O.T.C. Oyster & Soup Crackers, 24-Ounce Packages

Otc Oyster Cracker, 24 Ounces (Pack of 6) – What sets apart O.T.C from any other oyster cracker is their firm texture. The secret lies in the time consuming preparation and baking. The dough is given hours to rise naturally. Then it is kneaded and layered over and over. The crackers are stamped in rounded form and baked very slowly. So you get crackers that are crisp and crunchy all the way through.

Quick facts

  • Cracker Oyster Chowder Bag (Pack of 6)

Top reviews


I thought these would taste like regular oyster crackers, but they are pretty tasteless. Not even as good as stale bread altho they seemed to be made out of bread dough.
YoulandaDobson, NC


Be warned that these crackers are giant. They don’t look the the oyster crackers you’re probably thinking of. That said, they taste fine and are a good value. Still, I wish I would have known in advance that they aren’t traditional oyster crackers.
SelenaLincroft, NJ

True Oyster Cracker

These OTC crackers are truly the best– I grew up with them, but find them hard to find locally. So glad I thought to check with Amazon!
MalisaCarefree, AZ

The BEST Oyster Crackers Made!

The title says it all, but the down fall is the quantity you must order since no single family would use them up by their expiration date.
AllenaNew Hudson, MI

Good but larger than your standard oyster cracker

Was surprised to see how large these crackers are. Not your typical oyster cracker size. Would be great to break over soup or salad but at our wine tasting bar I’m afraid they are too big. Good flavor though.
PhylissFisherville, KY

Glad to find OTC’s, but…

Like others, I grew up with OTC’s. Received the shipment and it was full of stale crackers. Contacted Amazon and they shipped another order. They were stale also. Would not order again. I’ll wait until I go back to Jersey and visit Allen’s Clam Bar (in Tuckerton/New Gretna area) to get the real deal.
KandisOttertail, MN

Glad to have a trusted source

Having enjoyed OTC Oyster Crackers all my life, I was so dissappointed when local stores in South Florida discontinued stocking OTC products over the last few years. I was so glad when I found this product offered through Amazon.com in quantities suitable for an individual household. Amazon.com has been a trusted source for a variety of products for many years now, so I felt very comfortable making this purchase. The 3-pack and 6-pack are both great values. But because OTC Cracker Meal is also not sold at stores here anymore, and the minimum quantity offered online is not practical for an individule household, I purchased the 6-pack of whole crackers from Amazon and make my own cracker meal from them as needed. Choosing the 6-pack provided the added benefit of FREE Shipping!

OTC crackers are a product with a unique taste and texture. There is really nothing else with which to compare them. They are a great snack, and terrific with soups, salads, stews and chowders.

JanaColumbia Cross Roads, PA

OTC Oyster Crackers

OTC Oyster Crackers are another hard-to-locate product. Formerly widely available either loose or boxed, they are a hard sour-dough cracker which enhances the flavor of any soup but, particularly, that of Snow’s New England Clam Chowder. Formerly from Trenton, NJ. Taste just great
CruzSandown, NH

An American Institution

I have been enjoying OTC crackers for over 50 years beginning when my parents would take my brother and me to Wenger’s Oyster House in Reading, PA, another institution from the Great Depression days. If I didn’t have OTC’s I wouldn’t eat an oyster stew.

You have to know how to break them when putting them into your soup or stew. I see some complaints that they are too big, but these complainers are culturally illiterate! You must take two crackers in hand, and squeeze them together. One will break. Grind it smaller, then get another whole one, and repeat. I laughed at those who say OTC’s are too big. What did you do- put them in your soup whole? They’ll float for a year and not get soggy. You must break them as it states on the box or bag. And don’t try to break just one by hand. You are not strong enough.

OTC’s are indeed an American institution- been around for since 1848, and they still look and taste the same. I pity you wretches who put those despicable weenie hexagon-shaped atrocities in your soup. Be a man! Bust OTC’s in your stew!

LatiaMilan, PA

Excellent crackers

Bought these crackers and just love them. Can not find in stores and were used to getting them in restaurants in New Jersey. Great by themselves with horseraidish or cocktail sauce. Of course in soups too!
MargetMount Hope, WV