O OLIVE OIL & VINEGAR Organic Crushed Blood Orange Olive Oil, 8.45 Fluid Ounce

Organic Moro blood oranges crushed together with fresh California olives. Made by hand in small batches. A delicate hint of fresh raspberries. An O original since 1996. Deliciously versatile. Winner of both Silver and Gold at the International Specialty Food Show in NYC. Splash over deli-roasted chicken to liven up the flavors. Perfect drizzled over Fall vegetables, roasted duck or chops and wild rice. Beautiful with blue cheese and butter lettuce.

Quick facts

  • Organic Moro blood oranges crushed together with fresh California olives
  • A delicate hint of fresh raspberries. Deliciously versatile
  • Sustainably grown, non-sprayed, no pesticides
  • Locally grown, family farms in Sonoma, California
  • Each batch is made by hand and slowly barrel-aged

Top reviews

Imparts wonderful, light flavor to dishes

I discovered these oils years ago, bought one of each flavor, and was thunderstruck at the quality. I use these in place of vegetable or olive oil whenever a dish calls for a similar flavor ingredient (to give it the extra flavor "kick"), but I found myself using them sparingly since I didn’t know where to find more when they’re gone! I’m almost out of the bottles I bought (just opened 2 of them, and they’re fresh as ever!) and was thrilled to see them available on Amazon! The Lemon oil makes a wonderful Greek Saganaki (flamed Feta or Kaseri cheese), the Lime oil is fantastic for Thai cooking and it’s many lime-based dishes, and the Orange oil I use in Salmon marinades, as well as with Oriental stir-fry & Chinese duck–I may even try it in making Duck a L’Orange! I don’t recall what I paid when I initially purchased them, but as gourmet oils are pricey to begin with, I would consider this a reasonable price, especially considering Amazon’s free shipping & the convenience of to-your-door delivery! The bottles are also attractive to display, & are so tall & slim that they take up very little space on your counter. Treat yourself to these oils!
ChrissyMarion, NC

Classy olive oil!

Best used for a dinner party or family dinner, you can use it on a salad, but it that salad better be pretty darn special. I think the best meat would be chicken (white meat). Flavor of the oil will expllode in your mouth!
LaurineBethlehem, PA