Nutter Butter Peanut Pattie, 10.5-Ounce Bags

These peanut butter creme patties have that classic sweet, crunchy, peanut butter taste that has delighted taste buds for decades. If you love peanut butter, these peanut butter creme patties are sure to become a favorite—if they aren’t already.

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 10.5-ounce bags of peanut butter snacks (126 total ounces)
  • Made with real peanut butter from Planter’s peanuts
  • No cholesterol; low in saturated fats
  • Crispy wafers with peanut butter crème
  • A creamy, crunchy twist on a classic cookie snack

Top reviews

Nutter Butter Wafers

These arrived safe and unbroken, despite other reviewer’s opinions. We love these cookies and they are hard to find nearby, so this was a great way to stock up.
KieraCovington, VA


My husband loves these and will even run to the store at night to buy a couple of packages. Ordering in large volume would have been economical but he asked me to stop getting them through the mail. As much as he likes the patties and never gets tired of them, they arrive broken to the degree where they are not worth even the discounted price.
ElizaBurnt Corn, AL

Great product, but…

It’s hard to find a more satisfying peanut buttery treat than this favorite treat from my childhood. May they never stop making them! But while the cookie itself rates a five-star plus, I was sent an entire case of packages whose sell-by date expired several weeks before they were shipped. One-Star-Minus for the warehouse shippers! That said, the response to my complaint was not only a complete and unequivocal refund, but zipped back to me only minutes after my grumpy email. Five stars to Customer Care Department. So it should average a 3+ but no fractional stars are permitted.
KristinaPort Wing, WI

Like a wafer cookie with creamier filling

I wasn’t sure what to expect with these, but they are like a sugar wafer with a light, creamy peanut butter filling. I was pleased with the fact that they aren’t as sweet as many cookies are and the filling is pleasantly fatty on the tongue. They aren’t really reminiscent of Nutter Butter cookies, except that they do have a peanut butter filling, but are delicious nonetheless. The only small point about them which I don’t like is that it is difficult to break the cookies apart. They tend to tear off in ragged and uneven blocks. This is a trivial matter, but makes portion control a little more troublesome and creates more crumbs in the bag.
LucindaDellroy, OH

My wife and kids love em !

Figured I would surprise them with a case. Well, they went fast ! Came in undamaged unlike others have experienced, but the expiration date was nearing quickly. Had my family not loved them so much, they may have been tossed out rather than consumed.
PuraRipton, VT

Perfect in every way

These arrived perfectly…no breakage at all. Came fast and the packages were all fresh. These are so hard to find, was glad to be able to subscribe via amazon.
ArianaGirard, OH

Just Fine

I ordered this product for my son, They came in a timely fashion, and they were not crushed. We are happy with the service. My son loves these wafer cookies, but unfortunately, It is one of many things he cannot eat due to hyperactivity. Most Feingolder’s can tollerate these, but mine cannot. Back to the drawing board for us. The cookies are not really sweet either, I was impressed to find these.
DonettaOld Chatham, NY

Super Cookie

A totally addictive peanut butter cookie.
The case I ordered through Amazon was rather affected
by it’s shipping journey. Each of the 12 packages was damaged.
Still very fresh, but they need to be better prepared for shipping.
RosannaChandler, MN