Nuts-Chips & Chews Assortment 1 Lb.

The Nuts-Chips and Chews Assortment is a wonderful assortment of chewy butter caramels, pecan tootles, crisp centers, and fresh nuts, richly covered in pure milk and dark chocolate. This will be sure to delight the eye, please the palate and lift the spirits.

Quick facts

  • Fresh Milk and Dark Chocolate
  • Vanilla and Chocolate Caramels
  • English Toffee, Nut Clusters
  • French Almonds
  • Signature Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company box

Top reviews


I received my order this chocolate quickly and it was well packed. There was no damage to the chocolate from heat. In fact the merchandise was in the very good condition.

The confection itself had nothing specific to recommend it. Oh, it was good but it was not remarkably good. I believe one day just as well by buying supermarket chocolate. In my opinion this was definitely not gourmet chocolate.

Therefore, although I don’t have anything actually negative to say about this stuff, I don’t think it is worth the price and again I think one is better off buying chocolate in the supermarket, since the quality of their product is as good as this.

VanPurling, NY