Ocean Spray Light Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, 64-Ounce Bottles

Here at Ocean Spray we like cranberries. We really, really like cranberries. We probably know cranberries better than anyone. But the funny thing is most people don’t know that much about them. We’d like to change that. Cranberries are actually one of the most unique fruits in the world. In fact, it’s only one of three fruits that are native to North America. They are a wild fruit that grow on long-running vines in sandy bogs and marshes. Mostly in the northeast, but also in other parts of North America, like Wisconsin and the Pacific Northwest. It was Native Americans who first took advantage of cranberries. They mixed deer meat and mashed cranberries to make pemmicana-survival food. They also believed in the medicinal value of cranberries–long before science discovered the cranberry’s beneficial properties!

Quick facts

  •  It’s still invigorating. It’s still has the grapefruit taste. It’s still full of Vitamin C. Yet, it has two-thirds less calories and sugar than our regular Ruby Grapefruit juice drink.
  • Only 40 calories and 10 grams of sugar, if you must know. What a great alternative. That is, if you want your grapefruit juice but don’t want the calories or sugar
  • In fact, it’s so good, we hesitate to call it an alternative. Let’s call it another choice.

Top reviews

Great juice

I’ve been drinking this stuff for years and now my wife is hooked on it. Yeah, it’s light but it doesn’t taste diet. Even my toddler loves it. This is a decent price at $2.83/bottle. Sometimes at Wal-Mart you can get it for about $2.35 when it’s on sale.
CamelliaStamford, CT