NVE Pharmaceuticals Stacker 2 Yellow Hornet Extreme Energizer

NVE Pharmaceuticals Yellow Hornet Extreme Energizer 24 ea

Quick facts

  • Brand: NVE Pharmaceuticals
  • Pack Size: 24 x 4 Capsule Packets

Top reviews

Out of date?

I wouldn’t purchase this product again. The order I received was manufactured in 2004 and 2006! I’m sure this affects the potency. I get no energy boost at all. Too bad I bought 24 pack because I thought it was a great deal:(
MaidaHartselle, AL

dont like food hate sleep

thats what happens wen you take these you cant sleep and you are not very hungry eny more if you need to stay awake or you need to lose like 15 pounds yesterday take these they work great for staying awake or wieght loss but there are side efects and you should really talk to you doctor or talk to a medical advisor befor taking this some peapol cant take this with out getting sick
AnaOjo Feliz, NM