Nutri-Vet Hip & Joint for dogs Peanut Butter Flavor Glucosamine Wafers 500 mg, 20 pound box

Hip & Joint Peanut Butter Flavor Large Dog Biscuits formula is specially developed to provide natural nutrients that support optimal functioning of joints and connective tissue to help dogs stay active members of the family and enjoy life to the fullest. Biscuits make it easy for pet owners to provide standardized and accurate amounts of glucosamine hydrochloride and Ester-C without having to change foods, force pills or powder foods. Our biscuits are baked hard and crunchy to help promote strong teeth and healthy gums. Convenient biscuits that your dog will love also help clean teeth and freshen breath. Feed one biscuit per day for each 75 lbs of body weight.

Quick facts

  • Dog treats that include medical benefits; 20-pound box
  • Supports joint health
  • 500 mg of Glucosamine per biscuit
  • Large peanut butter flavor biscuits for large breeds
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Top reviews

These treats make it easy to give glucosamine.

The product labeling is a bit contradictory, but we have been pleased with the results so far.
JuniorRockville, IN

Dog Biscuits

My 2 older dogs love this product. I also know that it is good for them.
CharisseEaston, KS

WORKS! They ALL like it; no force feeding here!!!!

With 7 large Greyhounds of my own plus fostering new Greys from the track all the time, this house has a minimum of 10 Greys in it at all times. I own and foster only special needs Greyhounds (never a shortage of them), mostly due to broken legs and hocks at the track. I make glucosamine a daily staple in their morning meals (with my Vet’s approval of course), regardless of their ages. I’ve tried countless products, some they liked and some they turned their snouts up in rebellion. Even my 3 older ones who have about 7 teeth total among them like these. (For my toothless wonders, I crush them before adding to their bowl-break into pieces in my hands then use a small ‘smack and chop’ chopper on the cutting board and scoop the small pieces into individual bowls). My other 4 who still have most of their teeth wait for me at the top of the cellar stairs while I’m filling their bowls and placing one of these peanut butter biscuits on the top of each. While 1-2 try to distract me as I’m hauling all these bowls up the stairs, the others bob and weave in attempts to steal the treats out of the bowls as I near the top of the steps. Have to admit defeat on occasion when I’m not paying attention 🙁

In any event, haven’t met a Greyhound yet who does not love these. Not only that, I have seen remarkable improvement in agility, desire to play and romp, renewed interest in toys, consistent improvement in ease in pouncing on the beds, serious athleticism in swiping the tomatoes from my topsy turvys in the yard, even stealing a 3 lb pumpkin off the back step to munch on behind the tree in the back yard. The younger ones have resumed ‘running laps’ around the yard while the older ones (2 are 11, 9, 8, 5 and 2 are 4) seem younger and instigate play more often than before. They are energetic, not as stiff after a nap or nighttime, want to do more, play more, walk more/further and, while it may be my imagination, the older ones seem to be eating better. (They had gotten to a point where sometimes they would eat, sometimes not, sometimes just nibble a few bites and walk away).

All in all, they like this product and I am thrilled already with the positive changes I see in my ‘kids’ who are always with me and the fosters who arrive in rough shape but leave for happy, responsible homes upon adoption. I dislike pumping meds into any pet when something else will help. I’m sticking with this product. It works for me and mine. I wouldn’t purchase 7-10 6 lb bags of this product at a time if my pups weren’t exhibiting such remarkable improvements. Their quality of life has definitely improved. Packaging says to allow 4-6 weeks for best results but it took less than 3 weeks for me to begin seeing significant changes in all of my guys and gals. Can’t wait to see what 6+ weeks of using this product will produce!

Each ALL NATURAL biscuit contains 500 mg glucosamine and is a substantial ‘treat’. Biscuits are approx. 3-4″ long and perhaps .75″ high and quite crunchy to promote strong teeth and healthy gums. They are a bit difficult to break other than in halves. After that initial break, they are too tough to break into smaller chunks, thus the need for my abovementioned ‘chopper’. Each bag purchased to date has arrived in excellent condition. Out of 14 6-lb bags to date (2 separate orders), only 2 biscuits were broken in half; nothing was crushed or broken into small chunks. Very little residue at bottom of resealable bags. Unfortunately, I did count the biscuits in the first 2 (original order) bags to determine whether or not I would stick with this product pricewise, but I’ve forgotten now what that count was so I cannot share that at this time. And because I’m back to order more, if I remember, I’ll update this review when I count them again. Directions for use: 1/2 wafer/biscuit per 40 lbs body weight twice daily.

PLEASE NOTE: Some (not all) of the statements on the reverse of package – thought I’d share before you buy:

– Administer during or after the animal has eaten to reduce potential incidence of gastrointestinal upset.
– An exam from a vet is recommended prior to using this product.
– Keep out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.
– Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding is not recommended.
– Consult with your vet before using this product in animals with clotting disorders, being treated with anticoagulant medications, diabetes, or any metabolic disorder causing hyperglycemia, history of urinary tract stones, and known allergies to shellfish.

VincenzaNew Bloomfield, MO

easy way to help doggie’s joints

Force-feeding my dog glucosamine tablets got old pretty quickly. I bought a nice bag of these biscuits and the whole problem went away. Based on my dog’s size (90 lbs), my vet recommended 1000 mg of glucosamine — just 2 biscuits a day.

Almost all of the biscuits arrived whole and they stay fresh in the sealable bag.

These definitely aren’t gourmet treats so if your dog is finicky, you may want to use caution; mine ate them up with no problem.

PabloCollege Springs, IA

Great deal!

This was such a better deal than the “brick and mortar” price. I ordered two so I could get the free shipping. Product was exactly what I had been buying, at less the cost. Long live my healthy, happy canines. 🙂
DianeCanmer, KY


This is a great product. We have a large mixed breed dog who needs help with her joints. She loves these biscuits. They also seem to do the trick for her joints. I prefer the ones that are more of a bone shaped treat. They give her more of a tooth work out. We have not been able to find the “bones” treats since we first stumbled across them at a local pet food supply store. These are peanut shaped biscuits. The price from Amazon was great too.
DianeLewisville, IN


My dog wouldn’t eat the expensive stuff the vet sells (liver flavored). In fact I had to grind it over his food and hope he would get enough glucosomine. It was always a challenge. We tried several different types. The peanut butter dog bone is the best. My dog LOVES it. I highly recommend it!
AubreyCentral Point, OR

Tastes so good, she looks for it in the morning!

One problem I’ve experienced in caring for an older dog is finding a glucosamine supplement that our 65 lb., 15 year old Akita/Chow-chow mix would really like eating. Finding one that our dog, Kuma-chan liked eating was a challenge. We’ve tried tablets in her food and she would smell it mixed in and not eat until the next day. Other biscuit type supplements were left uneaten. Sometimes the gel capsule would be left at the bottom of her dinner bowl.

As soon as the Nutri-Vet Hip & Joint Peanut Butter Large Dog Biscuits arrived, I offered a biscuit to Kuma. She took it, wagged her tail and came back for another one! Now, she knows that she only gets one every morning before her chicken jerky treats! It’s great when you don’t have to force feed your best friend! What a relief to see Kuma walk with minimal stiffness or pain in her hips after a couple of weeks.

DeanaShreve, OH

Pet Supplies

Nice way to save time and money. I usually pay twice as much for this product in pet supply stores.
TobyOuaquaga, NY

Horrible Packing

Glucosamine was highly recommended by a number of friends who own older dogs. After reviewing most of the glucosamine dog products offered through Amazon, I decided on this one. The cardboard box containing the 20 lbs. of “wafers” (actually a dog bone) was tightly sealed with packing tape when it arrived. When I turned the box over to find the correct side to open, I could hear the contents inside tumbling around. Much to my displeasure, when I opened the box the “wafers” were just thrown inside… much like a bag of pretzels or chips. The box was about 2/3s full… I will have to take their word that there was 20 lbs inside. Approx. half of the “wafers” were broken or shredded. It was so bad that when I emptied the “wafers” into a plastic container, I was able to fill a 16oz. paper cup with the dust/particles found at the bottom of the box. (and that did not include the broken pieces!)

The shipper didn’t wrap the “wafers” in a plastic bag. The shipper didn’t make any attempt to protect or bubble-wrap the contents. I’m not in a position to report the effectiveness of the glucosamine; but I can tell you I am extremely disappointed in the way it was packaged and shipped. If you plan to order any of Amazon’s glucosamine products; I strongly urge you to check the way in which it will be packaged. Thumbs down to Amazon for this product!!!

JenetteBelmont, TX

Fabulous dog treats!

I wholeheartedly recommend these dog treats! We were looking for a yummy Glucosamine dog treat for our 2-year-old dog, and these are a great value for the money! Our pup loves the peanut butter flavor and does not have to be coaxed into eating them. Also, I LOVE that they are Made in the USA. Highly recommend. These treats are great!
TheaFulton, MS

They love these.

Both of my dogs love these and they look forward to their “medicine” every day. Great treats that are beneficial at a great price. Win, win, win.
JamiMetuchen, NJ

The BEST!!!

Sophia Loren loves her Nutri-Vet Hip & Jiont with Glucosamine wafers! She has one every evening and I have seen the change in her joints. I love them!!! Thank you and thank you for the excellent price!!!!
CletaImnaha, OR

My dog loves these

I have a 13 yr old Husky that has gotten so picky about her food that she only eats something like Fresh Pet or dried meats (mainly chicken). She turns her nose up at most treats and won’t eat pill pockets. So I was thrilled to find these because she loves them. She actually begs for them. And they seem to do the trick since she is a very 13 yr old with no noticeable joint pain.
AndriaKingston, ID

Great buy!

My dogs love these “cookies” and when PetSmart stopped carrying them, I immediately went to Amazon. This seller ships quick and I pay a little less. That makes me happy and my “girls” are happy because they get their morning cookie.
ShavonneGirardville, PA

8 paws from the dogs!

Sadly, we lost our Beloved Mel, two months after starting the treats. We did see improvement in Mel’s back hips. He was having trouble jumping on the bed, and after lying on the couch it was hard for him to get off. He loved the treats and I saw improvements with in weeks. I can honestly say, I saw the effects wear off the few days he was off then between shipments. We also saw him struggle when we had to have him fast before vet appointments. Max my 6 year old loves them too, and anything to not see him struggle in the future! Must have in our house!
BeulaAldrich, MO

Dog loves the peanutbutter flavor

Our poor 11 year old dog is getting crippled. I’m not sure if these biscuits help him, sometimes he does seem much better. But, he certainly loves the flavor.
CaroleeWest Berlin, NJ

Seems to work

I have a year old Mastiff who came from a pretty bad situation when he was just 2 months old resulting in bad genetics and just overall he is a bit less healthy than a normal dog. I bought a small bag of these when they were on sale because it’s pretty well known that Mastiff’s have hip dysplasia issues as they age but unfortunately he has been showing symptoms (bunny hopping and some stiffness in the morning mainly) since 6 months… all that fast growing mixed with how large they get is a pretty bad combo for joints then a slow start and bad genetics on top of it can really mess up a Mastiff…. Because of this he has always been on glucosamine of some sort so I had no idea if these were working or not until I ran out and didn’t bother buying more for a couple months.. I was thinking he was a pup, he wouldn’t get much worse if I saved the money this month and just started back up when I had the extra money to buy the huge box again… I’ve seen HUGE changes in him since he has been off of these. I don’t want to say it’s the best source of glucosamine out there, but he LOVES the taste of them and it really does seem that he’s been a bit more sore since he hasn’t had them. I’m going to buy another box and see if he improves. I’ll update my review after a month or so.
ElbertCromwell, KY

Excellent Product Especially for Large Dogs

What better way to provide your dog with the potential benefits of Glucosamine? Although the benefits for animals, such as dogs (and the jury is still out on humans too), are still argued, there are no drawbacks to providing your dog with Glucosamine. If your dog loves peanut butter, then he or she will love these biscuits. I selected this brand due to the natural ingredients as well as limited ingredients – there are no fillers, etc. in these biscuits. Each biscuits contains 500mg of Glucosamine. I provide my dog with two a day for his size (he is a large black lab, who often runs with me, as well as is an avid swimmer and walks an average of 3 miles a day). All I have to do is say “biscuit” and he knows what he is getting. Although if it is past his usually treat time, my dog is sure to remind me!

I first purchased these biscuits at PetSmart about 6 months ago when I noticed my dog limping here and there – primarily after a lot of exercise. He was approaching 7 years of age so I thought it was time to provide preventative measures for his hips and joints. I found this item to be very expensive in PetSmart ($26.99 for one bag, so I decided to check Amazon when I was almost out of the biscuits. I was able to purchase them for $17.99 a bag – almost a $10 difference! Being a Prime member, I received free shipping. Excellent deal all around.

I am extremely picky with what my dogs eats, and I would highly recommend this product. There is also a smaller biscuits size for small and medium dogs.

JulieannRockland, ID

I paid for bones, not broken bones.

When the package arrived, it had lots of packing material inside the box, but the bones were on the very bottom of the box. They were all broken up. The bag should have been placed in the middle of the packing materials for better protection.
Not happy at all.
EdwinaRidgecrest, NC

Great product

My dogs love these. They were shipped out quickly and the dogs and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you. I’ll be back to buy more.
GeorgeFairbanks, LA

Dog likes them, not sure if how effective the glucosamine is

Dog likes them, but not really sure if the glucosamine does much, or if there is even enough to make a difference. My dog is not exactly old and limping around so I’m not sure you would see much of a difference. He is getting a little older and I just want to get him a healthy snack.
RessieShady Cove, OR

nutri vet dog biscuits – 20 pound box

I am very disappointed in Amazon with this purchase. Although I purchased a 20 pound box, I only received 18 pounds? Even the shipper listed the weight at 18 pounds. Is Amazon now into false advertising?
ElisabethFlora, IL

great product for older dogs with arthritis

This product is great for older dogs with hip, joint, and or arthritis. I ran out of these treats for a few days, and I really noticed the difference in my dog. This product really does work.
GertudeAguirre, PR

the best for my best dog

My dog had knee surgery 1994. Since taking this product he never limps and has no trouble jumping up to the couch where I want him to sit with me. He does good on this product.
ToniaChitina, AK

Always reliably effective – and healthful too! 🙂

Our 9 year old ~50lb blue heeler/border collie cross girl dog shows a near immediate difference between orders of these. Yeah, I know, it is completely my fault not hers for not ordering the next couple of bags before the current one runs out. She’d be right on top of it if she could. Anyway… she has had a broken front leg most of her life, and is showing a little soreness once in a while in her rear right hip without these biscuits. Several days off of these biscuits is too long.

But within a day or two of feeding these to her, she’s back to walking normal again. I know I know. some of you might be calling BS on that, but I know our little girl dog here and how sensitive she is to any change in nutrition. Just a few kibbles make a difference with her weight. she’s fed twice a day, about a cup or a little less each time, and one of these biscuits with her supper.

Nutri-Vet did a very good job with these. If I liked peanut butter flavor, I’d eat’em too for my bad joints. You definitely can’t beat the mg/biscuit for the price.

In short, I’d most definitely recommend these for any dog who needs ’em. They work.
And of course, Amazon always has the best price – even though several other places try to undercut amazon by a few bucks, they kill the deal with their shipping costs. One thing that cracks me up though about Amazon, is the big box of these is, per biscuit or per pound, MORE expensive than buying a few 6lb’ers. so watch that. Bulk is not always in your favor. If it is the box convenience you’re after, use a plastic tub at home ‘n empty the bags into it. Oh, the bags also reseal to keep these from drying out – they’re alreay crumbly crunchy texture, but I guess it makes us people feel better to think our dog(s) are getting the most fresh they can.

Good luck, and remember – always do your best to be the great person your dog figures you are – it helps.


HueyBig Timber, MT

A story…

Our four dogs love these.
It appears that these no longer get put into a plastic bag before being put into the box. This allows all sorts of mishaps.
The first box we got this way had mostly broken bits and appeared to be stale. (No, the puppies did not complain) send out a replacement box. This one was full of little bugs. Grose. It got tossed into the trash. (Puppies were sad…)

So I called the company, spoke to a very nice person who said they would look into it, and get back to me.
Less then a week later, a box arrived, and in it were four 6lbs bags of these treats! These 6lbs bags are heavy duty and re-sealable.

Although I am not sure why they do not seal the 20lbs boxes as they used to, the company did a very nice CS fix, and I will continue to support them by buying the 6lbs bags.

AlyssaFisk, MO

younger dogs love them

My two younger, three year old dogs absolutely love these and it is much easier to get them to take than the pills. My eight year old however, can’t chew them because they are hard on his teeth. I have to break them up into much smaller pieces for him to eat. Great value for the money. I would recommend them to other dog owners.
RobertBryn Athyn, PA

My Dog Loves Them

My dog loves these bones and it is an easy way to give her, her glucosamine every day.
MandySummers, AR

My picky eater gobbles these up.

My dog routinely spits out the chewable tablets and/or manages to eat around them when I try to hide them in her meals. I mash the tablets and mix them into her meals and she ddoesn’t seem to notice, however mashing the tablets and dosing the food, although not a huge effort, was quickly replaced with these biscuits once I found my dog actually likes the biscuits.

I too found many broken biscuits, however I toss the broken bits into a meal and my dog thinks she’s struck gold (she’ll dig the bit out from the bowl, race down the hallway as if to hide the find from me while she gobbles it up, then return to finish her meal).

My vet recommended glucosamine as a preventive measure for my dog (a seven year old SPCA-special, mini Aussie/Border Collie mix), coupled with the need to shave a few pounds from her as an added preventive measure – ultimately, these biscuits, bits and pieces included, have replaced many of the more caloric treats I was giving my dog – that’s why I don’t mind the broken bit (yes, I was guilty of providing too many treats, hence the need for her to drop a bit of weight). Although my dog doesn’t have joint issues, she has dropped two pounds and if that’s all the biscuits do for her at this stage, well, I still think we’re both ahead of the game 🙂

Here’s hoping my dog doesn’t tire of these biscuits 🙂

RaneeKewanna, IN