutrients also found in breast milk that promote brain and eye development

Top reviews

LOVE the Convenience (but not the cost!)

My daughter was on Nutramigen for her entire first year but not by my choice. She, unfortunately, was a victim of quacks and landed in the NICU for the first month of her life. Her NICU stay wasn’t much better because of some lazy nurses (and I can judge because I am a nurse myself) They were feeding her regular Enfamil at first but switched her to Nutramigen because of stomach “issues” (the issue was they were stuffing her with about a cup of formula per feed 6-8 times a day!) They actually distended her stomach! When she got home she could not tolerate any other formulas so I just stuck with Nutramigen. (Sorry, just had to vent!)
Anyway, I started out using the powder which was OK but I always had a problem with clumping and clogging the nipple which would then cause my daughter to scream at the bottle. Aside from the inconvenience, it was only good for 24 hours. Plus, in my research, I found out that almost all baby tragedies regarding any formula had to do with powders not liquids. Yes, buying the liquid is more costly, but Nutramigen is expensive anyway so what’s a few more bucks especially when child safety is concerned. It was roughly an extra 2 bucks a day.
The liquids are pasteurized and good for 48 hours which is a big timesaver. I have used the 13oz concentrate liquid, 32oz RTU can, 2oz plastic nursettes, the 6oz glass nursettes (LOVED those) and the 8oz concentrate in plastic bottles(more on those later…Boo!).

When Enfamil came out with these 8oz RTU bottles, I immediately bought them. The individual bottles are convenient and don’t take up much room. They are all foil sealed, cap-locked and boxed to protect from light. They have a fairly long shelf life so you can stock up (NB: if you order directly from Enfamil, as I did, the expiration was always 3-6months from the purchase date. I can not speak for other vendors.) When you do open them, you never have to worry about waste because of the small size. In the rare event that you do waste it’s only a few ounces not an entire can. The 6 pack case was also helpful when I needed to leave some at grandma’s house.

Incidentally, a caution regarding the 8oz concentrate bottles. I purchased the concentrate bottles at the same time as the RTU, however I noticed that the concentrate formula had these gray-black floaters in it which I never saw in other liquid versions of Nutramigen. Even after shaking well they still remained. I immediately called Enfamil to express my concern and they sent me a new case. This case had the same problem so, out of curiosity, I mixed it up and tried it. Although, it tasted and smelled like Nutramigen (which is God awful BTW, akin to asparagus and metal bathed in dirty feet) I was still concerned and did not give to my daughter. I asked them to replace the order with glass nursettes. In retrospect, my suspicion is that the floaters are iron particles that do not disperse well in the fat(like oil and vinegar) and thus are harmless, however I would still be wary. It is possible that Enfamil has addressed this issue since my purchase several months ago but I would stick to the ready to use formulas or 13oz concentrate cans.

OscarGilbert, WV


Baby had horrible colic and there was IMMEDIATE improvement once changing to nutramigen. Always received in timely fashion. The size is perfect and no heating/mixing needed worth the cost. Tried the powder first but not effective like the ready feed. WORTH EVERY PENNY!
ErikaVancouver, WA

Love it!

My 7 month old has been on nutramigen since about 6 weeks old. He could not tolerate other formulas, not even the powdered nutramigen. During feedings he would cry and arch and get so gassy. It was very frustrating. When we started nutramigen Ready to feed he was like a new baby right away! Yay! I have been using the 32oz RTF cans ever since but the only place I could get them was babies r us 20 miles away! Ugh! I just discovered these 8 oz ready to feed bottles and bought a bunch of them. They are a little more expensive but they are so easy to take on the go!! I bought them from the enfamil site, not amazon. Then I went to babies r us and they had them too ( they never have before). They were about a dollar cheaper there. I’m so excited to have found these handy 8 oz size RTF bottles!!! Definitely recommend!
OmarTillatoba, MS

great for trip

We used these in a road trip between texas & florida. They are worth the extra cost. Made the car trip so much easier.
ClintonLaurel, IA