Nylabone Healthy Edibles Roast Beef Flavored Dog Treat Bone

Nylabone Healthy Edibles Chews are your dog’s veterinarian-recommended source of hearty roast beef flavor. These wholesome chews are made from natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals and have no added salt or sugar or artificial preservatives. Plus, their longer-lasting, highly digestible formula will keep your dog munching longer and allow him to absorb their nutrition more easily. For dogs with all their permanent teeth (usually six months and older), Healthy Edibles Chews are a robust, healthy roast-beef-flavored snack.

Quick facts

  • A tasty and completely edible chew that is easily digestible providing a safe and enjoyable alternative to traditional rawhide.
  • No plastic and no added sugar.
  • Delicious roast beef flavor bone with added vitamins
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews

Great price

Dealing with Amazon is always a pleasure ! the products are the best and always on time.
LouannAtwood, CO

A Good Chew

Our shih tzu Piper had dental surgery to remove four broken teeth. Her dental surgeon vet blamed hard chew treats for the broken teeth. In hindsight some of the chews were so hard that I had to use a saw to cut them in half for sharing between the two dogs. The vet advised us to use the bend test. If the chew isn’t flexible, don’t give it to your dog.

The Nylabone Healthy Edible passes the bend test. Looking at the bone-shaped treat, one would think it is a hard object and a long lasting chew. Piper and Gabby both like these chews. Depending on the dog, these treats can be long lasting without jeapardizing the teeth of the dog.

Being a spudophile, I’m pleased that ingredient number four is potato starch. Despite the Nylabone name, these chews contain no plastic. Also lacking are sugar, salt, preservatives, and gluten. The ingredients are natural and it is edible and highly digestible as advertised. Our pooches give the American made Healthy Edibles their barks of approval.

FernandeQuakertown, NJ

treat not a chew bone

These are great as a treat, but not as a chew. They are so well liked they don’t last. What I can’t understand is why a seller that offers Amazon Prime charges albout 3 to 4 times the cost that other prime sellers are charging for the same items and think they will make a profit. I guess it’s buyer beware and be a bargain shopper if you don’t want to seriously overpay.
AguedaLewiston, MI

Made my dog throw up bad

Our 14 lb Mini Schnauzer easily started splintering this bone in a matter of minutes and being an ‘ever hungry’ dog he just swallowed these pieces. Seeing this I took the bone away after he ate about a third of it. Less than 24 hrs later when it was time for his breakfast at 7:30 AM (his standard time) he refused to eat! This was the first time he ever refused to break his overnight fast!! But after a few minutes the hunger must have gotten the better of him; he gave in and ate almost all of it (usually he cleans up his little bowl) and about an hour later he threw up all of it in FOUR rounds of puking!

I could see small, softened yet still relatively firm pieces of this Healthy Edible “bone” in his vomit. What a shame I went for this thinking it would be a great alternative to feeding my dog indigestible nylon.

SanjuanaStephens, AR

Baby loves her treats…

I buy about 4-5 bags of these at a time, our Pug just loves them. They are always “fresh”. If not, they won’t be easy to break in half and she won’t eat them. We call them her nightcap.
TanaPevely, MO