Oatml Og2 Original 9.9 OZ

Organic Instant Oatmeal with no sugar. They are fortified with organic compliant natural vitamins. They are delicious and convenient. If desired, stir in raisins, dried cranberries, sliced bananas, strawberries, or blueberries.

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tastes like topsoil!!!

I was all kinds of excited to find sugarless, all-natural, INSTANT oatmeal cheap, in bulk. Now I am stuck with 6+ boxes of oatmeal that tastes very much like loamy topsoil.

Caveat emptor!

ArlaRome, MS

reminds me of life before celiac disease

Great oatmeal, easy to take with you to work or travel. It tastes great and works well in baked recipes!
DeanPine Meadow, CT

Tasty but small packets

I bought these for my two year old son who eats plain oatmeal every morning for breakfast and he loves it! They are fast and convenient to serve him. But I usually end up making two packets for him each morning because each packet doesn’t contain much oatmeal.
AngeliaStaley, NC

I absolutely LOVE it!

Instant oatmeal is the ideal healthy fast fuel. I choose original flavor so that I can add whatever I want with it (3-in-1 coffee mix, instant noodle soup base packet, honey packet, powder milk, hot chocolate packet, any savory spices/paste/solids, last night’s left over food, etc.). When eating it without additive, it tastes just as good! It doesn’t have the artificial taste that Trader Joe’s and Quaker Oats’ instant oatmeal packet has. After cooking it in hot water, it thickens and becomes creamy. If you only add boiling water and cover the bowl to let it sit, it softens but will not become creamy.

My only gripe is that each packet doesn’t have too much oatmeal in comparison to Quaker Oats and Trader Joe’s. There were times I had to use 2 packets to get enough calories to get through the first 2 hours of activity (240 cal + whatever else you put in it).

TerenceKlondike, TX

McDougall’s Instant Orig. Organic Oatmeal. Simple, Basic, Love it.

Basic, organic, low sodium, plain old instant oatmeal. There’s NO sugar (which I like a lot) and all I have to do to make it satisfying is put a big spoonful of cinnamon on it and I’m a happy girl. It’s organic oatmeal. I highly recommend it. Enough said. Peace and all good things, L.
WendolynCorning, NY

I have this nearly every day for breakfast.

This is a great quality oatmeal that has a great flavor and texture. It tastes just like when I make oatmeal in a pan, but ithout the extra mess of a pan. It never is soggy or slimy, and best of all it is organic. I highly recommend this oatmeal.
VetaGardner, MA

Family Loves It!

This is a really solid product. My wife and kids have tried almost every flavor, and love them all.

Don’t know what else you could ask for from organic/all-natural oatmeal.

AdeliaMillville, DE