Office Snax Goetz’s Caramel Cream Assorted, 24-Ounce Tub

24 oz resealable tub maintains freshness. Great tasting assortment including Original, Dark & Strawberry Crème.

Quick facts

  • Capacity (Weight) – 24 oz
  • Catalog Publishing Type – Food-Standard
  • Compliance, Standards – Not Returnable
  • Coupon Cannon – 05-08-09
  • Flavor – Regular, Dark & Strawberry

Top reviews

old candy

This product arrived on time but it sure wasn’t fresh. The caramel part is hard and one must hold it in their mouth awhile to soften it up so it is chewy. If this had been the first product I purchased thru Amazon I would not be purchasing any more thru you. I have purchased the vanilla caramel creams locally many times and they were nice and soft and chewy. Cannot get the strawberry or chocolate flavored creams here so decided to order thru Amazon, much to my disappointment. Will never order from Office Snax again. Hope this can prevent someone else from getting stuck with stale candy. Lorraine Oelschlager

I ordered the Office Snax Goetz’s Caramel Cream Assorted, 24-Ounce Tub (Pack of 3)

WanetaMavisdale, VA

Stale Product GOETZ Caramel Cream

These arrived and are stale. They are hard. Certainly not worth the price. Do not order these.
CarlosSaranac, NY