Nuts Pistachios, Roasted, Salted, 5-Pound

Nuts Pistachios, Roasted, Salted, 5-Pound

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  • Nuts Pistachios, Roasted, Salted, 5-Pound

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Bugs In The Bag

I purchased two large bags of nuts from this seller. I contacted them, more than once, to inform them that there was a bug in one of the bags of nuts. I told them that I did not want a refund, just thought they should know. I threw the bag in the garbage. I sent a photo of that bug. They flat out replied that they do not believe that the bug was in the bag or came with the bage of nuts. The New York Health Department and the Food and Drug Administration should visit this seller. Beware buyers! You may purchasing nuts with bugs!
CelestaVale, NC

Good, but not great

Described as “roasted” as well as “salted”, they are in fact roasted, but not well salted and taste more like a “low salt” product.
PeterNorfork, AR

great pistachios

These pistachios arrived very quickly and tasted great. Other pistachios I have tried were much too salty. These are lightly salted, easy to open, and tasted very fresh. I would recommend these pistachios to anyone looking for a better deal than the local grocery stores have.
ManuelaBow, WA