Nutro Ultra Small Breed Dry Dog Food 15lb

Nutro Ultra Small Breed Dry Dog Food Nutro Ultra Small Breed Dry Dog Food comes with the combination of some very healthy foods, such as Avocado, sunflower, flaxseed, which are rich in fatty acids and give your dog a shining coat. What’s more, it contains protein from Chicken, lamb and Salmon to give your dog great muscle mass. That is not all; it also contains elements that are rich in antioxidants, such as Pomegranate, tomatoes, and cranberries, which help build its immune system. All of this,

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Top reviews

My dog loves this stuff!

I tried to change food on him to a cheaper brand, but he refused so I decided to crack out the cash! However, I wanted to say that one thing that upset me when I got my order today (a few days early!YAY!) was that the bag is half empty. I know it’s by design but I think it could really save packaging and stuff if the food actually fit into the bag and not been twice the size of where the food ends. I like that the food has good things for my dog and not crap. I feed myself only organic food, why would I feed my service dog anything other than that too?
DelmyLakeville, MI

Great Item

Have 2 years old Pomeranian he loves this food best food every very health does not make the poop stink which is very important since he goes on the potty pad great food.
ThomasinaNorth Hills, CA

The best food I’ve ever witnessed my dogs eat

We have an eight year old Pomeranian and an eight month old Papillon that refuse to not eat one another’s food. Our dilemma was that we needed something easily digestible for our old-timer as well as a protein rich meal for our pup. We also caught wind of the dog food filler conspiracy and, reluctantly, switched from our supermarket bought, corn meal heavy brand to one of the higher quality names.

Nature’s Recipe Dry Dog Food for Adult Dog, Easy to Digest Chicken Rice and Barley Meal, 15 Pound Bag was our first choice and it seemed to go well. Our Pom’s bowels became a thing of regularity wonder and our Pap was growing big and strong…kind of. We began to notice some hotspots on our Pap and excessive scratching from both dogs. Our eyes were peeled for fleas and we treated the hotspots with topical ointment to no avail. I was making a return visit to the pet-meds section of our local pet superstore when I was cornered by a sales rep from Nutro. Before I could avoid him he had already asked me what dog food we currently used. I told him, and he immediately asked me if we were having any skin issues. I was sold before he told me what I needed to buy. He filled me in on the idea that the particular blend of Nature’s Recipe that we were using lacked some essential nutrients key to healthy skin and coat.

We have been using Nutro Ultra Small Breed for several weeks now and I could not be more pleased. Our Pom’s insides are still working like a clock and, amazingly, our Pap’s hotspots and itching spells have already been healed. I love this food…and I think my dogs like it too.

Just one warning: when our older dog was eating the same quantity of Nutro as he was his previous foods, he began to put on weight fairly rapidly. In other words, one might want to monitor intake and the associated weight impact for a while and then adjust accordingly.

WildaWindham, OH

My Shih Tzu loves this!

I recently changed his food from Nutro Max to Nutro Ultra and it made my life a lot easier. I had to hand feed his previous food to him because he doesn’t care enough to do the hard work himself. I also had to give him Angel Eyes (which he hates) through his treats and not through his kibble. About a week ago I’ve been giving him Nutro Ultra and the much smaller size of his kibble makes it a lot easier for him to chew. I no longer have to hand feed him and I can give him his Angel Eyes through his kibble, so feeding him has become much less of a hassle.
AletheaLakebay, WA

superb dog food

since ive purchased this dog food. i have noticed my dogs coat. its shiny and less fur has fallen out. they have more energy and their poop is much healthyer.
YongDunning, NE

Love it

My dog as very bad food allergies and this is the only food we’ve found that she can eat!
RebeckaMethow, WA